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“The store is always clean and the areas around the pumps are kept clean as well. The staff is nice and they seem to take pride in their job. The coffee station has many options, including a variety of cold creamers kept in a cooler for customers to use. I don't normally try grab and go breakfast options from gas stations, but decided to here and have not been disappointed! They also offer food made to order, and there is an outdoor seating area.”

3.8 Good85 Reviews

“The guys are just so friendly. They make you feel so welcome very patient. I'm 60 years old and don't see good. Don't hear good and they always treat me like the top customer love you guys”

4.2 Good11 Reviews

“The store and restrooms were clean. The customer service was ok could have been better. They have a vast variety of products and decent prices. The are ada compliant and speak English.”

4.2 Good6 Reviews

“I love this one stop shop, it's convient and had everything I need. I've been going to this store for years now, and have had the pleasure of watching the owners boys grow up to be men. The owner is really nice, helpful and we'll, I can't say the same about his wife. I don't too much care for her. She's always rude to me and cat he's attitudes for no reason.”

4.3 Superb4 Reviews

“I love this Parker's location and all the morning shift employees. I've only had experience with one night shift employee,Jonathan.Jonathan is extremely Overbearing and likes to comment to customers about other customers.. On more than one occasion I've gone in and hes told me an extremely graphic and unneeded story from his personal life. Sometimes His stories include violence or just personal experiences and stories that I feel customers should not have to deal with. Pass that Jonathan holds a conversation and continues to try to speak to you after you've finished your purchase and are walking out of the door.. And it's not a have a nice night or see you next time hes usually trying to cram the rest of his story in before you leave . I usually enjoy his banter but lately it's become more about my personal life and my family's personal life who also circles in this parkers. Unprofessional”

3.4 Good31 Reviews

“I really appreciate Tiffany very positive attitude explained everything about my gas perks an also all the benefits of joining circle k . She was pleasant an helpful she's the best!!!!!! Thank you Tiffany!!!”

3.3 Good23 Reviews

“Got gas on my way to Ladson. Paid at the pump and every thing went smoothly with the exception of the pump being out of printing paper. Had to go inside to get my receipt but the cashier was very nice.”

3.3 Good15 Reviews

“I love this 7-Eleven! It's got a nice, big parking lot with plenty of gas pumps, nice selection of food 'to-go' and the best thing is the coffee! Finally I've found a place where they use the creamers (hazelnut, etc) that you can find in the grocery store. So easy to make your coffee, no emptying 100 little plastic containers. And the workers are really sweet. It was a great start to the day each morning while I was in town for the tennis tournament.”

3.3 Good9 Reviews

“Grabbed a chicken salad sandwich, took a bite and pulled a 3 inch bone out of my mouth. Be cautious when eating their shredded chicken products. Did 5 stars so review would be seen, I don’t want anyone to choke.”

3 Average70 Reviews

“I honestly don’t leave reviews often but this gas station is definitely my favorite to go to, their customer service is top notch and their food and coffee is always good. I’ve honestly never had a bad experience here.”

2.5 Average8 Reviews

“I got me a sausage egg and cheese pancake sandwich this morning it was delicious I've never had one You ought to stop in and try it fresh made good price excellent service the corner of college Park road and highway 78 near the fairgrounds once again this is Raymond Howell Goose Creek South Carolina”

2.9 Average48 Reviews

“Always have a great experience with this place friendly service even though they are always just the one cashier and I know that can be hard for them at times ??”

1.3 Poor9 Reviews

“I usually don’t feel passionate enough to leave reviews, so I hope that speaks more highly of what I’ve got to say. I was in recently and a gentleman named Joseph held the door for me welcomed me asked how my day was and what he could get for me that night. He is an amazing help when finding something during a cold night and was very pleasant to converse with. This is how workers should act! Thank you Christian for your isle work, I know what that’s like and you do a fantastic job!”

2.1 Poor28 Reviews

“Always treated with kindness and professionalism,,my favorite technician is Denise..she keeps me in line,, letting me know when I am due for vaccines or anything concerning my meds...kudos to Denise”

1.9 Poor31 Reviews

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