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“Staff were extremely helpful much more so than other home-improvement stores I’ve tried. Michael was the especially helpful obtaining what we needed in an urgent manner thank you very much.”

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“Valeria at the pro desk is awesome. I highly recommend this lowes over there competition. The store always has carts available and the staff is always around to help.”

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“The whole team at Conroe Bolt & Fastener are friendly and they deliver exceptional customer service. They are very knowledgeable and experts at what they do. Companies like this are extremely rare. I highly recommend them.”

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“Support staff was very helpful and friendly! We are new in the area and wanted to compare what they had with the larger stores in town and bought true quality hose spray nozzles not available at those stores only selling CCP low quality items. The store is closer to home where I don't spend quality time and gas money. The assortment was a little low but the savings made up for it. That's the reason for only 4 stars. Good job guys!?”

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“Cashiers and Staff are always helpful; especially checking for products that may not be on the shelf but are in the back... They have really good/great deals if you watch for specials... I've bought quite a few products (workbenches, hand tools, gun cases, inverter, tarps/moving blankets, handheld electric planer, etc.) and can only think of one product that failed... An electronic fly 'swatter' that had the button break... NBD though, it still worked I just had to press harder... Sometimes they have a small blue LED light that they give away or sell for like .99... I love those!! I don't love the light switch lights as much though because they drain the batteries too fast even when not used very often....”

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“I want to give a shout out to PSI, especially to Natasha her knowledge and customer service are unparalleled, she's definitely a great asset and I will continue to recommend this business because of the quality she provides!”

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“This place is amazing! I got a flat right out front and while I stared hopelessly at the tire a guy asked if I was okay. After he helped me and my son, I realized he worked there.”

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“This is my first stop when I need PVC or any other parts for home repairs. They are the only small hardware store left in the area and theyve been a lifesaver for me more times than I can count.If they ever close their doors I will be heartbroken for sure.”

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“I had a great experience at the Texas Tool Traders! I was about to buy a tool kit but the salesman Ronny told me about a tool sale and I saved about $90 on the same stuff I was about to buy. I will be back to this place. They are also dog friendly, if your dog is cool.”

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“Hometown type of business. It's an auto parts and a hardware store. I've been a patron of J&B's for over 25 years. The service never changes and believe it or not the same faces are still there. Highly recommend.”

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“This is a great place to shop for any of your material needs. The staff there are always extremely help full and always any my many questions. I highly recommend going and checking them out if you haven’t already!!”

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“I was helping someone repair the plumbing lines to their washing machine and I had no idea what I was actually doing. After a few trips back and forth I was able to have a better understanding of terminology for parts and how they work and how to install them. The gentlemen behind the counter was very helpful, patient, and friendly. You absolutely can not get service like this at corporate owned businesses”

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“Great customer serviceBillie helped me find the Moen valve I was desperately searching for and turns out it was under warranty and I wasn't even charged for it.Thank You very much”

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“Custom spools of any gauge wire spool size big to small ,electrical bells, paper, RTDS, fans, tape 3m ( cloth ) or paper,plumbing warm tapes , paints variety of colors and capacitors different ranges good prices affordable and fast delivery.”

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“David at the Conroe location is awesome !Every single time I call for quotes or to put something on will call he is so knowledgeable and fast it just makes my job so much more easier!If I could give a 10 star I would !Thank you David for taking care of us her at B.Golden AC and Heating!!!!”

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“Purchasing the door was easy and the installers (Pablo) did a great job of keeping their work area clean and navigating a tricky installation where a wall was not level.”

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“Patrick ? ?,Great job!I called on phone and Patrick took the time to check to see if y'all had a pipe tap in stock.I called the Northern Tool closer to me and without checking the store employee stated, "we won't have that". I checked online inventory, before I called and it showed they have two in stock.Patrick saved my Sunday.Thank you”

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“National Surplus has a continually rotating stock so what you saw last time may not be there any longer but there's been replaced with something new. Overall the prices are not bad for construction materials.”

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“Promise Kept: I ordered a hard to obtain reamer online. It was promised for delivery in two days. It arrived as promised. Efficient, reasonable price, exact product matched, very helpful customer service rep (on late Friday afternoon!) spoke to me on two occasions: only one thing: did not get a copy of the tracking number: but the part arrived earlier than expected.This is a great company with clear objectives for customer service! Highly recommend!”

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“Amazing selection and fantastic staff! We walked in just as they were closing on a Saturday, but they welcomed us in and answered our questions without rush! Well worth the drive to check this place out!”

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“Tractor Supply should be very grateful to have an employee like Dionne, I was having a very stressful day and needed dog food. Dionne was very kind and thoughtful in helping me. If we had more people like Dionne the world would be a better place.”

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“Great store. Charlie welcomed us and pointed us in the exact direction to purchase dog food. Plus he was very welcoming of the foster dog I had with me. I’ll be buying my dogs food there from now on.”

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“Mercedes in customer service was very helpful today with correcting an error with my purchase. She is an asset to Lowe's, I am blessed that she works at the Lowe's I shop at. Thank you Mercedes!”

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“I have had trouble with some other companies but I can highly recommend Karen & Priscilla's help in appliances! They have went above and beyond with me purchasing my new maytag washer and dryer! They showed care when helping me with what I needed . It was fast and simple with their help. I am definitely going to this location just because of them! Y'all two have exceeded my expectations today and for that I Thank y'all very much !”

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“I believe I've been at almost all the Home Depot's around Houston area! I feel like they all similar but people who help you out here and there a little better and sometimes even go above and beyond in different locations !”

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“Update: Desiree in flooring was super helpful in finding the carpet I needed last minute. My job is on a deadline and this location didn't have enough of what I needed, so she looked up what I needed and sent me to another store. Grateful for home depot employees like her!I am a home depot pro so I shop here often for my business and my clients. I prefer this location over others.”

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