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“This is a really nice and well-stocked Whole Foods. I had to pick up a few things while I was waiting for someone to arrive at the airport and I found everything I needed here. They even have convenient free parking underneath the store.”

3.5 Good66 Reviews

“I could spend forever in this Whole Foods. What an absolute joy. And all of the employees are so kind and helpful. I am a healthier, happier person because of this WF, I love the service, quality of food, and overall experience, and have nothing but great things to say. Thank you Whole Foods!!”

2.8 Average51 Reviews

“I absolutely LOVE this place! They have always delivered within 30 minutes as advertised, and they call if there's any issues. It costs more than the grocery store, but less than Whole Foods, so I'm happy to pay for delivery when I'm chillaxin and don't want to get dressed and leave the house. ***Bonus points for days like today when my phone wasn't working properly and the delivery guy texted me so I could go downstairs and meet him INSTEAD of him just leaving. Highly recommend!”

2.2 Poor21 Reviews

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