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“Great asf came in faded real shit real men real inventory, nothing like them because of the food and liquor and women! Best customer service number 1 they'll do fire vapes 4 for $50 crazy original people”

4.2Good229 Reviews

“Special ordered a hard to find bottle of Green Chartreuse. Called me when it arrived, great customer service. Prices are a bit marked up, around 15% more than Total Wine, but it's a combiner location near ASU, so you pay a premium. Very large selection of wine and spirits, Mainly liquor here. There is also a sandwich shop.”

4.4Superb90 Reviews

“Cute little convenience store with liquor, drinks, chips, candy and snacks. Also had a postal shipping station. The gentleman helping us was able to provide suggestions and share information about the menu easily. He was very pleasant and interactive. We had the Sonoran dog and the Jalapeño Popper dog. Both were good but I highly recommend the Sonoran. We'll definitely go back.Parking: There is a large parking lot on the south side of the building that is free.Wheelchair accessibility: Ramp up slight one step incline.”

4.3Superb89 Reviews

“Water is great price and it tastes great! I have tried other water and ice and the quality here is much better. Tiffany is very friendly and really nice to her customers and knows her water. I just got my 20 gallons today. Thank you, Tiffany! ??”

4.9Superb38 Reviews

“The gentleman that was in charge of the initial spray down was awesome. He went above and beyond to try and get most of the bird poop on my truck. Great service and very hard workers here. Will be driving here more frequently”

3.9Good269 Reviews

“Great fresh fruit and vegetables.Amazing deli with good hot food around lunch time.Anything you need to get by.They try very hard to keep up with the big stores.Most importantly they treat ypu like family.”

4.1Good68 Reviews

“Flew in from Seattle and decided to go for a walk in the extreme heat. I was really hot and stopped here to cool off. The cashier was nice and welcoming and told me about the area.”

5Superb24 Reviews

“This is such a cute little place, and I would totally recommend this to anyone in the Tempe area to get all of your basic needs. They also carry lots of wines and spirits, and pipes to smoke tobacco ;)”

4.1Good46 Reviews

“Saturday Sunday tacos. Live across the street came on saturday for tacos. They have asada and cabeza tacos. Of course I chose the cabeza tacos which were really good. Real cheek meat which is awesome.”

4.9Superb17 Reviews

“John at Grab N Go makes my day every time I go in. He offers the best incense and always has the biggest smile and best conversations. If you ever are in the area make sure to stop by and say hi to John and the rest of the incredibly friendly staff!”

4.6Superb18 Reviews

“A most excellent place to grab a coffee or a quick bite.Just watch out for weird cloud cover. If you get a chance to enter the phone booth, you should try it out. The dudes sitting on the curb will show you the way.Oh, and I'm sad to hear that this one will be closing soon...”

3.9Good39 Reviews

“This location was just remodeled and I can tell. It is beautiful. The aisles are spacious so there is plenty of room to push a walker. The bathroom was clean. The 1 man working was friendly. Disabled parking is convenient. No Gas X. Plenty of coffee, soda and gatorade. There were some art options also.”

3.7Good60 Reviews

“Normally love QT. This one today had a spraying hot carmel macchiato and the iced Fraps were not frozen but like water. The employees were friendly though and said would fix it.”

3.6Good83 Reviews

“This has been the emergency go to spot for years. Absolutely love the vibe and the workers. Everyone is delightful and ready to assist you. Great location and drive thru set up.”

3.8Good44 Reviews

“Was there today (12/25/22)@ 04:30 pm. There's this employee who is always the coolest. Always greets and is fast. Thanks you and wishes you well. He is awesome. I might steal him for O'Reillys.. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐.. Great, clean and well run Qwik Trip.. Thank you.”

3.6Good76 Reviews

“The pharmacists and staff are wonderful. I've been going there for almost 6 years and when I come in, they greet me by name. It's a small town pharmacy inside my favorite store Target. Win win!”

3.9Good30 Reviews

“Not the best Quick Trip.Overall normal for QT which is amazing. Wish the kitchen opened at 5 instead of 6 and hope they fix their machines soon by replacing the soda machines instead of whatever they have been doing to make 4 to 5 of them down at every time.”

3.5Good82 Reviews

“Fast and reasonable! QT usually has clean facilities and plenty of room for a lot of traffic…This location is no exception! Prices for gas are comparable and there’s usually room for everyone. One or two pumps are typically out of service but that it’s to be expected. FREE AIR at all QT locations and they always have plenty of firewood this time of year. Staff is quick to great you with a, “Welcome to QT!” Every time you enter.”

3.5Good81 Reviews

“Good prices and lots of item variety available. I usually get my candy fix there. Also they have a bunch of adorable stray cats that the owners and community feed. I like supporting this small local business over the other circle k nearby.”

3.8Good28 Reviews

“Exceeding expectations is a standard I've come to appreciate in QT. It's not just when the day to day operations are running smoothly, but it's really how opportunities are addressed when they do arise...QT exceeds still. Great team!!!”

3.4Good80 Reviews

“Everyone is friendly, store is always clean, and even with the large amount of traffic in and out of those bathrooms, they’re always clean. Only downside is the things out of QT’s control which is the panhandling happening all the time at the pumps, front door, and in the store by the fountain drinks.”

3.4Good77 Reviews

“This QT is always busy when I pass it. With prices lower than many stations in the area, there is little question as to why. If visiting the area, I will forego getting gas by me just to get it here. I have only ever paid at the pump. This review is only for gas, not for inside the convenience store.”

3.3Good114 Reviews

“John at Grab N Go makes my day every time I go in. He offers the best incense and always has the biggest smile and best conversations. If you ever are in the area make sure to stop by and say hi to John and the rest of the incredibly friendly staff!”

4Good12 Reviews

“Best car wash around. I drive about 7 miles to this location because they wipe down your vehicle when you use the express wash. The same guy has been working the exit wiping my van dry for the last year. He does a great job and I tip him every time.”

3.2Average240 Reviews

“Love this place I always sleet good service and the best deals with myWalgreens rewards and coupons you can't beat the prices. And the pharmacy here os great the woman in the Pharmacy is always so helpful and really cares about the community she serves. Great job Walgreens the employees really go above and beyond to make sure your needs are met and this is exactly how a neighborhood pharmacy should be.”

3.4Good27 Reviews

“The greatest gas station of ALL TIME! The staff is very friendly (will even help carry your purchases to your car!) and gives great suggestions for purchases. We go about every week.”

3.3Good34 Reviews

“Usually busy but thr employees at the one on baseline and rural rd are so nice. Doesnt matter what time of the day or night it is...or how many people they have in line ...they smile...greet every perdon that comes in AND will open up the next register and check out one on each side if needed! Now thats service! Circle K has put in self check out that is scary and that actually HAS to have someone there to help because it forever fails and i s more of a hassle than if the employee just checked you out in the first place. Not a time saver. Attempting to do away with personal interaction all the way around...and sorry circle k --- but qt has you beat with free air AND a deli and pizza counter. Soft serve ice cream til 10pm. Yesssss!”

3.2Average78 Reviews

“Allen is just an amazing employee you have. Truly a great asset for your company. He recognizes me and always has a smile on his face and asked about my day. He even gave me a cigarette once when I couldn't get my own. also he is always there, every holiday!Try finding someone like that. He definitely deserves Employee of the Month:)”

3.3Good33 Reviews

“Brandy, Brittany, and Emily are the creme de la creme of Circle K employees at any location. Great to talk to and uplifting to be served by. Thank you for helping make my day even better.”

3.2Average41 Reviews

“Meh. It was easy to find this gas station so that is good- it was located closed to an intersection so you can't really miss it.There are several stalls but just note that it's just one pump per stall. Prices seem to be expensive.$3.99 per gallon. Not sure if it's just the holidays or if this location is charging more... Did see another place charging a few cents less though today.The station itself seemed clean and I didn't see any litter around. Pretty peaceful in the morning and not too busy.”

3.2Average40 Reviews

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