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“I would give a 10/10 if I could went to many other Verizon stores they took for ever and could not help me I went to this one and it took like 10 mins at most the girl working there was very helpful and nice! Would definitely recommend this one”

4.8Superb127 Reviews

“I’ve been shopping at this store for a long time. Helping friends navigate choices of cellular devices, and this store has something for everybody. They are also super helpful, know their stuff, and their prices are fair. You can’t ask for much more than that.”

4.8Superb101 Reviews

“I was sent here after placing a claim w/my carrier. Was able to get an appointment within an hour of placing the claim. The gentleman there was able to replace my cracked screen pretty quickly and my phone looks like new again. Thank you.”

5Superb45 Reviews

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4.6Superb102 Reviews

“Great service. I made an appointment and got served as soon as I arrived. I was in and out in about an hour for upgrading my phone and having everything moved over from my old phone. Daryson provided great service and was knowledgeable and patient.”

4.5Superb137 Reviews

“I wanted a lower generation iPhone to replace my failing 6s. The owner generously gave of his time from the first call to discuss options, to the second call to clarify and order, to the first visit for information transfer to the new phone and finally to another visit back to help me with some things I was experiencing with the refurbished 8s. He was always very patient and knowledgeable.I would highly recommend Elite Wireless to anyone looking for a refurbished cell phone.”

4.6Superb54 Reviews

“Highly recommend this metro location. I had a very difficult problem porting my number from another carrier. The guys here took there time and made extra phone calls for me to figure it out so I didn't lose my current number when switching. They figured it out and were super nice about it. I really appreciate them so much.”

4.4Superb44 Reviews

“Went to AT&T when our Verizon bill kept going up and they couldn’t/ wouldn’t help us. Made an appointment and sat down with Raul who patiently answered all our questions and covered with us all our options. Very happy with his help. Other family members have been AT&T customers for years. No regrets about switching over. Thankful for all Raul’s help.”

4.2Good136 Reviews

“Esmeralda was very helpful she was able to bring my phone number over even though she called Verizon my carrier 10 different times she was patient and nice and I recommend comeher ! I will bring my son to switch!”

4.3Superb27 Reviews

“Very personally oriented, they will work with you one on one to find the best solution and best internet program for you. If they can't, they will let you know who will. Very happy with these guys, Paul is an incredible person to work with.”

4.1Good9 Reviews

“Matilda was so patient and kind .I had alot of business to take care of and she made the whole process enjoyable. I highly recommend Boost on Garrity in Nampa because of her. Will keep my business there as well!”

4Good17 Reviews

“Best customer service I've had in a long time, quick, easy, helped me with my problems and didn't try to upsell me, just helped me out. I really appreciate that, Robert did a excellent job following up weeks later making sure everything was working well and that's all. Just a friendly check up, this is the best customer service for ATT I've dealt with.”

4Good85 Reviews

“I have had absolutely nothing but a wonderful experience here. No matter who has helped me or how busy it's been. This is definitely my preferred location and has been for a long time.”

3.9Good48 Reviews

“I was extremely pleased with the customer service from this branch of T-mobile. In my opinion, Jill and Andrea, went out of their way to be helpful and see that all my issues were resolved before I left their store. Their knowledge was top-notch and their great personalities helped to enhance the T-mobile brand. Jill and Andrea (and this store) are great ambassadors for T-mobile. Before going to this storefront I had tried to handle my cellular business online but had been transferred from one department to another four times so hoped dealing with an individual face-to-face would improve my chances of resolution. The end result (at the store) was complete satisfaction. I have nothing but accolades about my experience here.”

3.8Good41 Reviews

“went into the store not knowing what I wanted very friendly staff inform me about the Moto G6 and all the features explained it to me because I'm a very dense person and they were very clear and positive about the answers I will continue to visit this establishment because of the friendly stashed and the great attitudes that they had for a person like me I will also recommend this establishment to my friends and family in the future”

3.8Good49 Reviews

“I had a lot of problems with my new Samsung phone. After having it for 2 weeks I had to find help because my phone was acting up...so peculiar! The auto-capitalize wasn't working. The color of the phone would turn black & white for 12 - 13 hrs at a time...several times a week. On Messenger, it would double or triple what I wrote in one paragraph. Same with phone text. I had never had that happen. T-Mobile in the Philippines had me speak with the Samsung people right in the same building as T-Mobile. They went into my phone remotely & seemed to have fixed 90% of the problems. A couple of weeks passed & it all started to act up with all the same problems. I called The Philippines again, speaking of the reoccurring problems They sent a new phone to the phone store on Greenhurst and 12th Avenue in Nampa. Tabitha is the girl who gave me such great help!Very impressed with her strong commitment to making sure the customers are satisfied. She stayed past closing time to make sure things were working! Thanks, Tabitha! Appreciate the help!”

3.8Good100 Reviews

“Abi was so helpful and convincing to my son in getting a new phone,professional,kind,and very helpful.Would definitely recommend to my friends and family to sign up to Boost!”

3.4Good33 Reviews

“I love it at this target. The other day, I was shopping with my three kids, all ages 5 and under, and my youngest two take up most of the room in the cart. Well, I decided that I wanted to purchase a three drawer plastic organizer, but I couldn't fit it under or in my cart. An employee saw me pushing the cart, caring for the kids, and carrying this large plastic organizer around. He came up to me and offered to take it up front for me. He explained that I could just ask for it when I got to the checkout. I was so appreciative of the kindness and help. I really like the employees and am thankful that they brighten my day.”

1.8Poor10 Reviews

“If I could give this rating to a specific young male employee (might be a manager) who assisted me around 9:15 p.m., because of his assistance I am posting this review without reservation. I won't go into detail to describe the experience, however, I will briefly state that this associate or manager went above and beyond to assist me as a customer. I normally avoid Walmart on 12th avenue for many reasons I will not go into on this review. My experience last evening has impacted view on shopping at this Walmart. Walmart you have a very valuable employee that cares about customer service. Many thanks to the Walmart employees who assist customers and work hard to keep Walmart a customer service oriented store. You are valued very much!”

3Average25 Reviews

“Went to make a payment, they acknowledged me as soon as I walked in even though they were busy. They took the payment and got me right back out the door. Friendly staff and quick service make this a good store if you're in a hurry. I heard them helping a couple other customers and they seemed very knowledgeable, professional, and courteous.”

3.5Good97 Reviews

“When all efforts with Verizon over the phone failed, this store quickly saved our day! We came in, had 6 people in front of us, and were still in and out in 20 minutes, with a working phone! Thanks for the help guys!”

3Average148 Reviews

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