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“Nice store in our little town! Kind of small aisles, but a good selection of everything. I found everything I needed. Good deli counter, too. And nice people! :)”

4.1Good93 Reviews

“Very friendly staff, clean and stocked. And if they don't have something you want there, ask the managers and if you stop regularly they will special order whatever you would like. Really deserves a 7-8 star rating.”

4.2Good17 Reviews

“Good employees and service. Shell is one of the highest rated on gasoline quality. Breakfast and lunch are great, sorry speedway 711 ruined your chance at competition, only real complaint is I can get a larger drink for straight up cheaper at speedway so I don't buy many drinks there and tend to only get gas and food.”

4.1Good14 Reviews

“Awesome store. Carry almost everything. Easy in and out. Great prices for cigarette and beer. Gas prices are compatible to speedway. BP is better brand in gas so why not fill up better gas quality with same price.”

4Good8 Reviews

“Short changed me 7 bucks . Pretty sure the guy was trying to pocket the money as walked back in ... oh AND ALL THE SNACKs ARE OLD AND DUSTY!!! I'm talking old... and I watched a customer return a lighter that didn't work... andwhen they left, the guy at the counter put the broken torch back in the display for sale . Smh”

3.8Good32 Reviews

“For what the manager and employees have to deal with, with it being such an old store. They do a wonderful job. And they have a hard time finding good help. once someone good comes in corporate swoops in and sends them to a different store.”

3.2Average25 Reviews