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“Here almost 10 years. My wife also. My workouts have saved me after various surgeries and difficulties. You get out of this what you put into it. Equipment very good. Staff excellent .”

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“Ballston CrossFit is the best gym I've ever been to! I joined having no prior CrossFit experience and the coaches helped me develop all the necessary skills to move safely and make great progress. The community is fantastic, everyone is so supportive and there's no better way to spend your hour in the gym! Would absolutely recommend anyone to join this gym regardless of your CrossFit experience.”

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“I highly recommend Bodymass Gym for anyone who's serious about seeing results and enjoys an inclusive and supportive community. The trainers are highly knowledgeable and provide great support and expert advice throughout your workout. I appreciate the small class sizes and spacious environment that makes for a great gym atmosphere. It's going to sound silly, but I appreciate that the music is quiet enough where I can hear the trainers and also hear myself think. I never struggle getting in a class, which is great since I love my routine. Also, they have both "Build" and "Blast" workouts which are the perfect combination of weightlifting and HITT/Functional training style workout. Again, I highly recommend and am so happy I found it!”

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“I’ve been going to E60 for a year now and can’t fully express how great of an experience it’s been for me! As far as class-based workouts, I’ve done CrossFit, Orange Theory, Bash Boxing, etc. and I think E60 combines all the best elements of each one into an hour-long workout. They even offer variations of the classes between fully strength-focused (with compound movements using a free barbell!) and strength mixed with cardio which is an easy way to keep the workouts fun and challenging. Highly recommend if you’re looking for a well-rounded workout that packs a punch!”

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“I haven't been to a gym in years and was really intimidated to try StarFit Studio. Everyone has been so welcoming, accepting and helpful. I really appreciate the all-women environment and the chance to work at my own pace while getting guidance and support.”

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“Been going here about two months after moving from a different Anytime in Alexandria. I wasn't aware how much better a different location could be! This place is great. Good size and amazing location.”

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“Great experience at f45 pentagon row. Jordan, Kai, and Marissa stand out as awesome and knowledgeable trainers who really help improve form while cheering us on! There are a few slight areas of improvement for the actually facility (working water filter, worn turf), but the cons are minor compared to the pros of the helpful trainers noted above.”

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“I joined Brazen in September of 2022. This was after years of being “afraid” of doing CrossFit.I had worked with a coach who trained me on CrossFit moves, etc and he was amazing. But that was my comfort zone. Just me and the coach and I was good.My fear was group classes. In order for me to grow, I scheduled a “no sweat” session at Brazen.As soon as I walked into Brazen - I truly felt like I was home again. Elise met with me and walked me through everything and before I left I signed up.My first class was with Maddie - she introduced herself and made me feel comfortable with being there. The athletes also introduced themselves and that made me even more comfortable with my decision.I used to think how can the coaches see and coach all of in a group. That was disproven time and time again. The coaches are focused on the athletes and do watch us and ensure we are comfortable with the movements and ensure we do not injure ourselves. The coaches and athletes here are so amazing and supportive. I do not regret training here.If there was advice I could offer anyone who is on the fence about joining and doing CrossFit is to just meet with them. Do not take as long as I did to make the decision to join - you will not regret it.”

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“I have been a spenga member for 2 years. Spenga is nothing but welcoming. It is a clean studio and the format varies and is challenging. The instructors are top notch. Of particular, Amy is the best! Her music is impeccable and her ability to motivate from strength to spin to yoga is impeccable. 100% recommend!!”

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“I’m very glad I found Patriot Crossfit after moving to VA last summer! I’ve been to good gyms and not so good gyms, and Patriot is one of the best. The programming feels very intentional and challenging, but still scalable for all skill levels. I most often take classes with head coach Monika and she really knows her stuff, gives very helpful form cues and feedback, and encourages you to try something new. All of the coaches I’ve taken class with have always been kind and encouraging and you can tell that Alex, the owner, really cares about the members having a good experience. I took my time to find the right gym for me after I moved and I’m so glad I did! Whether you are new to crossfit or just looking for a new gym home, I highly recommend Patriot Crossfit!”

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“3 years ago I was diagnosed with 3 herniated discs in my back. After 8 months of physical therapy coordinated with well over a dozen injections, an ablation and no long term positive movement, I reached out to Aric.After 16 months with Evolve to Fit, I am 95% pain free and have regained nearly FULL range of motion. I am stronger, more aware of my body, and have not been back to the doctors since.Thank you Aric, Mauricio and evolve to fit for giving me the tools and faith in myself to take my ownership of my body.”

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“Attended this gym for over 3 years with my wife and always enjoyed it. Had an issue with transferring that was initially very confusing, but the manager reached out personally with a solution. Would highly recommend this OTF studio.”

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“Been doing Crossfit since 2010 and I’ve done lots of different programming. They have a gift for programming here and I’m super lucky to have found this gym. Rarely do I feel ‘too’ sore to do the work. You won’t regret checking this gym out.”

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“I've been scared to come here for years because I always assumed it's "too hard". I do think if you are a workout/workout newbie, it may not be a class for you. However if you have done weight lifting or a class like Orange Theory, this class will be very familiar.They check you in and explain everything about the treads fairly well. The instructor also brings you in a few minutes early to show you your spot and explain things. The workout is half floor exercises that's like weights or abs related items (burpees, mountain climbers, etc) and the rest is interval running which I love. The soundtrack really gets you running and unlike OT there's no staying in certain zones for heart rate.The facilities are clean and there's tons of lockers. You can pre order smoothies for after your workout as well, I enjoyed my Barry's and brunch smoothie. If the classes weren't so expensive I'd be in here all the time!”

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“The trainers at Verve Health and Fitness will change your life. They are a dedicated team of professional who treat you like family! My trainer Chris Maski and the Verve team has been instrumental in helping me physically prepare to row across the North Atlantic Ocean. With their help I have gone from average to She-Hulk. Their continual metal support, flexible and intense workouts, and nutrition help positively pushed me to become the athlete I am today.”

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“A fun environment, amazing programming, and fun people and coaches. All the latest equipment and gear you need is there and ready to go for both classes and open workouts.”

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“I joined Vida last month after quarantining for the last 4 months due to their awesome safety protocols and covid precautions taken by the club. I received a SweatBox trial with my membership and after 3 classes, I can honestly say that I am officially ADDICTED! You can buy an unlimited 2 week trial for $39 which is an unreal deal for this level of workout.I'd compare SweatBox to Barry's Boot Camp in terms of being a killer HIIT workout. Barry's is a favorite workout of mine, however unfortunately I have bad knees so SweatBox is WAY better for me because it's just as intense (if not more) but substitutes cycling for the treadmill segments. I also love that unlike OTF and Barry's, you have your own "box" of space, equipment, weights, and bike so you don't have to share sweat with someone else which is especially crucial during the pandemic.I'm one of those people who don't feel like I worked out hard enough unless I'm in some pain/suffering through the class (in a good way) and SweatBox never disappoints! Since all of Vida is 100% masked for everyone's safety, they recommend wearing a disposable mask for the class and provide it if you don't have one.My favorite instructors so far as Cali, Shawn, and Wes. They're all incredibly motivating and really kick your butt! Their variety of classes include full body aka full throttle and also targeted area days (such as arms, butt, chest, etc) which are all simply are AMAZING!Overall, the SweatBox instructors are absolutely top notch and trust me, you'll get an unbelievable workout! You won't have a single moment of boredom and really feel it in your body the entire next day. I've brought my cousin and now my husband who are also totally OBSESSED. We will all be purchasing class packs and I'm thinking about adding on the membership. Can't recommend Sweatbox enough, it's 100% one of the best classes out there!”

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“The staff here are very friendly with a warm family like environment. They make CrossFit a lot less daunting then what it is and are very accommodating to all levels.”

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“I respect and admire the U.S. Marine Corps. Pandemic or not, the Smith Gym is a great place to work out and play basketball at. God bless and may the Corps be with you.”

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“I have nothing but positive things to say about this studio. I was new to Orange theory and the staff/coaches/members were so friendly and welcoming. The SA David was incredibly kind, helpful, and professional. He, along with the coaches, made me feel at home and excited to be there each day. Meredith was also very personable and nice. I loved attending coach Kristof and Aaron's classes as they both brought unique energies to the studio. It is an amazing workout in a supportive & fun environment. The studio itself is clean, organized, and has great energy. I was so sad to leave and I hope to find a studio as amazing as this one in my new city. If you're reading this, you should absolutely give OTF a try, and make this studio your go-to!”

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“I have nothing but great things to say about Neighborhood Barre, especially Jess, Leah, and Larissa. I enjoy the Barre50 format - they switch their warm-ups every once in a while, which keeps things fresh, and it's /so hard/ in the best way possible. I feel a lot stronger and I'm able to progress on different exercises because the instructors provide multiple kinds of modifications. I've tried some other kinds of "barre" studios, but this is my favorite. If you're the kind of person who wants more cardio, I'd recommend you to the HIIT class that they offer. The studio is located in an unassuming location, but it's super cute and everyone is incredibly friendly.”

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“The fitness center is huge and has almost everything I want for my workouts. Even better, they have 24 hot access for benefit holders.The layout is a bit chaotic and equipment is stuffed anywhere there is space.”

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“Onelife Fitness gym is conveniently located near me and offers most of what I need for my workouts, although it lacks some equipment variety. Keep an eye on your session bookings; I had an issue with a rescheduled session not being updated in their system, which is why I had to clarify that I did not have the session. It got sorted out eventually, but caused a bit of stress. Trying different trainers is a good idea for personalized training. It also offers pool training, which I'm planning to try. Overall, it's not the largest gym, but an effective place to break a sweat.”

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“I’ve been a member at OFF for about 6 years now.I’ve been to countless studios around the country and really love my OTF workout.I recently went to OTC Pentagon City to take one of my friends classes. I’ve met amazing friends since being a member for several years and I follow my friends if they are coaches! Shout out to coach Laura.It was a wonderful experience.I felt welcomed from the moment I walked in and I usually go at 5 am.One of the studio associates, Roman, was so helpful and considerate when checking me into class.I also noticed he was great at talking to a new person who was taking class. He took time to really get to know what this person wanted out of their workout.I can’t wait to keep going to this studio!”

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“After two years of working out at home, I rejoined OTF Ballston recently. Nothing compares to the great team of coaches and workouts at OTF. It's a great way to start my day and feel more fit. Wholeheartedly recommend joining!”

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“The staff is really kind and sweet and the gym is great !The users of the gym ensure that everything stays as per Gym standards!Was lucky enough to workout here for a few days !”

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“Great Planet with lots of new equipment. Temperature wasn’t freezing inside which is great compared to many other planets. Staff was interactive and entire gym was clean. Lots of space for your workouts has 2 of mostly everything except a leg press machine.”

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“Always a great place for a workout. The class instructors are so encouraging and really makes you want to come to class and workout. The gym is definitely very packed, to the point of having to wait for machines or free weights at times 5:30-7-7:30pm daily, but it bearable. A swimming pool and jacuzzi would be a great addition.”

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“The entire staff at Clarendon is fantastic. The gym and locker room is always clean. A very quiet and unique space. If you need any help ask for MO he is always willing to help!!!”

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“Great experience joining. Denis disclosed all of the charges as well as when they would take place. The gym is busy. Lots of different people focused on staying fit or getting fit helps with my motivation and focus. Paper towels and cleaner throughout the gym. I clean after using the equipment, and I see others doing the same. A few areas to stretch also nice.”

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