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“Best selection of pens! Super cute cards, stationery, post cards and office and desk decor. They also do beautiful gift wrapping. Great staff. Progressive and inclusive.”

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“If you're looking for a spot to buy some unique and creative local gifts that feel like NOLA but not like they were purchased at a tourist trap in the french quarter, this is exactly the place to go. My husband and I came here last weekend and every time we thought we were ready to check out, one of us saw something else we just had to add to our haul. We got excellent gifts for everyone on our list basically instantaneously (plus some extra gifts for ourselves...) Plus the owner was friendly and welcoming. We'll definitely be back the next time we're in town.”

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“Cute store with vampire themed items! I bought a beautiful black and white print of a spider web. The staff was very friendly and took the time to share other sites that we may have wanted to see on our trip! There is even a coffin to stand in for photos!”

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“Very nice place the lady greeting us was very friendly, the dog gave us a greeting we weren't expecting but he was very friendly, we were just the first patrons of the day and we startled him? they have a great variety of really interesting items. Worth a look if your walking down Magazine Street.”

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“I just received a pearls in a peapod necklace as a gift from my cousins, Robin and Barrington. It's a beautiful piece of jewelry that will go with anything, and it represents the special bond I have with my 3 children. Love it!”

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“This souvenir shop is a step above the rest. It has some of the usual gaudy, cheap souvenir stuff, but a lot of it is actually nice. The real reason I come here are the praline cookies, you've gotta try them. They sell them in twos for tasting and sleeves that are travel ready.”

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“Very cool, witty tees and unique local items! If you are a tourist, this place is perfect for a souvenir or gift that someone will truly love. Excellent postcards, pins & patches, too.”

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“I saw my friends Ho Bag and had to go check this store out! I enjoyed the puns, the decor, and the way the store was set up. The ladies that worked there knew their crowd and suggested several great items too. Fantastic store, experience, and vibe.”

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“Cutest little shop in New Orleans! Everything was organized well, ppl were very friendly, and there was a large selection of gifts and souvenirs. They also had some of the cutest boutique style clothes of great quality. I had a hard time choosing from many dresses!”

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“The staff Matt and Axel was very friendly, great conversationalists, and quick to help. So happy to find this location since the one in the French Quarter is no longer there. Very cool selections on shirts, fun socks, and other NOLA mercs.”

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“Wow! Coolest selection of unique sunglasses we’ve ever seen. Also had a lot of other fun stuff - me and the wife have been to a lot of shops and this one actually had the cool stuff you’re always hoping to find. Wish we would have got the woman’s name but she was super fun and friendly and you can tell she really cares about her shop and customers! Best shop we’ve gone to so far!”

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“Ma Sherie Amour is an awesome shop conveniently located in the Jackson Square. Sherie of course is the owner and is the prime example of a Genuine Southern Lady. Definitely a shop to visit to get all your New Orleans souvenirs.”

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“Fly Right Galaxy is the cutest little neighborhood spot for unique local gifts and art! They have a huge variety of art and geegaws for any friendly soul and the staff is super kind and helpful. Do yourself a favor and check out this spot!!! Conveniently located in Uptown, right off the block with Parran's, Creole Creamery, and Gracious coffee, also right next to King Pin which is a great local dive bar that often has food trucks and live music. I highly recommend checking out Fly Right Galaxy, you will not regret it!!! 10/10, 10 stars if I could!”

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“This is such a great gift shop on Magazine Street full of artistic gifts, including beautiful door hangers. Daniella was extremely helpful and engaging as we made and purchased our selections.”

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“What a great shop! They offer beautiful hand made linens and beautiful work on tablecloths, napkins and runners. Also beautiful nightgowns and aprons with smocking and knitting and handwork. They offer truly one if a kind gifts and the whole scent if the store is flowery and a step back into old time elegance. The owner us so friendly and helpful and really knows his stuff. It’s a step back into old world elegance and charm.”

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“Love this local shop! They have everything from kids toys to cafe du monde clothing!They support local and have some of the coolest gifts and souvenirs. The staff is really friendly and they love to chat about their prized throws from Mardi Gras that they display in the store. Very cool vibe and great gift ideas!They even have an area for kids to okay with some of the toys they sell. That was such a great idea and so nice for them to offer this. Great spot!”

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“Absolutely awesome gallery. Michael and Frances are my hero's. They offer the BEST customer service. My ring needed repairs and even with the Pandemic they still offer the BEST service.”

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“I love a really cute shop with well priced jewelry. I just happened to find this place while I was out and about and it's wonderful! They have earrings, necklaces and other pieces of costume jewelry and most are priced around $20. They have a board in the back of items that are 75% off and I was able to get two pairs of cute earrings for $10 total! They also have other "girly" type accessories, that you or the lady in your life are sure to love. This is a great place to pick up a stocking-stuffer for the holidays or treat yourself to a little something special.”

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“Love love love. I live in Midcity, and usually steer clear of the quarter. However, A friend recommended this place for stickers, and it did not disappoint!I have a new place frequent and recommend to people who come from out of town ?”

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“Stopped by here with colleagues on a work trip and the shop owner, Josh, was so kind and helpful!! He went above and beyond with restaurant and bar recommendations, and even gave me a cute Miley sticker to match the shirt I purchased. Really enjoyed our conversation and love my new Mardi Gras shirt ❤️”

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“I was looking for the works of one of my favorite local artist. The piece that I was looking for was not in stock. Although I did end up purchasing another one. The lady offered to see if she could get it for me and sure enough she did! I picked it up today. Everyone was very nice. From now on when I want anymore of Lorraine Gendron's work this will be my go to store.”

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“Incredible artistry and selection of Mardi Gras and other festive occasion masks. Their prices are amazing for the quality of the work and the owners are patient, friendly, and make them by hand. Don’t miss it when visiting NOLA.”

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“I stopped by this place for the first time the other day while on a stroll with my daughter. Met the owner, Amy and she was so sweet, kind and helpful. They have so many nice items in there and I fell in love with the custom jewelry made by locals that she sells. I am so glad that I only live a half hour away so I can come shop here often. And I'm pretty sure I might have to buy my daughter a new hat every time too. Thank you Amy Duplessis for giving me another reason to love New Orleans.”

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“I started following this shop at the beginning of the year. I live out of town and was finally able visit in February.They have such a cute shop with a great selection of gifts. I recently ordered a hat clip (Friday) and it arrived on Monday. Talk about fast shipping and customer service. They left the sweetest message and are very responsive on social media. I am happy to support this small business and looking forward to purchasing more items.”

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“My recent visit to NOLA was once again made special with shopping in Alice and Amelia. It’s my favorite place in the City to see what’s new, fashionable and clever for gift-choosing and purchase.When my friends in NC know I’m headed to my hometown, they ask me to stop by Jo’s personally curated—and really FUN—collection of all things cool about NOLA.Jo’s the best! Please visit her shop and she’ll welcome you warmly every time. I promise you’ll go home with unique treasures.Thanks, Jo. See you next time!”

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“beautiful shop one of a kind of each item very clean affordable pricing and the young lady that was working was extremely nice and very professional would definitely go back I was just visiting there it was my first time at this area beautiful”

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“Wow so if you’re ever in New Orleans. Definitely go to Cafe Du Monde it’s a must. The coffee goes well with the beignets because its not too heavy, not too much flour, for sure don’t know what’s in that powder but it was good. Loved getting my order spoken in Vietnamese with our server!If you needed to find more parking to come here, it’s located behind the coffee building where you would walk out to a river.”

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“Absolutely loved their selection of unique NOLA shirts, they're levels above and beyond in terms of quality and design from the stores on the main drag in the FQ. The prices were fair and they had a decent selection of items. Worth getting off of the main street and over to Royal for better quality gift shops like this one.”

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