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“Easy to find the things I was looking for but the cost for bread was a dollar more per loaf than surrounding stores. While I don't feel it necessary to get the cheaper brands, I was still surprised to see the cost of my preferred brands.”

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“They have specialized shops all along the outer walls of the store. It is exciting to see all the different foods they have. There's also tables by the dessert counter if you want to grab a quick sweet. Their bread, muffins, and cake are very good.”

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“I love this store. Staff are always friendly and available to help. Aisles are clean and well stocked, I never have issues finding what I need when I go in there. The BOGO deals are always a plus!”

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“Went there today to buy some bread for my wife and Amelia in the bakery helped me choose one to give to her. She seemed highly knowledgeable about breads, was incredibly kind and patient with me providing excellent service10/10 we need more Amelia's in the world”

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“My family absolutely loves our local Food Lion. Manager, employees, cleanliness of the store, food items in stock, what is there not to love about this grocery store. Thank you for being there for our family always.”

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“You have an amazing employee( I believe named Tiffany). She not only was working hard at the register, as well as stocking the shelves. She took time out of her day to help a very overwhelmed mom of three little ones who were struggling to behave while grocery shopping. She even didn’t hesitate to pray with my 7 year old who asked her to say a prayer with her for her big sister that is in the hospital. So to this amazing employee you have my sincere gratitude for your kindness. You made our day a lot brighter❤️”

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“Andrea (Ahn-dra-uh)She was extremely helpful at check out! I had my baby and 6 year old with me. The lid of a plastic container came off as my 6 year old was pulling it out the cart and the mixture of snacks spilled everywhere. She was very helpful with cleaning it and helping me check out. Her presence gave me comfort knowing she was there helping me. I have had a rough day and she made everything feel like it was going to be okay with just the few seconds of her helping.To Andrea, thank you so much for your help. Your energy was so comforting and truly gave me strength to get through the rest of this day.”

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“I was happy when Earth Fare reopened. A little disappointed that they no longer have their Sunday pizza specials. This was my go-to if I was returning home from an out-of-town trip and needed something to pick up for a quick meal. I will pick up their pre-made pizzas and just take it home and pop it in the oven and it was very reasonably priced. Please bring this back. There is just something about this store. When you walk in you can just tell you're in a wholesome, good quality store. They have a great health goods section if you're looking for specific vitamins and wellness products. Their meat department is superb. I enjoy the deli section and I still sometimes will get a pizza made to order. The employees are always very nice and helpful and make great suggestions when asked. The store is always neat and clean and it just has a great holistic vibe. I would definitely say if you looking for something on Amazon to check this place out and compare it first because you most likely will find it here.”

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“This review is not for Harris Teeter itself (which I do love) it is for our cashier Trinity. While we were checking out my toddler would not sit still so I could bag our groceries. Seeing this Trinity called my daughters name and asked her to help her by running the groceries to me. Trinity then made the entire experience for my daughter a blast, by the time we were done she walked out with the biggest smile on her face! She gave top tier customer service and I think every company would benefit from having their own Trinity!”

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“I went to this Piggly Wiggly on yesterday and my shopping experience was excellent. I found the one thing that I was looking for for so long while I was shopping for other items that I needed. I highly recommend this store to my friends and family. The service from the employees were great also.”

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“I started working here because I always received such great customer service.. and I've never fallen in love faster! If you guys haven't visited us here on Dorchester Road then you're seriously missing out! Clean store, smiling faces, and a hunger to help- wow!”

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“Las Americas on 5th Street in Summerville is a great place to go for delicious and flavorful tacos and much more. I really like the location and everything that they have available here. The staff here is very friendly and accommodating to make sure that you have everything that you need.”

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“The deli group was very helpful ordering a Thanksgiving meal box, very friendly and they had a nice spread the area was clean too. The prices normal for Harris Teeter.”

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“Other than the fact that I don't go to this Food Lion much, so I didn't know were anything was! I found most of the sale items I was wanting in stock, people were friendly and polite.”

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“Tina is so relatable and one of the best cashiers I know. She always greets the customers with a smile and makes you feel like family. She should definitely be the lead cashier!”

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“This store has always been here and thank goodness it's thereComes in clutch when you don't want to go farI've been around along time and use to walk everywhere great place for a cold drink”

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“Great place to get gas with a nice discount. If you have the B j's card app to 15 set off per gallon, the staff is very helpful in friendly. The only complaint that I would have is that the customers need to understand that when the arrows are pointing a certain direction. That's the way you go. It doesn't mean that a bunch of my forefathers have been there. They probably wore, but that's not what the arrows mean. Follow directions, people. It would be much easier for all of us who are trying to, so there is an entrance in an exit. If there was some way they could fix people from coming in the wrong way, it would make it much easier for all of us. Just saying”

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“This is a 5-6 unit shopping strip mall which includes ye ole fashioned ice cream shop, a place where my father and I went with my siblings growing up and we have continued to this day, now taking my three children every weekend for a junior dip of whatever their favorite flavor is. (This week-lol) terrible parking arrangements. Small division of many strip malls located within the Walmart parking lot facing Noth main street.”

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“Great little corner store. Have pretty much everything you could need that you don't want to go all the way to a big store for. And great & friendly service.”

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“Every time I come here everyone is so nice. Today 09/29/2023, I was asking about the pizza, and the young man (not sure of his name) that was there was so very nice and very and eager to help me!!”

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“I'd like to express my sincere gratitude to Jojo and the Sales Associate for their invaluable assistance. On August 21, as I was heading towards the Epsom Salt aisle at Dollar General, I suddenly began to feel overheated and almost fainted. The Sales Associate quickly fetched a chair and alerted the active manager, Jojo. Jojo promptly provided me with water and crackers, asking several questions to ensure my well-being. Eventually, my close friend arrived to rush me to the emergency room. I can't thank the Sales Associate and Jojo enough for their outstanding help. Kudos to Dollar General for having such a great team!Dollar General on Bacon Bridge Road SummervilleLashea Coney”

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“I always enjoy shopping at Publix. It's a different atmosphere from the other grocery stores. And since I have started eating healthier, Publix is my go-to. They have more healthy food than the others.”

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“Closest location to my home and honestly has my most favorite employees! I suggest ordering your sheet cakes from them, they are reasonably priced and always enjoyed! They remember regular customers, which is nice. Produce/vegetables are always fresh and beautifully displayed.”

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“Just shopped at this store this morning and Trenton was amazing in helping our family find everything we needed. He had fantastic customer service skills!!! Fantastic positive change to the atmosphere of this store in the past!!! Definitely will return!”

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“I shop with these folks on a daily basis. From the deli, to the bakery, to produce, meat and seafood, to those associates who care for the aisles and the front, ALL are helpful and kind.”

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“Dollar General has really stepped their game up! They’ve added such cute and modern home decor for great prices! They also have coupons always available for Saturdays and more of a variety in their mobile app!”

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“This is the best tire place besides Firestone by Northwoods Mall. Mr. Alan gives exceptional customer service. He goes above and beyond to help people. I have never had any conflict with the employees, service, or prices at BJs. Mr. Jeff is also very awesome and he has put on more than one tire for me. These guys are wonderful and I'm so thankful to have such a great time nearby to help out when I'm having tire troubles. Thanks, Summerville BJs Tires team, for all that you do!!!”

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“My mom shops here, I'm from out of town so I don't really shop here but I will whenever I'm visiting. I walked by and overheard a conversation between a customer and an employee, he was so nice to the older gentleman. I think his name was Jon wearing black sunglasses, he was bringing back the assisted shopping cart and offered to help the customer anytime he was there, very personable and sincere. He even said hello to me as I walked by which was really nice to be acknowledged. It inspired me to go inside and tell a manager, I hope he gets recognition for being such a good person.”

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“I'm at Dollar General so often. It's like my second home. I patronize 2 different D.Gs on 78.(Dorchester County.At least 3 or moretimes a week.They have the neatest things Anytime something new comes out. D.G.has it.That's my Store”

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