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“This is my go-to gas station. It is super close to my home and price is always lower than most of other places. I am not an expert when it comes to judge the quality of this kind of product but at least I can say there has been no issue to my car. I have used Costco gas for many years, so far so good.Another plus is Costco gas stations are spacious and clean. Other places that I tried were not as good.I like it when there's always some staff around the place to help customers. They helped me a few times, not only this location but others as well. Really appreciated it.Because of the above reasons, it is no surprise that any Cosco gas places are usually packed during peak times. I usually go get gas before 9am or after 7 pm to avoid the traffic. Sometimes the lines were crazy long that there was no way I could've gotten in line so I just gave up and went home.”

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“Costco usually has the best prices in the area, but not always. Use the app gasbuddy to look for gas prices in your area. It's usually pretty busy unless you get there at the right time. Also the hoses are long so you can can up at any pump, it will reach. You don't need to wait for a right or left side tank pump !!! This will help keep the line shorter.”

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“Here's a more natural sounding paraphrase:I'm a regular at the Costco gas station on Automation Parkway - it's the most convenient spot for me to fill up since it's so close to my home. The gas prices there are really competitive, and the fuel quality is decent enough. The place always looks clean and well taken care of, with fast pumps that are easy to operate. The employees are super friendly and willing to help out if you need anything. Paying and checking out is easy as a breeze. The location right by the Costco warehouse is perfect too, since I can pick up other items while I'm there. Overall, I'm happy with the Costco gas station and would tell anyone looking for a solid, affordable fill-up spot to check them out.”

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“I LOVE this family. The son and nephew are both always so nice. One time I told them I wished they had Cotton Candy flavored bang drinks and the next week they had them in stock for me. The only place I'll ever get gas.”

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“Someone had poked holes in our gas tank to steal the gas and we didn't realize it until we were filling up. The attendant and supervisor/owner (?) were huge helps. No complaining about the issue. Just so helpful. For over an hour they were cleaning up and emptying containers into a bucket. So if y'all need gas and are around there please fill up there! Good Samaritans!”

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“An honest auto shop is a rare finding. These guys know what they are doing, are friendly, professional and honest. I moved out of the area but still bring my cars to this shop as not only are they experts, but they take care of your car with honesty and integrity. The shop, store and gas station are also very clean. I am very picky and these guys impressed me. If you need an auto shop This is it.”

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“I would like to say that you guys have one hell of a mechanic and his name is nick he has always made me feel like iam somebody there he always changeing my oil for me good work nick”

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“At first the clerk did not understand that I was entitled to car wash or so I thought. I came back the next morning and spoke to manager and got one even though I didn't get full 8 gal. Awesome state of the art car wash.”

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“good spot for gas, always priced well, good access, on and off freeway, courteous clerk inside. mechanic shop on premise, I'm getting a quote to change my subaru transmission.”

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“Went and got my car smogged here and was blown away by the great service!! The mechanic (Anthony) was extremely friendly and informative. I also enjoyed that they had a great sitting area while I was waiting All staff was very friendly and professional. 11/10 would recommend going here to get your car smogged!”

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“Great prices, well located near Hwy 85 (1.5 mi away). The screen of the pump I used was barely visible, so I had to guess at the instructions (zip code, receipt etc.) Place looked pretty run down.”

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“Great customer service.Gas prices are great.Variety of food & drinks to choose from.Bathrooms are clean & open.Unlike most gas stations, they are closed from 6pm - 6am.The location seems safe late at night.”

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“Information for credit card user from aboad.I took gas for USD 58.78.They charged my credit card for USD 175.00I have original receipt.But the charge is just blocking money till the credit card company has payd the bill.It tooks some days.Now the correct amount is deducted.In Europe we have a real time transaction of the payment.So I was confused.ALL IS OK NOW!”

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“Friendly customer service employees, nothing dilapidated as others claim, Diamond Gas Station's facility has totally revamped their facility, and upgraded their online pay system for online transactions, a perk to customers using their online pay accounts, unlike other gas stations who have a surcharge for online debit transactions, there's no extra fees for using debit cards, top tier gasoline at much lower prices, their gasoline have extra cleaning fuel additives for better engine performance, plenty of gas pumps which are much newer than most gas stations, gasoline hoses were recently replaced with longer-reach to serve both sides of the pumps, recommend visiting the facility early-morning or late-evening hours due to the high demand of their gasoline, last; there's a clean restroom available, while most gas stations claim theirs is out of order, or it's foul-smelling due to lack of maintenance, I give it a five thumbs up”

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“This is one of the top cheapest gas stations in the entire south bay. It routinely beats Costco Gas most of the time for regular unleaded by a few cents. Also consider this is the standard debit/cash price as well, without any additional Safeway rewards discounts applied.The price displayed on the pump always reflects the "cash" price when using a debit card. If you are a Safeway rewards member, there are further discounts as well, although a rewards account is NEVER required. Usually this station is pretty busy most of the time, but there are two rows, with 4 pumps on each side, or 16 pumps total. The wait time is usually less than at Costco, and quite convenient.After researching most of the stations in the South Bay, and San Jose specifically, you can be sure that you are paying anywhere from 30 to 80 cents per gallon less than the majors such as Shell, Chevron, Valero, etc. Even most Arco stations are at least 10-30 cents more expensive.Given the high cost of gas lately, this is always my primary pick every time.”

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“Been going here occasionally for years. There's a LOT of stuff in this store! It's not one of those minimalist stores, this one is crammed with stuff. Tons of different kinds of wine, beer, liquor, etc. I'm giving this store 4 stars only because (1) it's in a very rough area and I want people to know there are usually many homeless and sketchy people hanging out in the parking lot. That's not the fault of this store, but if you are going here, you should know about this ahead of time. (2) They don't have "The Bomb" microwave burrito. Those things are seriously tasty!”

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“Used this place for 3+ years. Reliable washing bay. Always working when I visit. Powerful self service vacuum available with car wash service. They even provide you with free dashboard cleaning wipes. Everything is clean and neat. My go to place for gas + carwash.”

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“I like the new perspective from this carwash! Full-service gas station! Yeah! They train their employees to be courteous and friendly. The hours are great; open a little later than others. I bought the monthly wash package but I rarely use it, so I do believe it is working out in their favor. If you have a black car... Get it! They need to be able to run your credit card at your car window for full service gas. Also, I need an interior service occasionally, so maybe an add-on option to add to my membership. They have added vacuums recently which is a huge plus. Thank you.”

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“Cheap good gas . I don't like the layout of the pump aisle. Cause some people get less or more gas than some other drivers and it can be frustrating. But the prices give me the patience to wait .”

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“Great place to buy gas from and even get a car wash. I stopped by this place for a car wash and I was out within 5 minutes. The people that work there are quick with washing and drying. It was worth my 10 dollars.”

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“One of the few places that has cash price that works with debit cards. Sometimes it's as cheap as Costco if you use cash or debit, other times it's more expensive.”

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“I had a great experience going back to Tai for another maintenance on my car which Tai and his team did a great job with high quality and quick completion exceeding my expectation.”

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“I took my vehicle to Checkers because it was leaking fluid (and had been for quite a while). Izzy replaced my water pump and the car is no longer leaking fluid and my heater and a/c is working again. The cost was less then he had quoted, which I was pleased with. He also installed windshield wipers for my vehicle which did not just pop up like a normal wipers should. I recommend Checkers and will return for any needs that may come up in the future.”

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“Station is extremely clean and the owner came out created me and thanked me for being here I have never had that happen at a gas station clearly he cares about his customers and the places definitely were stopping at”

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“A go to spot for me when I need gas and a snack. The pumps move pretty quick so you don't have to wait long. Huge assortment of food and beverages. Nice people working here as well! I feel like I'm seeing a friend when I stop by.”

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“This is not an Exxon anymore, it's a Kwik stop and the prices are lower than many surrounding gas stations. If you're getting off 680 going south, just go straight and then turn into this gas station. If you are coming from any other direction, there might be a u-turn involved somewhere. The lack of convenient entrancing into this place is probably why Exxon left, but I find it's worth a little extra effort for the savings.”

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“Really great customer service from the elderly male cashier. Really great seeing him today and cant believe he's still here, god bless this man hes really really great person.”

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“This truck this work of art these angels that work within make fresh corn tortillas daily they have anything you want from kindness Alice essos or my favorite which is outlet store not to mention their fruit drinks which are to die for so if you ever in San Jose there in the corner of trade zone and Capitol expressway next to or on the Valero gas station property I personally would order the carnitas and I would order outlet stores take it from me or advance their food is exquisite.”

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