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“The lady Brenda was absolutely amazing. She was confident, funny and overall one of the best people I've ever had the pleasure to meet. She should be a trainer or phone sales person of the year.”

4.3 Superb35 Reviews

“Michael at Electronic Express always goes above and beyond to take care of all of my Appliance needs. I manage a lot of rental properties and he is my go to guy whenever I need an appliance.”

3.8 Good21 Reviews

“Brooke (and every employee working today) handled a VERY difficult client with class and respect. They got the issues resolved despite the disrespect they received. I would highly recommend any of the employees and this location!”

4.3 Superb6 Reviews

“This is the first that only cricket store that I've ever been in where every single employee goes out of their way to greet you, take care of you, and really help you. This place has to be franchise, because it is so abundantly obvious that someone actually cares about this location beyond some corporation. You have my business, and my recommendations from here on out. Thanks guys!”

3.9 Good9 Reviews

“Yes I want to get a comment for this Metro yes I want to say that the customer service or marvelous I had a wonderful time maria took time to take care of me and was glad to do”

3.6 Good20 Reviews

“My telephone was doing weird things. It was calling telephone numbers without my doing it. I went to the metro store in Gallatin TN spoke to David the manager. He was very happy to help . David checked all of my account settings, he assured me that all of our account and numbers are secure. He informed me what it would take to clone a phone and make random calls. I was very happy with the way he addressed my problem. And I was satisfied that his assurance was enough. David was great! He was personable, professional, fast, patient and overall a super guy! I am so happy with Metro by T-Mobile. In all this stress due to identity theft I was able to calm down because of him. Thank you David ?”

3.7 Good7 Reviews

“When I walk into this pawnshop I know there is something different. These people really know what they are talking about. Going to other pawnshops you don't see that. I believe this is a spot you should trust.”

3.4 Good10 Reviews

“You've seen one, you've seen 'em all...But I will say, above ALL cell phone service providers, this chain/establishment is top notch with their customers treating us as if we are supremely special. They also offer more benefits than ANY other service provider. Veri... Is a thing of the past with their year after year price gouging antics. Only because they could but they cannot anymore for TMobile has all the redeeming qualities, and more, of an upstanding, honorable network,cell phone, internet provider and discounted prices!”

3.2 Average13 Reviews

“T & Yosi were the best when it came to getting a new phone & WiFi set up. They were so helpful & listened to what I wanted. For sure will recommend this T-Mobile to anyone.”

3.1 Average22 Reviews

“They always have a lot of stock in order at this location they were a little unorganized they were stocking up so I'll give them credit for making sure that they have plenty of stock available moving forward I'm going to this location a few times they have majority of the things that they would usually have some things that they don't have are probably sold out because they're super popular I guess we have tiktok and Instagram to thanks for that.”

3.1 Average24 Reviews

“Friendly environment without pushy employees which is very good. Their selection is getting less and less each year. Seems to inky be focused on the main hot things and TVs now. Still a great store nonetheless.”

3 Average65 Reviews

“I'm not one to say great things about the corporate entity like this but at this particular location the staff are friendly and polite sometimes even have great hair and the people on the phone can answer questions and look to see if they have some thing if necessary, they're cool.”

1.7 Poor3 Reviews

“After hours on the phone with customer service, I decided to stop by the store as a last resort. Thank goodness I did! Jajaun and the manager Matt were able to solve something for me in 5 minutes that no one on the phone could do. I just needed to pay my bill and restore my services !! Thank you jajaun & Matt!”

2.8 Average24 Reviews

“I will say that Tina is absolutely an amazing Sales lady. She answered all of our questions thoroughly. The only issues we did have is delivery. I do think that this store should hire more people to deliver furniture. I also realize how hard it is to find good people that want to work. My furniture was to be delivered on Friday, well Friday rolls around and they told me it wasn't going to be delivered. We made such a fuss about getting it delivered because we had 5 kids sitting on the floor. They did bring a driver out and he was amazing. However, my husband and teenage son had to help him bring everything in. Again, I get it. People don't want to work. Was a good experience overall though. Just please hire more help.”

2.5 Average15 Reviews

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