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“Regular fan of Paul's. Great craft beer selection and apertifs. If it's not there they will special order. Got me great Amaro, Aperol for the sprizters, Campari and others. Their cash back program is very cool. Friendly folks who treat you like neighbors. My go to libation spot. Check it out.”

4.3 Superb42 Reviews

“Regular fan of Paul's. Great craft beer selection and apertifs. If it's not there they will special order. Got me great Amaro, Aperol for the sprizters, Campari and others. Their cash back program is very cool. Friendly folks who treat you like neighbors. My go to libation spot. Check it out.”

4.6 Superb22 Reviews

“Love this place! I don't get gas any where else! George and his wife are amazing and hard working people. George has seen me out side his store with car trouble and has always offered to help! Thumbs up to this place!”

3.8 Good25 Reviews

“Very clean store all representatives are very nice, store is always stocked, the owner himself will help you find an item and if they don't have it for you they will order it even if 7 elevens don't have it !! Very wide variety of all snacks and drinks! Very good and clean store ! Cleanest 7 Eleven in Simi Valley !”

3.7 Good33 Reviews

“Ugh, I hate these big gas prices.Sounds like you could use some big gas savings.I’d love some big gas savings.Kmart Shop Your Way members save 30 cents a gallon,30 cents a gallon? That’s a big gas discount!Big gas discount.A really big gas discount.Really big gas discount!Honey, this solves your big gas problem!Totally solves my big gas problem.Dad, look at that big gas truck!Big gas man…HELLO BIG GAS MAN!!!”

4.5 Superb8 Reviews

“Emily in the Pharmacy is a ABSOLUTE ANGEL!!!! What a Humble and Gracious soul that TRULY LOVES HER JOB and People! God Bless her, we need more people in the World like her that have such a Compassionate nature in her heart to care for those with Medical needs.”

3.8 Good15 Reviews

“One of the better gas spots to go to. The staff George and Frank are really good hardworking men and will assist you with any issues you may have. High Schoolers, also respect their request to have backpacks off while in the store, so you know that's saying something.”

4.2 Good8 Reviews

“I stopped by this 7 Eleven this morning because I wanted to get some ZOA Energy drink. I came at 6am so they were not busy and I was the only customer there. I parked at the gas pump area but wasn't going to get gas. When I walked in the cashier asked if I was paying with cash or card and I told him card. I didn't see any display for ZOA so I went to the drinks area but couldn't find it. So I got Prime energy drink instead and also got a snicker bar. The cashier was very friendly and was asking me if I wanted to become a reward member with 7 Eleven. All I had to do was put in my number and I get points. The place was cleaned and organized when I stopped by today.”

4.7 Superb5 Reviews

“Big thanks to the manager Francisco with helping me find what I need Very polite and professional from start to finish, thanks again for helping me find everything needed for my project. I'll be back soon.”

3.6 Good12 Reviews

“For the past three years this has been my 'go to' pharmacy. They are kind, efficient and have always been helpful in answering questions. All of my vaccines have been administered here and I am happy with their services!”

3.5 Good12 Reviews

“Like the man said, Fast, friendly, and good quality. I did try to go the other night and the door was locked at 10 pm and there was a guy eatin' a sandwich inside at the counter. This place USED to be open all night. Don't know wha happa!?!?”

3.2 Average21 Reviews

“CVS is SO my jam! This place gives the best discounts and I'm always chasing percentages to see just how much I can save off each trip. Definitely what keeps me coming back!!!”

3.3 Good14 Reviews

“This 7-Eleven is a great 7-Eleven if your on the go and need to pick up something such as a Slurpee. The employees are kind and would help you with whatever you need. They have many 7-Eleven items and normal items. They have stuff you normally wouldn’t see in a store like this. There’s Pizzas, Medicine and many great things here.”

3.4 Good5 Reviews

“I'm giving them 5 stars because Erik L. says they don't wear face diapers and he got so upset about that. I love places that don't abide by unconstitutional lies.”

3.1 Average11 Reviews

“Honestly, it was the best pharmacy I have ever used anywhere. They were so helpful with making sure I could get my insulins I needed by ensuring my correct discount card was updated and stayed that way when we had a single issue with my first one not working after only using it twice! Staff was just so nice here, at least with me and I so appreciated it. I’d be picking up the insulin, or things for my mom and when I would go out of town, my mom was able to pick it up for me so that I wouldn’t miss the refills and not be able to get the insulin in time.”

2.8 Average15 Reviews

“I love this place for the 100 octane race gas from the pump! As of 09/05/2022 it's only $8.99/gal!The man inside the station is very nice and they also sell pails of VP racegas, especially VP110 and C14”

2.8 Average8 Reviews

“The Chevron in Simi Valley is one of the few stations in Simi Valley that stay open 24/7. Close to the 118 freeway and some stores. There is also and Extra Mile convenience store attached. Car wash is also there. Take a look at this gas station if you are in need of gas before making your rounds especially trekking to LA County.”

2.8 Average4 Reviews

“Mr Kirk, Mr Andy, Ms Jenny, Ms Sara & the rest of the staff & former staff Ms Anne & Ms Erica are AMAZING, they ALL go above and beyond, thank you graciously. 5 GOLD STARS ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.!”

2.7 Average6 Reviews

“Good evening, I wanted to put in a few words of how great of service I received today at the 7-11 store. The clerk "Korrina " was such a great help at 5:18 helping me with breaking a $1 bill for 4 quarters to catch the bus to my AA meeting that I go to daily. No questions asked or refusing to help me. She actually was happy for me that I was going to a meeting. She also asked me when I came to the store in the evening to get a slurpee and she asked me how my meeting was witch was AWESOME and she also is a wonderful and great person with great customer service and she has a great personality and funny. Thank you very much for everything!!!! God bless you....”

2.6 Average8 Reviews

“Front store staff helped me find the otc products i needed, Anna in the pharmacy was great and answered all my daughters questions about her prescriptions, thanks cvs!”

2.5 Average23 Reviews

“For the most part, this is your standard 7-eleven location. However, I do find my service always pleasant and the staff very accommodating and helpful. I don't come here often but for the occasional slurpee or snack it checks out.”

2.2 Poor4 Reviews

“Love this place supper clean really friendly local family business. The people who work their are so nice and the place is really clean and full of good finds. It has a thrifty ice cream inside and really cute maxi dresses for summer and spring. They also low key sell my favorite yoga pants that are made in America. Overall bomb place.”

2 Poor3 Reviews

“Clean fast and friendly service. Very happy to help you find anything in the store. This place, it seems, is always being cleaned. Prices are what you would expect from a convenience store. Great area of town. I asked the clerk for some of the tiny taco on display and he was completely honest about the tacos having been there all day, but he said he would be happy to make some new ones. Transparency, honesty and perfectly set expectations is what you get at this 7-11.I just reviewed a 7-11. Time to re-evaluate the direction my life is going in.”

2.4 Poor48 Reviews

“Where I come for gas and my lotto tickets. Not your standard gas station. The clerks are nice and they have lots of options at this gas station. Right off the freeway. Beware Of the mean Asian lady.”

2.1 Poor9 Reviews