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“Have replenished my wardrobe with the quality of major brands but the cost of kmart! Because of the quality, they will last me forever! That's how we have to shop now, to save where we can, when we can. Splurging never felt so right!”

4.5 Superb98 Reviews

“I enjoyed my Black Friday shopping experience greatly thanks to the sales rep Cindy. She is all the good things. She is helpful, generous, and exceptionally kind!! Give this woman a raise ?”

4.4 Superb122 Reviews

“I finished up some Christmas shopping. As usual, there was plenty to choose from. The Jr. department is great. My 12 year old granddaughter said Marshall's is her new favorite place to shop! She picked out some great outfits.”

4.4 Superb102 Reviews

“I absolutely love how cheerful the employees are whenever I go. It really doesn't matter who's working. They all have such welcoming and positive vibes and attitudes. I go there TOO much. Lol”

4.3 Superb116 Reviews

“New to Shreveport so happy I found Big Lots found some great deals for our new home!!!! Customer service was outstanding thanks to Ashley she was wondering she helped me with my purchase of a large rug we got it into my car !!!!? I will make Shreveport Big Lots my store”

4.3 Superb105 Reviews

“Store sectioned off well, prices are always comparable. No issues to report. Some items on mannequins were not stock. But during the holidays that can be common for department stores.”

4.2 Good129 Reviews

“It’s a Target. Always seems to be clean and organized. The grocery are also is very put together and clean. The workers are usually friendly and willing to assist when needed. I prefer this one over the one in North Bossier.”

4.1 Good138 Reviews

“I like this Penney's store. It is clean, well lit and well organized. The salesperson we spoke with in the jewelry department was a little high pressure for my taste but polite and respectful.”

4.1 Good129 Reviews

“When I got there it was 25 minutes til they closed, but I got a out 12 items! There clothes, jewelry, perfumes and other items are all reasonable prices. My mom and I had so much fun we are going back tomorrow! The staff was very nice ??”

4 Good115 Reviews

“While shopping in the store with my mother on Friday March 8 around lunch time, my mother suddenly became ill. She was dizzy, discombobulated and could barely stand. The wonderful ladies working there along with a few good Samaritans in the store helped us tremendously. One of the employees went to get her a cold water bottle while the other went to get a wheelchair for her to sit in. They helped get her in the chair and were genuinely concerned. I wish I had gotten their names. Hopefully someone from the store sees this and gives them my heartfelt thanks. I thanked them tremendously while in store but had to write a review in hopes that corporate or management would see. This is what going beyond and great customer service looks like. Thankfully my mom was ok. Thanks again ladies you were awesome!”

4.1 Good44 Reviews

“Always a great day date shopping experience with my sweetheart!5/09/23 Update - Never disappoints! Great inventory, friendly staff, good prices, and wonderful finds! We had a great couple hours finding some prizes and connecting.”

4.1 Good38 Reviews

“I love Burlington! Huge selection of clothes, accessories, home decor, shoes, make up, perfumes, colognes and so much more ......... All designer brands at rock bottom prices!”

3.9 Good66 Reviews

“We visited Tractor Supply for the first time since moving here from out of state.What a huge and interesting selection of items! I came in to purchase some hay to put in containers to help out the feral cats this winter and they had a good selection at decent prices.Oh and the cute candy section!I do feel that many of the items are overpriced. I would have purchased more items but I’m on a tight budget being a senior.The cashiers were friendly and helpful. Overall, a good experience.”

3.9 Good62 Reviews

“Amazon let me down and didn’t have time to shop on Christmas Eve. I found a present for my son-in- law on the Target site, ordered it and picked it up this morning.”

4 Good36 Reviews

“MY TAKE ~ It's close to our house, so it is very convenient, esp. when you don't want to walk all the way to the back of W-Mart to get milk or loaf of bread. The customer service has always been more than satisfactory and friendly, especially helpful when a nice young mngr. let my little girl use the restrooms that I was told were not open to the public. That was a great help and most appreciated! The store is also not messy and confusing, like a lot of other budget stores. It's normally neat with products organized and easily are accessible. It's nice that they accept EBT cards and Medicaid's Program that gives you a Louisiana HealthCard, like a rewards card for $ earned by making regularly scheduled DR appts for you and your child.They also have prepaid cards for purchase as well as Netspend reload pks to reload cash on your Netspend card, have Western Union Services, and some Bill Pay Services.. I am not sure about Dollar Gen., but Big Lots does have a few good brands. They are just far away from me. - Jessica S.”

4 Good29 Reviews

“This is not an extreme accurate rating, being we all just got over this winter freeze. However, based on just today, they had what i needed and were in the process of stocking. The cashier didn't ring all of my stuff up and I had to pay more taxes. She assumed the stuff next to my stuff belonged to the person behind me. But not a bad day.”

3.9 Good41 Reviews

“I just opened a account I was so pleased with customer service I was greeted with a welcome smile and felt like a part of a family after I opened my account I was very pleased with this bank”

4.1 Good19 Reviews

“I visited this Burlington in Shreve City because I was looking for last minute birthday and Christmas gifts. I’m pleasantly surprised that I was able to find what I was looking for.”

3.8 Good60 Reviews

“Excellent. Good selection of top quality items, especially fresh meats, fruit, and vegetables. Always has clean and orderly aisles. Well staffed with pleasant and extremely helpful employees. It has a ton of quick and efficient self-checkout stations and there's always several employees present to help if needed. Recommended!”

3.9 Good32 Reviews

“Excellent customer care. I ordered a lighter wt. Power drill, returned a heavier one, made one more return at customer care, and bought weekly staples without a hitch. Great prices, great customer care, efficient and friendly associates all round. Thanks Walmart!!”

3.7 Good56 Reviews

“Found everything we needed,had to wait a good bit for a cashier to come up front to checkout, they were busy stocking shelves,I guess they are shorthanded like everyone else.”

3.6 Good39 Reviews

“I live in Gonzales and the Target on Siegen Lane is the closest to me. They are always prompt with curbside service and they have great products. I definitely don't mind driving a little farther to go to Target instead of battling with my local Walmart.”

3.3 Good3 Reviews

“I love this store. Small enough for the staff to know you by face. They are so friendly when you enter and will always ask what you are looking for and help you if you are unfamiliar with the store. The manager is very down to earth.”

3.5 Good56 Reviews

“This is by far one of the best Wal-Mart I have ever been to. The Associates are friendly and very helpful. I found everything I needed and more. I definitely will be going back to that Wal-Mart.”

3.5 Good62 Reviews

“This Walmart is one we have not been to before. Compared to others. Nice staff, clean store well stocked. The only reason they did not get a 5 is very hard to shop in grocery section as so many large bins being pushed around for the on line orders.”

2.7 Average3 Reviews

“It's a bit crowded at peak hours, more so that people are pretty disorganized the way they walk around. Lots of great products and you probably can't ask for lower prices so that was appreciated.”

1 Poor1 Reviews

“It's a bit crowded at peak hours, more so that people are pretty disorganized the way they walk around. Lots of great products and you probably can't ask for lower prices so that was appreciated.”

1 Poor1 Reviews

“It's got its perks on deals, a solid clearance section, and a general variety of necessary and unnecessary goodies for any avenue of life from food to clothing to toys and home goods, even an auto section. The app, and email newsletters, offer more coupons and $x off deals as well. Can get pricey if you don't pay attention though. Not much offbrand goods so be wary of that.”

3.4 Good30 Reviews

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