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“This place is very clean, the staff is easy to talk to. The pharmacist communicated and demonstrated how to use the medication. I was given the option to ship my products to my home, as I live far away. The items were packed well. I received a text-tracking code on my cell phone to keep up-to-date on my items. There is a small shipping fee. They gave me the option to sign for my package and to opt out - of time-sensitive items. If I had any problems, they were very helpful. The items are priced accordingly. Great service. I would use them again.”

4.5 Superb106 Reviews

“Great pharmacy, we use them for flu shots and they are great. Friendly and efficient. Started with them during Covid and never gone to grocery stores or large pharmacies again.”

4.5 Superb87 Reviews

“Very caring and awesome customer service! I come here for my dogs eye drops and they are one of the only places in the valley that can make them! Thank you for your compassionate service”

4.3 Superb118 Reviews

“A to Z pharmacy is easy to use. They were fast and efficient with my prescription delivery. I received it the next day. They inform you of the delivery process through texts which is extremely helpful. I highly recommend A to Z.”

4.3 Superb115 Reviews

“This Pharmacy has it all! I was so impressed with the efficiency and professionalism of this place. They offer a bonus that no other Pharmacy does--the expertise of an incredible Pharmacist and Hormone Specialist-- Rudy Dragoni. He offers his expertise for FREE once a week upon appointment and I can tell you this man knows everything about hormones. He is far more knowledgeable than the plethora of M.D. hormone specialists I have been to in the past spending well into the thousands. He is easy to understand, kind, and on a mission to help women and men discover how they can take their health into their own hands by understanding how hormones affect our health and drives the body to heal or destroy. He is beyond knowledgeable! This is definitely a place you do not want to miss if you are having issues with hormones.”

5 Superb27 Reviews

“Friendliest staff and amazing, high quality products! Highly recommend this family owned and operated small business. They pour their hearts into everything they do and they truly care about the products they serve the community.”

4.8 Superb31 Reviews

“They have really improved recently. For the last year I have had excellent customer service with every at Vertisis. Every one has been very helpful and knowledgable and if they don't know the answer, they connect me with some one who does. Their prices are very competitive as well. Highly recommend”

4.2 Good47 Reviews

“I would give the meat department five stars, but what's up with your ground beef???? All nice and red on the outside (looking fresh) but all gray/brown on the inside (looking much older)! Are you engaging in deception on the freshness of your meat??”

3.7 Good139 Reviews

“I just went to this Fry’s location, and they have a wide range of sushi rolls. If you’re ever craving for some sushi but busy running errands, check out this location!”

3.2 Average154 Reviews

“By far the best pharmacy in town. Reliable, always available to answer questions, pleasant to work with and never a long line. Previously tried CVS and Walgreens which were nightmares to work due to being unreliable with a pharmacist showing up or getting my prescription. Thank you Walmart Pharmacists and techs for showing up and doing an incredible job!”

3.5 Good35 Reviews

“I use this pharmacy for my infertility medications. They have someone who shows you how to use everything, and I was able to ask questions and get answers about the medications. The front office staff was very friendly as well. Infertility can be an emotional and scary journey and I appreciate helpful and caring staff.”

3.7 Good22 Reviews

“I want to thank Patricia for helping me in the photo department. She absolutely made my day!I came in to see if I could have some photo books redone... I was giving them as gifts and felt like the binding was not up to the quality I had previously gotten at this store. I was a little reluctant to take them back because I knew it was such a busy time, but I really didn't want to give them as they were.I went in early to avoid the crowds and Patricia immediately came to help me. She was very friendly and professional, and listened to my concerns. When she looked at my books, she immediately offered to redo them for me and made me feel like my concern was important to her and she wanted to fix it for me. I told her there was no rush because they were not for Christmas. She took my phone number and told me she would call me when they were ready. She called just a few hours later and said they were done. When I picked them up, they were perfect!! Thanks again to Patricia!I would definitely recommend the store on Indian School in Scottsdale to anyone. The photo department does beautiful work and the customer service is excellent! The store manager, Mike, is top notch, always upbeat, with a servant's spirit, and his staff all seem to follow his lead... very customer friendly and helpful.”

3.3 Good45 Reviews

“This pharmacy is top notch! Pharmacists, technicians, just everyone has a great attitude! Friendly, caring, knowledgeable, and quick to help and offer solutions! I trust them completely and so should you!”

3.4 Good31 Reviews

“Steve and his Team of Pharmacy staff are the most professional I have ever encountered. They make you feel like you are still going to a small town pharmacy. They know your name and are always helpful. Yesterday was Sunday and. I was diagnosed by urgent care and needed a medication right away. I walked in 1 minute before 6pm and the pharmacist had the item ready and was so polite. The staff is outstanding and work well together.”

3.3 Good38 Reviews

“Pleasant employees in a large grocery store for the most part. The meat deli has a couple of people who could be friendlier. Good selection and generally good prices. Excellent produce, meat and bakery. Cashiers are friendly as well. Pricing and bargains are generally good too.”

3.2 Average42 Reviews

“I was in Scottsdale without my thyroid Rx. I visited this pharmacy to ask if they could transfer my prescription for this time so that I wouldn't miss doses while on vacation. My request was handled quickly, efficiently and most of all cheerfully by the pharmacy tech. Thank you! 5/12@10:37 am.”

3.2 Average34 Reviews

“The photo department at CVS on Shea is exceptional! I did everything wrong but a smiling young lady patiently walked me through the process of ordering prints. I don't need to say her name (if I could remember it, that is) because you can never forget her positive personality that will jump out at you, as it did me! Thank you, CVS! You have my trust forever!”

3.3 Good25 Reviews

“I want to thank Jacob, working the front counter, for being beyond helpful!He helped me get my app working while checking out my store goods… and with a smile!! Thank you Jacob!”

3.7 Good10 Reviews

“I use the store at Scottsdale Road and Shea frequently. Elaine was amazing this week. She helped with a glitch that I was having with the care pass and was absolutely terrific. Thanks Elaine”

2.9 Average89 Reviews

“We were staying at a near by hotel and stopped in to pick up some groceries. Where we live, our Fry's is a Bakers, but its all Kroger and I love shopping their deals here. We were able to stock up on water, and light snacks/meals for our room pretty affordably. We also enjoyed the starbucks, though they could use some help with baristas, as the weekday morning rush takes too long. We always seek out krogers when traveling, and while this store isn't the biggest, or cleanest, it had enough for us to be satisfied.”

3 Average41 Reviews

“I've never had a problem having my prescriptions filled on time here and I've used them for around 5 years now. Pharmacists and staff have all been friendly through the years.”

3.1 Average24 Reviews

“This is the not yet famous location of the “ you’re not that guy pal “ every plant matches as well as the brick and the address above the doorway. You’re welcome.”

2.9 Average60 Reviews

“I don’t normally review Walgreens locations, but I had a great experience at this one. While I originally came in for just a quick buy, I found out the hard way that my car battery had died when I tried to leave. I went back in for a drink and one of the ladies working offered to help get me a jump with her own car! It’s stuff like that which really makes my day better, and it’s certainly not something I expected from Walgreens.”

2.9 Average51 Reviews

“This pharmacy is awesome, very friendly people, especially David who is very intelligent in his pharmacy background. I will definately continue using this pharmacy for future prescriptions.”

5 Superb3 Reviews

“Got diagnosed with COvid and physician wanted me started on anti-viral right away. The team at cvs had my prescription ready before I could drive the 5 minutes to the store! Wow. Best service ever at a pharmacy. They were pleasant and professional.”

3.3 Good12 Reviews

“I've been shopping at this location for over 12 years, I can't say enough good things about this place. The people working the self checkout are always nice and helpful. Store has always been very clean and well stocked.”

2.9 Average44 Reviews

“During a time in my life when everything seemed unsure and tenuous, Mickey, the proprietor and professional pharmacist, and his staff took extremely good care of me--not only of my medications, but of my health and well-being. I've since moved to Boston--I only lived in Arizona for a short while--and I lament the fact that there is not, in this entire city, a pharmacy as good, competent, pleasant, clean, and fair as were Mickey and his team. Go here!”

3.1 Average18 Reviews

“Pharmacist Mudd is the greatest pharmacist. He takes time out from his. busy work to help me with commanding expertise. He has given me the Covid test when I'm supposed to self-test and can't and gives me my flu shot and other vaccinations. I wouldn't trust anyone else.”

3.4 Good9 Reviews

“Now part of Safeway, they were better before but not bad. Carver Turkey in the deli is the best. Pricing moderate. Still like going there. Better Pharmacy than most these days.”

4.7 Superb3 Reviews

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