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“My 2012 Infiniti has been serviced at this location many times. I’ve had oil changes, tire patches, the belt, oil gasket, and spark plugs replaced. My car is running good and has no further issues. Metro Motor is very efficient, very quick, and great communication about work needing to be done.”

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“Always helpful and go above and beyond to satisfy needs. It took a bit to get the booking because they really wanted me to talk to Service (which is a good thing) but once that was done it was smooth sailing. DONT KNOW WHY MY PREVIOUS POST MADE ONLY 1 STAR!!”

4.8 Superb51 Reviews

“The service center has never steered me wrong. Crist is amazing at what he does one of the best mechanics in Area he looks out for the people and gives great guidance to solve problems with your vehicle when your vehicle is sick. He helped with getting my vehicle back to good health in a quick and fast timely manner. The customer service here exceeded my expectations by far. Thanks Crist your the best.”

4.7 Superb49 Reviews

“Did thorough inspect Walked through what was needed and helped prioritize when to do it. Ready on time within the estimate.Services: Steering & suspension repair”

4.8 Superb28 Reviews

“There are several rows of gas pumps. And the rows each have three pumps in each row. Because the rows are three vehicles deep, it can be challenging to see when the gas pump a few cars ahead are available. The service attendant flagged me to move ahead to a vacant gas pump. This was helpful and appreciated.”

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“I pulled in today with my truck with a flat tire. After a hair raising drive from Annapolis, watching my air pressure dropping in traffic, the guys at Duke calmed my nerves and quickly fixed things. They were splendid.”

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“My car broke down Thursday evening and I had it towed to this service station because of recommendations on my local community Facebook group. I got there after the shop was already closed, but was able to fill out the paperwork and leave the key with the store clerk. Wayne, the shop manager called first thing in the morning and was able to diagnose the problem (snapped right axle shaft) within an hour. Moreover, the car was fixed within the day and didn't cost nearly as much as I had been fearing. (For a 14 year-old car with over 120k miles, anything under $1000 is a steal to me). Hoping I won't need to, but I'll be taking my car back to Wayne at Sunoco from now on for all my car repairs. Finding a knowledgeable, and honest mechanic is like winning the lottery and I am so grateful.”

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“Best location to refuel atPrices are more than competitiveAnytime I'm in the area, I'll be making this one of my stops. I travel thru here, quiet often”

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“Great service. Sayed was the best. Professional, reliable and just trust worthy. Hard to find auto shops that have integrity these days, especially as a female. Thank you, Sayed and team for all your help!”

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“Luis is a great mechanic! He has fixed my cars and my family’s cars too. He is honest, diligent and efficient. He always finds the way to help me, especially when my time is an issue. His prices are reasonable and he doesn’t take advantage of people’s ignorance about cars.”

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“i love staff here! Best place for VA safety & Emissions & if there any repair of your vehicle that need to be done most of the time they be able to fix it the same day!”

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“This was recommended by my neighbors, after their excellent experiences. I brought my car by last month, stressed about getting a vehicle inspection and oil change. Omar went out of his way get an inspection done for me by their sister location, which I so appreciated. I took it back this month to have them investigate loose steering; not only did they do a wheel alignment, they also did not charge me for it. I appreciate having a local mechanic shop which has excellent and honest customer service, and I very much recommend them.”

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“Need more season but other than that the food is cook very well and their custom service is very friendly and galic butter sauces is very very good and they move very fast”

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“One of the things I dread most when moving to a new city is finding a mechanic I can trust, but I think I've found that in the folks at this Shell. I dropped my car off first thing in the morning to get looked at, and Jose was great at keeping me in the loop throughout the day on how things were going and options on work. On top of that, the price was very good (especially for the Beltway), far below what I had expected to get quoted at when all was said and done.”

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“They stayed open after they were closing to fix a flat tire I had and plugged it...this to me is completely above and beyond and saved the day I needed my car in the morning. I wish I could give them 6 stars”

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“I love these guys. We have had great experiences with our three cars in 2020. They looked at a car before I purchased and gave me an honest assessment that helped me better negotiate and they have identified issues with my other vehicles to keep me and my family safe. All pricing is very fair and turnaround time on the repairs has been great. Overall, the honesty, friendliness and expertise allows me to have piece of mind. Thank you for caring and keeping me and my family safe. - Andy”

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“One of major thoroughfares in NOVA traversing several counties providing a convenient alternate route for commuting. The portion around Annandale to Fair Oaks Mall is one of the most enjoyable segment of the long road as it's newly paved, four-lanes wide and relatively less congested than the the parallel Main Road via Fairfax downtown heading West. It unfortunately narrows to two lanes after crossing Little River Turnpike and dead ending at Columbia Pike, intersects with perpetual bottlenecks during rush hours.”

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“Use to come here a lot with my Mom when she needed gas. She said it was cheaper than gas prices in Southern Virginia. Only real problem is how hard it is to get in and out. Not a lot of space to move around the pumps and I hate to think how much of a problem it must be during rush hour.Update - working till midnight and sometimes have to walk home. Stop here to grab some tea and snacks.”

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“We have taken our cars here for everything from state inspections and oil changes to timing belt and brake replacements. Steve is great at diagnosing and explaining the problem, and the work is always done quickly. We appreciate having an honest, talented, and reliable person who knows all sorts of automobile issues. And if there isn't a problem with something, he will let you know. The entire crew is great to work with. Prices are very fair as well. Can't recommend enough!”

4.1 Good30 Reviews

“Always a great place to stop and gas up. Great staff. When COVID hit and I could not get a oil change at my usual places. I had it done here. This is my back up and I like the atmosphere from the staff.”

4 Good48 Reviews

“THE ONLY mechanics I will go to, cannot recommend enough. I cleared out their business cards so I can give them to all my friends. Incredibly kind and extremely helpful. They always take care of me and do so in a timely manner!”

4.1 Good27 Reviews

“Absolutely insane service. I bought a used car, called Joe at the service station there, and within 2 hours he had inspected the car, completed an oil change, got my state inspection and emissions inspections done, and pointed me in the right direction with everything else the car needs done (including some things that were optional) - all for way less than I expected to pay. Dude went out of his way to help me out and was extremely courteous. I'll be bringing my cars here forever”

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“Had to stop here en route to my part time job so I could warm my truck later and not run out of gas (that would be soooo embarrassing). The lady was nice, the snacks and beverages are way overpriced but convenience dictated I buy, however it was a good place for good gas prices. The only question I have is why are the restrooms always out of order at most gas stations? Do the employees ever pee?”

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“The staff at Yates always take great care of my car . There's reason why they have been around so long ! Professional, courteous, and they keep you updated with repairs . I have been going to them for years !”

3.9 Good49 Reviews

“Nothing but great things to say about Yates! They are honest, quick, and competent. Twice now I've gone in for expensive services and the Yates team has been completely honest about how the services were totally unnecessary. They could have made a quick buck off of me and my naiveté, but their honesty has quite literally saved me thousands of dollars. When they have done necessary work on my car, it's always been great!”

3.9 Good49 Reviews

“I have been bringing my car to AmeriGo since I moved to northern Virginia in 2003, and I have been very happy with their work and their prices. My brother-in-law, who has been here since 1980, recommend them to me.”

4.2 Good14 Reviews

“These are truly nice and genuine guys. I initially started going there because they offered free air. (Who has quarters for those other machines anyways?) Now I get all my gas and general car service needs fulfilled here. With so many crooks out there this place is a breath of fresh air.”

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“It is no longer a Shell Station. It is now a Sunoco Station. Very well run and managed. Nice face-lift of the premises and staff members are very friendly and helpful. Fixed the Ballast for the headlight on our Prius for $300 less than the Dealership Service Center.”

4.5 Superb8 Reviews

“Amazing garage. Purchased my own brakes and the dealership tried to double the amount they quoted me and this place did it for less than the previous quote from the dealership. A+ work so far.Service: Auto brake replacement”

4.9 Superb5 Reviews

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