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“I had my engagement ceremony coming up and was looking for a suit, and I could ask for a better tailor. Anjum was very caring and reassuring that he’ll make me look my best and have it done in time. I highly recommend if you need a suit for any occasion to give this man an opportunity to do his magic. Thank you Anjum, I had many compliments from my guests and my fiancée during our special night. Looking forward for the tuxedo for the wedding. :)”

4.9Superb54 Reviews

“Very cool store and good experience with the employees. I will say though, you will want to bring cash or card because they didn't accept apple pay last time I tried it, however they might be taking it now. Cool merchandise at good prices and a wide variety at options. You should come a few hours before games or maybe even on a day that the Niners aren't playing because the lines do get very long.”

4.1Good105 Reviews

“This store makes me feel so happy to go to because the employees are incredibly nice. Definitely one of the best customer experiences I've had is within Hot Topics, especially this one. The store itself also has a good variety in what they sell, and I've bought a good chunk of print shirts from here.”

4Good85 Reviews

“Even though it's a relatively small store in Valley Fair Mall, it's still pretty well stocked with common jeans styles in a variety of sizes. The staff were all very knowledgeable and helpful with recommending the correct style for what we wanted and getting the best size”

3.9Good55 Reviews

“Love this store! These ladies are fabulous, fun, and make the shopping worth every penny to experience. If you wish to enjoy trying on beautiful clothes and feeling special for simply entering the store, I highly recommend you experience this location. Kiya and wonderful staff know what customer service truly means Even if they are unable to obtain something out of stock, they will make sure to find and fit a similar style and color that is equally fabulous to enjoy.”

4.5Superb15 Reviews

“the employees are very good at handling and taking care of the clothes. Everyone has good knowledge of what's in stock and all the brands they have available. Great teamwork and effort to help find what you're looking for. they answer questions and it's always been a great experience at fresh society”

3.7Good68 Reviews

“The SAs here are very attentive and kind. Everything you'd expect from a luxury boutique. I'm not a fan of the 14 day exchange/return policy, but the odds of needing to return anything are pretty low, so it's no big deal.”

3.8Good39 Reviews

“I've been researching luxury bags over the last 3 weeks and today I went to the mall to see them in person. I had an idea of a few brands I wanted to check out. I went into the store and was nervous because I had never been into a high end store before besides the outlet ones at Great Mall. I was immediately greeted by Roosevelt and felt wat better. Roosevelt was welcoming and knowledgeable. I talked about what style purse I was looking for and was shown the various options. I said I wanted to take some time to check out other bags and think about my purchase so I left to walk around the mall. I eventually went back and purchased the bag I had been wanting. Roosevelt made the process quick and was so friendly. I will be back soon to pick up another item I ordered and am so excited for. Overall a great experience! Roosevelt is the best!”

3.6Good88 Reviews

“Love the baby gap jeans with those soft, elastic waistbands—they're definitely the most comfortable jeans for little kids that I've found. The only register open was in the main section of the store; I wish they'd included some signage on the baby section register explaining where to go to check out, I wasted time hovering around, looking for a staff person to help me there before I thought to check the adjacent areas.”

3.6Good74 Reviews

“This place used to be called Callas Cosmetics & Gifts. But it is a good change as I like the new owner much more. This place is located conveniently in the square where Walgreen also is. It is also one of the few places that carry Shiseido products for both women and men. For those with particular skin needs, this place has great products to address those issues especially with lotions or special facial cleaners. The store owner is also quite nice. She gives out small gifts if you meet certain purchase levels. This particular owner is especially generous, so if you build good relationship with her, you will get many more small gifts and samples, which would go a long way. All in all, I find this place to have great selections of skincare products.”

5Superb4 Reviews

“Mrs. Rochelle Nelson is an honest, knowledgeable, straight forward Woman. Always has her clients best interest first and foremost. Works extremely hard and diligently for her clients!! God bless her for helping me earn so much in just few days. i will forever remain grateful and always invest with her. contact her Email: Email:rochellenel[email protected] WhatsApp:+13016159610 facebook"Rochelle Nelson”

3.6Good40 Reviews

“I've been coming here awhile and think it's probably the best Lacoste store in the area. Well, there aren't that many to begin with, and most of them are outlets, but this is a good one. Store is clean and staff is friendly and informative. Size is a bit on the smaller size and the new location in the Great Mall is much larger, but this one has better service by a mile. Lacoste is one of the better clothing brands according to me, so I really enjoy their product. Great location.”

3.7Good21 Reviews

“The store seems to be much better managed after the pandemic. I went into the store for an exchange of the clothes I purchased online. The staff knows the in-store and online inventory accurately and helped me with a return and repurchase online with a price match. For some reason the purchase was successful but the return didn't go though and I found out only later back at home. I called the store manager and she was a great helper. Moments later she resolved the issue and sent credit back. I have to say many retailers' customer service in the area I live have significantly degraded nowadays but BR valley fair fortunately bucks the trend.”

3.5Good70 Reviews

“It's pretty close at the home. The right things. It's usually at the stock at the inventory, the items. I love the skateboarding lifestyle. I've at the skateboarding professional since at the kindergarden. Thank you.”

3.5Good60 Reviews

“Thank you to Tina for handling all of my mom's orders! They are super helpful and always make sure that the experience is welcoming and efficient. I love picking up orders for our family here since they don't discriminate like most other luxury stores in Valley Fair. When I pick up or browse, I can just come in sweats and they help me out”

3.8Good4 Reviews

“Love this brand, I have been ordering their clothing online since moving to California from the East Coast. Finally happy to see we got our own store. I went a few weeks back, ended up buying 2 dresses and 2 shirts, items were on sale and the sales people on the floor were extremely helpful in advising on the sizing and styles.”

3.7Good3 Reviews

“Super nice place. I bought a pair of shorts and I needed to change into them and they let me use their changing room. The lady was so nice at the counter. I'm horrible for not remembering her name because she deserves good credit ?”

3.3Good60 Reviews

“I came today to search for new clothes for the beginning of school year I was helped by 5 workers on that store they were all very nice they gave me directions where I can find what I'm looking for thank you”

3.3Good108 Reviews

“Originated from the hub: ✔️Part of the club: ✔️ It's all of them.Support LGBT: ✔️ Rainbow this and that, pride all over.Using fashion to enslave & brainwash: ✔️Inverted models/designers from covert to overt: ✔️Setting trend to androgyny: ✔️Woke: ✔️Asian SAs love it when you're loaded and stupid. 最爱钱多人傻.Ugly and boring style: ✔️Google banishes this: zaojiuzhidaole, yihuode. ?”

3.2Average57 Reviews

“I was lost in the store I couldn’t find good options but then this super nice leader and store worker helped me find the perfect outfit ? best customer service compared to the other forever 21 in Bay Area”

3.2Average75 Reviews

“the staff were incredibly sweet and patient, and they had an amazing selection compared to other stores i've been to. was able to get the puffer jacket i've wanted for a while.”

3.2Average81 Reviews

“I have to say the service & experience here was 5 stars! Unfortunately, I feel as though the retail shopping experience has taken a downturn recently. But, Express Valleyfair was up to par! They checked in with me from the start. The manager went above and beyond to ensure I found everything I needed & the staff was extremely friendly & helpful. Thank you again!”

3.2Average91 Reviews

“Wanted to get a shirt for my brothers bday but called and they said they were out, staff member alex called the sf store and had them do an over night shipment for free and get it on time for my brothers bday, amazing customer service definitely made it happen. Best short sleeve collared button up slim fit shirt on the block tho!”

3.1Average42 Reviews

“A very large range of clothes, purse, cosmetics, domestic accessories, shoes, sandals & essentials for all age groups @ very Attractive Rates. Some goods looks like may be used.”

3.2Average117 Reviews

“Just decent in terms of selection and customer service, nothing special. I got a puffer coat here and the experience was pretty standard. Not as attentive of service as other North Face locations. Better in some areas than others, very clean store. I wouldn't go out of my way to come here again though”

3.1Average85 Reviews

“Not lying to you when I say EVERYONE is kind and actually wants to help you! Sometimes I go to AE at valley fair and they suck. AE Gilroy employees walk you to the fitting room, check prices for you and are sweet! If you want food customer service for retail RUN do not WALK to AE.”

3Average83 Reviews

“Except for the long lines they have for fitting rooms and now better checkout lines especially during weekends, we like this store. Good collection of clothes. The isles somehow felt very narrow could not navigate with a stroller last weekend.”

3Average112 Reviews

“The vibe is chic clothing boutique.Love the simple lines and elegance of many of the pieces.Karla warmly greeted me and helped select pieces!My gosh I love her energy and earnest effort to find the perfect garments to gift. Felt like a VIP!And yes, we rummaged the entire store!Got a couple pieces from the front...Then she showed me some sorta clandestine room in the back. MmHmm. Yes. Oui. Oui. It was packed with iconic Club Monaco apparel!The feel is clean lines that curve in the right places. Something rousing about the feminine hourglass form...but back to the review! Karla and another fabulous Club Monaco staff, a young lady, started wrapping the garments. Love the chill vibe of this store! Would buy everything again! Woohoo!”

2.7Average43 Reviews

“I had a great experience with the team that was working here today! I was helped by 3 different individuals throughout the store: 1. I was able to find someone really quickly on the floor to ask a question about sales. 2. When I was in the changing room, I was able to get assistance from the girl working there and she was able to check if sizes were available for me. 3. At checkout, the cashier told me about the discount that comes with being a member of their loyalty club that's administered through the app or available online. She helped me sign up and for some reason my email had already been used (there is a chance I signed up and forgot). She helped me troubleshoot for a bit and after a few tries, she gave me the discount anyways for all the effort. Really pleased with my purchases and each of my interactions with the staff!”

2Poor21 Reviews

“this store is so good, i get paid and then i end up spending my paycheck here. it's the denim and the hoodies that get my every time. the tops are cute too it's kinda like you have to buy them.”

2.6Average62 Reviews

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