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“Dude. I walked in wanting to buy a harmonica for my DnD character. I didn't think they'd have any, but I hoped. I walk in, ask an employee "yo do yall have any harmonicas?" The employee, deadpan and half paying attention, "cereal aisle by the nesquik." Doubting his wise words, I go to the cereal aisle. I find the nesquik. I look a little bit to the right... and what do you know, LITERAL FREAKING HARMONICAS. This employee knew exactly where they were and gave me detailed instructions. I would leave a one million star review if I could.”

4.1 Good5 Reviews

“Enjoyed shopping. Food store is played out nicely to find items and the had everything I was looking to buy. Was especially happy to find King Hawaiian Bread loaves. The only thing I disliked was at checkout. The bags are terrible. Had to bag one set of items twice because the bags are so flimsy, they tore apart. Really should have bagged it a third time but ended up tying the sides together.”

3.5 Good37 Reviews

“Always friendly and helpful staff and pharmacist. Switched over prescriptions from CVS due to shortages and long wait times in May. I am very happy with my decision.”

2.9 Average8 Reviews