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“Enjoyed shopping. Food store is played out nicely to find items and the had everything I was looking to buy. Was especially happy to find King Hawaiian Bread loaves. The only thing I disliked was at checkout. The bags are terrible. Had to bag one set of items twice because the bags are so flimsy, they tore apart. Really should have bagged it a third time but ended up tying the sides together.”

3.3 Good44 Reviews

“I go there to purchase my blood pressure tea and diabetic tea. They have a great selection of vegetables, seasoning, and Asian cuisine. You check it out. They have restaurant inside as well however I never eaten there so I can't tell you much about it.”

4.4 Superb232 Reviews

“You have an amazing employee( I believe named Tiffany). She not only was working hard at the register, as well as stocking the shelves. She took time out of her day to help a very overwhelmed mom of three little ones who were struggling to behave while grocery shopping. She even didn’t hesitate to pray with my 7 year old who asked her to say a prayer with her for her big sister that is in the hospital. So to this amazing employee you have my sincere gratitude for your kindness. You made our day a lot brighter❤️”

4.4 Superb44 Reviews

“The reason why I gave it a 4 out of 5 is because this place is overcrowded during friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The most popular item in their mind is tortillas and beer. There's nothing much that I can't describe about this store.July 23, 2023”

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“11/26/2923Publix shopping center has been a WELCOMED addition to the fast and steady growing residential and businesses at the Outer edge of Moncks Corner and Goose Creek on Highway 52!!The READY meals are a life saver. However, Publix has always cost *more* shopping there than most grocery stores.Probably, the New Residents coming from up north and all around are accustomed to the prices, which will soon render the indigenous shopper of no account?”

4.3 Superb49 Reviews

“Publix is awesome. Best meat, produce and Buy one get one free offers are always appreciated and for products you actually use. Customer service is always great.”

4.2 Good109 Reviews

“I love this store. Staff are always friendly and available to help. Aisles are clean and well stocked, I never have issues finding what I need when I go in there. The BOGO deals are always a plus!”

4.2 Good103 Reviews

“Best tacos in Goose Creek, but make sure you're able to order in Spanish. Place your order at the carniceria in the back and pay with the cashier at the front on your way out.”

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“Went there today to buy some bread for my wife and Amelia in the bakery helped me choose one to give to her. She seemed highly knowledgeable about breads, was incredibly kind and patient with me providing excellent service10/10 we need more Amelia's in the world”

4.2 Good86 Reviews

“Aldi has truly mastered the art of providing a shopping experience that seamlessly blends affordability, freshness, and a touch of excitement. Nestled within its aisles, one discovers not only budget-friendly essentials but also a treasure trove of unique specialties in what some affectionately call the "aisle of shame."The affordability of Aldi is unmatched, making it a go-to destination for those seeking high-quality groceries without breaking the bank. Fresh produce beckons from every corner, promising a vibrant and wholesome selection. But the real adventure lies in the unexpected gems found along the aisles - from artisanal charcuterie to innovative kitchen equipment and delightful gift options.The store's commitment to convenience extends beyond its product range. With 4-6 self-checkout counters and a traditional cashier, the shopping process is streamlined to suit your preference. For first-time visitors, a helpful tip: don't forget your quarters for carts and bring your own bags. The unique Aldi experience involves personally packing your affordable and top-notch groceries, adding a personalized touch to your shopping routine.Aldi recognizes the value of convenience, and ample parking space ensures that your journey from the car to the store is as hassle-free as your shopping experience inside. It's a testament to Aldi's dedication to providing a comprehensive and enjoyable shopping experience for every customer.In essence, Aldi is not just a grocery store; it's a destination where affordability meets quality, and routine shopping transforms into a delightful exploration. Whether you're a seasoned Aldi enthusiast or a first-time visitor, be prepared for a unique adventure in budget-friendly excellence.”

4.2 Good62 Reviews

“The store for great savings and staples when it comes to grocery and home items. I love the eclectic mix of items, you never know what kind of stuff you'll find for an amazing deal. Always shop confidently knowing I'm getting the best deal.”

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“***Hidden Gem***Having traveled to 24 countries, I’m quite familiar with a variety of foreign cultures.If you’re in North Charleston, looking for truly authentic Mexican food - don’t miss this spot.$3 Tacos that will erupt your taste buds!The giant burritos are out of this world amazing and are around $10-12.Highly recommend!”

4.2 Good37 Reviews

“Under new management!!! Every time I walk in I am greeted and asked if I am in need of help. The new owner is very personable and has stocked the shelves greatly. So many more choices and I love that it is connected to Publix. This will be my new regular spot!!”

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“(Translated by Google) The money transfer service is too slow, everything else in the store is very good(Original)El servicio de envíos de dinero es demasiado lento, todo lo demás de la tienda esta muy bien”

4.2 Good25 Reviews

“Easy to find the things I was looking for but the cost for bread was a dollar more per loaf than surrounding stores. While I don't feel it necessary to get the cheaper brands, I was still surprised to see the cost of my preferred brands.”

4.1 Good95 Reviews

“Have you ever seen a sign at register……this register closed? I did last night at the Publix I always shop at. It was super busy and the assistant manager was giving a helping hand. I asked are you closed? His reply……yes but come on I’ll still take you!! How cool is that! He also took a few more after me. His name was NOAH GRILLO. What nice customer service. He’s a keeper. ONLY AT PUBLIX I GUARANTEE IT”

4.1 Good76 Reviews

“This was the neighborhood Walmart and Tammy was my cashier she was awesome. She even closed her register and helped me take my things to my vehicle and put them in for me I can't thank her enough she went above and beyond.”

3.7 Good32 Reviews

“Still the best store around with Southern hospitality. Every single time we go in here it's like greeting your friends and neighbors. One bad experience though but only because the young lady on Saturday mornings can be very rude so we just avoid her line altogether and go to another line and if they don't have a bagger I'll gladly assist. Great place.”

3.8 Good85 Reviews

“I went to this Piggly Wiggly on yesterday and my shopping experience was excellent. I found the one thing that I was looking for for so long while I was shopping for other items that I needed. I highly recommend this store to my friends and family. The service from the employees were great also.”

3.7 Good55 Reviews

“Just want to applaud one of the workers she had dreadlocks didn’t get her name but she was working the cash register AND helping out in self check out due to them being short staffed. Even though she was really busy she still had a positive attitude.”

3.6 Good51 Reviews

“Andrea (Ahn-dra-uh)She was extremely helpful at check out! I had my baby and 6 year old with me. The lid of a plastic container came off as my 6 year old was pulling it out the cart and the mixture of snacks spilled everywhere. She was very helpful with cleaning it and helping me check out. Her presence gave me comfort knowing she was there helping me. I have had a rough day and she made everything feel like it was going to be okay with just the few seconds of her helping.To Andrea, thank you so much for your help. Your energy was so comforting and truly gave me strength to get through the rest of this day.”

3.3 Good33 Reviews

“Publix Super Market at St. James Shopping Center in Goose Creek is a well managed Publix location that has everything that you need for groceries and more. I have been happy with all of the purchases that I have made from here and their level of customer service.”

3.4 Good67 Reviews

“I like having a Walmart close by but it leaves so much more to be desired when shopping with it being only a grocery store. It does give you a cheaper option than the Publix that is also nearby.”

3.4 Good137 Reviews

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