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“Working with Ao Dài Bảo Hân has been awesome! I live in Utah and can't find traditional vietnamese dress anywhere. I got my wedding dress here, a gorgeous custom dress and my baby's blessing outfit. Each time I felt so well looked after, and they all arrived in time! Honestly the best customer service!”

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“Their customer service was top tier made me feel like I was in my home. I will definitely be going back. They have a huge selection in boots & clothing. I was able to find Mexican clothing for my whole family. (Couldn’t believe they go up to 5X ??) They have beautiful handmade jewelry & souvenirs.”

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“It was great. Not only did it have what I went there for but it had so much more. The clothing apparel I noticed while visiting the store is what definitely has me saying... Not only will I go there for what I originally visited this time for but so much more.”

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“Arrived here on a Friday afternoon with a friend around 3:30 pm! Parking is limited with spaces in the front, but other alternatives are street parking nearby or parking across the street with the larger plaza and Goodwill as a general landmark. If you decide to park in the plaza, there's a nearby crosswalk and it's about a 2-3 minute walk. Super excited to visit this thrift shop because it was recommended by 2 friends! The moment you walk in, you'll be surrounded by clothes! The store has lots of personality from vintage costumes dating to the Swing era, classic dress attire, to modern brands like Nike and Banana republic, to anime street wear. You can lose your sense of time since the place is so labyrinth like, moving from one room to another. The place has two floors- the base floor and upstairs. What caught my eyes were sports jerseys, vintage tees (Like an entire shirt with Michael Jackson's face), and vintage blazers for men. I like the volume of clothes on the racks, but it felt so stuffy inside despite having fans on. I can imagine that the summer would increase the temperature, especially with the sheer amount of fabric inside. A hidden gem in San Jose, that I would visit again for my thrift shopping needs or bring a friend from out of town!”

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“This is a great place to get sweatpants and hoodies.The sales people were professional,quick and efficient.The clothing is from famous brand names,good quality at reasonable prices.”

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“I have really enjoyed their Bay inspired clothing for years with a aloha feel ! Be patient currently with their online ordering you will get your gear and be very happy or just take time out to visit the shop. Also men and women buy one size larger that way it will last through the washer through the years and keep its length from when you originally bought it, trust me I'm a San Ho local.”

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“Good customer service, excellent prices and beautiful items from Mexico. I really like this store because all items are very unique and 100% handmade by artisans. Good wholesale prices ..”

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“Great service. Staff really attentive towards customers. Great brand clothing, granddaughters loved it. (Little pricey but at least its brand clothing, good quality.)”

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“This has always been a favorite location of mine, their merchandise diversity is far and wide and appeals to all people. They carry everything you could possibly need from clothing to bedding to snacks, all available in a variety of themes. I come here for their great selection of Funko Pop figures and clearance sales, but my girl is absolutely thrilled that they have a consistent supply of Hello Kitty products, even though they do sell out fast.”

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“Large store, lots of women's wear of all kinds to choose from along with men's children's art supplies toys bedding and linens housewares make up and toiletries and more. The wait time in line to pay had been over 20 minutes for the past 6 months but happily it was less than a minute yesterday and my checker was very friendly as well.”

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“Please be advised the hours on the website are not correct.We went to get a tux for my son's high school prom. The lady was super helpful and the process easy. The various tuxedos are on display. Pick a jacket, pick a color for the tie and vest, take some measurements and you are done. I think we were finished in 15-20 minutes. ?The service was excellent.”

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“I had such a good experience here! I’ve tried to sell clothes at many other places throughout the Bay, and I decided to try Black and Brown after wanting to seriously de-clutter. They gave me an AMAZING deal and I kept telling the workers how happy I was! I think they give a great value for your items. Don’t expect to get too much back like you would on depop or ebay, but if you want to sell items quick rather than waiting maybe months for an online sale, have an open mind and try them out!! Probably the best you’ll get in the bay area. I will continue to be back :) Thanks so much!!”

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“Nice, clean store that is well stocked. Great deal on quality clothing for the whole family. Clothes is comfortable, simple and easy to mix and match outfits without too much fuss. This store is located at the Westgate Shopping Mall, opposite end of the Target store.”

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“This stuff is too pricey for me. 3 t-shirts for $100? I'm used to 3 for $10. But I will give them five stars because the staff is always friendly and the eco-friendly shirts are super soft and durable. The 3 for $10 ones are stiff like the socks under my bed.”

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“I love all of the great finds at this place. It's in a pretty shady neighborhood so make sure you are aware of your surroundings and lock your car, but I love a good discount and they have great stuff sometimes”

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“This review is to let others know you can get scrubs tops and bottoms here for super cheap super discounted! I was told they always have them and there’s a huge selection!”

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“Really helpful staff and was upfront about the final sale price after multiple sale deductions. We were able to find exactly what we needed. Will definitely visit again!”

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“H&M carries good styles for the most part which also happen to be very inexpensive. This location is one of their bigger and nicer ones. The employees were attentive and efficient. The checkout line was fairly long but it moved fast, thank you!”

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“As a rule of thumb, each item ( ? shirt, ? trousers) is approx. $100. AFAIK, the brand is famous for a very soft inside, i.e. feels comfortable on the skin.The shop is nice but gets quickly crowded so I recommend to avoid "peak traffic".”

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“This location is gigantic, and I love the staff. There is so much to choose from and a great place to shop for myself and for other people, I got to get my flannels and Pendleton's here.”

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“The shoe selection is limited for my shoe size. The store is always clean and they have good sales, especially on the perfumes/colognes. Great variety of clothing and accessories.”

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“Diana is a very nice lady to begin with, she’s very welcoming to all who enter her store. The store is clean and pleasant. She has all kinds of latest and the greatest style of dresses and classy outfit for all occasions. The service is fast and excellent. She can make you a set of clothes design for your figure. Plus, she carries all kinds of beautiful headwraps and hats, and lots of beautiful accessories as well. You all should come by and visit her store too.MARGARITA TAMEZ”

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“This Old Navy was one of the cleanest I have been to so far. Well organized clothing, clean environment and great customer service. One of the workers, Kyan, was especially kind. He first helped me with my online order and then made sure he took time really helping me choose clothing for my son. I used to not like going to Old Navy but will definitely be coming back because it's easy to see they turned things around.”

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“The employees are super nice but the products are just as good. My favorite place for non cheesy or dorky looking anime merch. A lot of other anime merch is cheap still frames on a shirt but Zumiez has a lot of designers and smaller creators they work with. There is also a space in back dedicated to skateboards and long boards etc. My navy friend takes me back there often for the staff to help him with his board. So awesome to have a place in the mall to help fix your board up and teach you too. And again I love the clothes and stickers!”

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“I recently ordered from this business and called for an exchange.I spoke with Leslie and Hannah and they both were so courteous and helpful on my first call. Just is great do know there are such polite and friendly people who actually are smiling when they help you.”

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“I go to this store mostly for the jeans they are really good quality and last me years, particularly the high rise jeans. The cheaper tank tops and zip up sweaters kind of stretch out and get loose within a year but other than that I love the styles here.”

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“Got a mismatched pair of sandals that were a gift to my SO. A employee named Cathy sorted it all out for me and provided excellent customer service. Never bother writing reviews but I was very satisfied with the experience”

3.8Good25 Reviews

“Hands down the BEST G By Guess I've ever set foot in. Sizings are plentiful, customer service is great, and the store is decent in size. Bonus points because this particular store allows customers to utilize it's dressing rooms during covid times unlike all the other shops I visited. Employees are extremely thorough in making sure they sanitize in between usages. Clothing styles vary from sexy clubby-ish to casual which I absolutely love!! Yes, to all the Plain Janes who like to wear non flashy, super comfortable, every day styles- look no further!! Pricing can be expensive but the quality is legit and will easily handle your multiple washes. 5 stars. This particular G By Guess is amazing.”

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“Both my husband and I love shopping at Tommy Bahamas all the sales people there are so helpful and specially Michael was able to help me find the right size shirt for my husband even though it wasn’t available he was able to place an order and have it here within two days. It was wonderful thank you I’m so glad we have a local store.”

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“Mrs. Rochelle Nelson is an honest, knowledgeable, straight forward Woman. Always has her clients best interest first and foremost. Works extremely hard and diligently for her clients!! God bless her for helping me earn so much in just few days. i will forever remain grateful and always invest with her. contact her Email: Email:rochellenel[email protected] WhatsApp:+13016159610 facebook"Rochelle Nelson”

3.7Good42 Reviews

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