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“Straight up business very professional yet friendly. I have been going in and out of that store for several years now and have never had a bad experience or a negative thing I could say about it. I'm waiting outside for them to open right now as I type this. Have a blessed day ALL. Come on down to the sunshine store when you find yourself inconvenienced. You will be surprised by easily you'll find exactly what you are looking for.”

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“I don't know if they're not changing their grease or if they have a new cook, but for the last 3 weeks they've been burning the gizzards and some of the chicken. Being that they're my favorite place to go to lunch, this is sad news for me. I'm hoping they change this soon.”

4 Good69 Reviews

“Their premium gas is ethanol free. Very friendly and helpful staff and the owner is a very nice man. When I walk in there I'm welcomed by the staff and feel welcome.”

4.8 Superb14 Reviews

“Charlie is simply the BEST!! He will actually take the time to TALK to me like I am 1) a human being and 2) like I actually matter!! Please forgive me as I do not remember her name. The woman who works with Charlie almost every day: she is an exceptional person!! I have seen her deal with customers, that I frankly would have told to pound sand and take their attitude with them!! Her? Nope, she was stellar at defusing the grumpy irate old man. \n\nI simply do not have the vocabulary to express how happy I am to get my prescriptions filled at this CVS. I have closer pharmacies and I am not a fan of Target. But I gladly drive the further distance and enter Target ONLY because of the way this crew treats me!!\n\nSincerely\n\nDon Kjellman (another grumpy old man)”

4.7 Superb15 Reviews

“I mainly go there for my photos and I have had good experiences so far. I was told how to use the machine to develop my own photos from my cell phone. When I do that they're usually ready within the hour. I am now learning how to make my own various type greeting cards with my photos on their customer access store photo machine.”

4.7 Superb13 Reviews

“Definitely a large selection of snacks and cell phone accessories here and drink machine is extremely nice! Restrooms are located on the other side of the store next to the back entrance! Restrooms were clean and stocked. Slushy machine was out of order the last 3 times I’ve been here but they have a large selection of different brews of coffee but also wasn’t available. Very busy location for sure and lines were a bit long but it’s okay I didn’t mind waiting at all clerks were very helpful and polite and always are when I’m there. Lots of gas pumps which is great and they also have air pump and vacuum located on side!”

3.7 Good60 Reviews

“Every time I come here everyone is so nice. Today 09/29/2023, I was asking about the pizza, and the young man (not sure of his name) that was there was so very nice and very and eager to help me!!”

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“This is a decent gas station . In my opinion every bit of the commercial aspect of life is in a place they can only do harm to the average consumer... Lower your prices or double our wages simple. Our system is and has been failing us and damaging our lives and that of our children's future...”

3.6 Good57 Reviews

“Super clean, easy to get in and out of. Friendly staff and good selection of food and snacks. Pumps are phone lay friendly via the Exxon app. Car wash is pretty good but can leave quite a bit of water on the car when done. Overall nice and clean!”

3.9 Good20 Reviews

“Me and my wife stopped by to purchase two Carolina Reaper Chicken Sandwiches with fried okra and two large drinks . Awesome service, clean location and excellent staff !!!!”

3.4 Good50 Reviews

“They have finally fixed the fountain machine so that the diet do doesn't taste flat. They usually have mountain diet do around and I appreciate that. The employees are always very nice to me.”

3.7 Good18 Reviews

“They are friendly and have a good assortment of quick foods and snacks. If you are in a wheelchair, they happily pump your gas for you. SC law says they have to do this, but lots of gas stations act like they wish you had gone somewhere else.”

3.4 Good32 Reviews

“The gas station itself is good. I cannot get gas here or park in the front because my push start suv will not not recognize the key fob. I have heard this from a few people now and see a review from 3 years ago stating the same thing.”

3.5 Good19 Reviews

“My girlfriend and I often joke about who would eat gas station pizza. Yet I found myself looking at a slice here today. It was chicken bacon ranch pizza and it was actually pretty good. I do agree with other reviews, the prices here seem to be steep compared to most gas stations.”

3.3 Good36 Reviews

“Well Tonight was not good..Notice on Door said 35.00 off per carton Newport..Computer would only give 20.00 off the Young lady said had to come back in morning and speak with Manger as she didn't care what it said on door 20.00 off was all she could give.She was polite about it and understanding..But I still lost 30.00..This has always been our togo store..Good Team...”

3.5 Good16 Reviews

“I love coming to this circle K because it's close, quick and the deals are great. Buy 2 get 1 free Celsius and I got additional taken off from rewards! Great rewards system here.”

3.8 Good9 Reviews

“This store has always been here and thank goodness it's thereComes in clutch when you don't want to go farI've been around along time and use to walk everywhere great place for a cold drink”

4.2 Good5 Reviews

“I was in this store last night November 30 , 2022 at approximately 340amNand the ladies in there were amazing. Every store needs one or both of these ladies. The personalities of the 2 together make a great start ti my morning. Thank you girls from Mr. Fuel.”

3.4 Good14 Reviews

“Wonderful little corner store, no long lines with employees that hate their jobs!! Owners are the nicest and most considerate business owners you will ever meet!!!!”

4 Good4 Reviews

“This is the best store on the corner of Bacons Bridge Rd & Dorchester Rd. They have everything and if they don't have it they will get it. Go by and check them out!!!!”

4 Good4 Reviews

“Absolutely the best pharmacy in the Charleston/Summerville region hands down. I’ve used plenty of CVS around the area and have never had the experience I’ve had at the central avenue location. I grew up in a very small town in Tennessee and I feel like I’m using my local mom and pop pharmacy every time I walk back to the counter. I don’t even go to the drive through because I like seeing the smiling faces and hearing all of them saying hello to me each time I come in. I had a severe accident a little over a year ago and each time I come in they are concerned on how I’m doing and how the medication is working. I just want to say thank you to each and every one of you!”

3.1 Average17 Reviews

“I know all businesses are experiencing employee shortages, but all the employees (especially at the pharmacy) have been wonderful to me. Helpful and courteous. A big Thank You to all of them....”

3.1 Average16 Reviews

“So the employees that remain here deserve a raise. The company has difficulties keeping employees at this location meanwhile they have the same person working 24/7. Everyone walking in has no idea what is going on or why the line is so long. Luckily the employees that remain keep the customers happy; but as a local who regularly shops here for coffee gas and beerthey need to give the 3 ladies that run all shifts there a raise for their loyalty because everyone is hiring right now and the bosses know that.”

3.1 Average14 Reviews

“I have been going to another local Walgreens for years but switched to this one recently due to a very disappointing experience with the pharmacy at the other one. I called this one for help and they immediately answered and got the ball rolling on getting a RX transferred temporarily from a third Walgreens in the upstate for the month. I stuck with this one when I made photo Christmas cards online too and they were ready within 30-45 minutes. We were greeted at the front door when we arrived, which was a change, most of the time I don't see anyone when I'm walking into the other store. There was also someone to help get the cards right away. I'll definitely continue to use this Walgreens from now on. It's also a lot easier to get in and out of.”

2.9 Average61 Reviews

“After a long morning at work, I stopped by around 12:40 03/11/23I wish I would've caught her name but she was very patient, very sweet and had a damn great personality about her! It made my morning/afternoon after a long day working at the airport! Thank you! ?”

2.9 Average26 Reviews

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