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“I recently returned to running after a 2-3 year hiatus and Cat (or Kat) was incredibly helpful and patient as she walked me through all the shoe and color options available. I appreciate that she let me know what was on sale, too! I will definitely be back when I’m in need of new running gear. Highly recommend visiting Running Etc!”

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“Southern hospitality at its finest. A huge thank you to Isaac for welcoming me into the store and Tiana who assisted me finding the perfect gift for my younger brother. Tiana went above and beyond in her service by calling up several stores around the area to help me look for a specific size in a specific shoe. She then went ahead to offer me relevant recommendations and I was able to committed to the BMX Old Skool Vans. My brother loved it and said it was the most comfortable for him.Have to recognize Jessika and Tayla as well for their support.This retail experience and team deserves much recognition. A testament to the management for the commendable attitude of the team.”

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“This review is a bit late! But better late than never! I came across this lovely shop while looking for a local place to reshape an 80 year old British Red Cross cap that I had. I am a vintage collector and re-enactor. I brought my cap to them back in October or November of 2022. It was ready a few weeks later on. I absolutely recommend this shop! The owners and their shop staff are very knowledgeable about hats. They are very friendly, reasonably priced for hat repair and beyond professional. I am glad I went with a small business instead of a larger company! Thank you so much! I will return if future services are needed.”

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“For cool drinks with different flavors i.e. you can do all the re berries in one cup, blueberries, mango, green drinks when the hot sunny creams, Jamba Juice is the right place to be. For natural juice without any artificial flavor, you'll be wowed.”

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“I've always heard that converse you need to go up or down half a size so I never felt comfortable trying to order them online. So since I was near the outlets I figured I would go in and figure out my sizing and see what they had.The customer service was super helpfulTo be fair they were pretty wiped out because of back to school but I did get my first pair. Great prices and sale was still going on too”

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“Had men's size 8! I had gone to multiple other stores that sold ASICSs that weren't an ASICS store that didn't have any 8s in stock. And was pleasantly surprised by their price. Was expecting to pay about $100, but the ones I liked ended up being $50.”

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“I wandered in on a day off, mostly browsing, but was met by the most fun trio of salespeople ever, namely Grace, Lee, and Apollo! They helped me find what I needed and substitutes when they didn’t have my size! They clued me in on all the sales and made sure I never had to wait for a thing, even though there were other guests in the store. Awesome personalities and deserve a raise. I’ve never had a sales experience like that in my life! Walked out feeling like I had new friends. Thank y’all! :)”

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“We were just passing buy and stopped at this store to just spent time but at the end we end up buying 2 pairs of shoes for our kidds .First it because there WAS a big sale on alot of shoes its what we need before school started.. then the personal that was working with us was so professional and patient this all expirience made our shopping easy and fun most of all kidds loved it Excellent!!!”

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“We have been shopping in the Quality Shop on Colley Ave. In Ghent for many years. Last week they went over and above. They helped us select, fit and deliver a custom suit in 24 hours. Thank you Ulysses you are the best! Services like this are not often found in today's crazy world.”

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“My wife and I really loved the vibe and merchandise of Community Love. The entire staff was friendly, professional, and attentive. We’ll definitely return whenever we’re back on the east coast.”

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“I have been here many times and the thing I love. Is there are so many comfortable shirts that fit? My perfectly and they always have great sales and promotions.”

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“We Loved our experience with Hibbett Sports in Norfolk! They have a great selection for all sizes, our need was ladies 7-7.5! Wonderful staff and good choices. We were well attended to as we worked through the correct size. We will be back next season!!”

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“Been going to the Vans outlet since they opened. Love their buy one get one half off or up to 70% I've seen. Just got two pairs of shoes, two long sleeve shirts and two sets of no snow socks for under $200. One of my pairs of shoes was $17.99 with the 70% off. I always find variety in my size. Love, love, love this store. I am so glad they opened a Prime Outlet in Norfolk, having to go to Williamsburg was a pain sometimes. Prime Outlets are the absolute best IMO!!!!”

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“I went in this afternoon with my Mother and was greeted by three workers who helped me get a pair of FILA boots on sale, and a pair of VANS ATWOOD both size 10.5! Thanks for the help they need to give commission to the employees or some sort of higher salary than minimal wage, that's wack!”

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“When you go in there make sure you ask for Gene!! Very welcoming good guy if he can help or look out for you he will!!! On top of that the best athletes foot selection in VA must visit if in town”

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“So glad I stopped in this little shop today! Hip and trendy (lots of cheetah print right now) clothing at a pretty affordable price. Tops were between $40-60 to give a rough estimate of the prices. They have brands like Lush and Mod Cloth. This would be a great place to go if you're looking for a cute dress for the holiday or a nice top. There's a minimal selection which I like - too many choices can be overwhelming! They also had a sale rack that was 50% off which the sales woman pointed out to us. Definitely check this place out!”

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“Got some awesome deals and great clothing. Their brand is tried and true and I would stand with it. I've used the omniheat jacket in single digit weather and blistering snow storms.”

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“The shoes were good quality and well handled. checkout was quick and efficient. service was a bit odd though, typically salesmen give you your shoes then carry on with tending the store, whereas this one got me my shoes then didn't move the entire time I tried on my shoes then watched me as I walked around to try and get a feel for them. then he told me about a cleaning spray since the shoes were white and my response was a simple "mm hmm" and head nod. by the time I had my old shoes back on he was at the register with the shoes and spray giving me no time to browse for other things. then after him ringing everything up, asked me if I actually wanted the spray(I did but still, I never told him that). anywho he was a very odd salesman”

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“You must go to this location in Janaf Shopping Center if you want great customer service. Desean and Terrance were so helpful today. I am so impressed with kind and knowledgeable young people. What an asset to Footlocker.”

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“I went there looking for a pair of dress shoes and it wasn't till after I had spent quite a bit of time looking for a pair that would fit my problem feet that I finally found just the right pair. I didn't know they had a clearance section and that is where I was able to locate the pair of dress shoes to complete my outfit for an event that I was shopping for; had I been told about this section perhaps I would have spent less time searching and trying on so many pairs of shoes.When I was looking for a size to try on, it was at that time a store assistant asked if they could help, and he did so gladly, especially because it was out of my reach. Once, I took the shoes to the table and sat down to try on I opened the box only to find two lefts' in the box lol, ok so back again to get the right size right shoe. Long story short, I wasn't told about the specials or the clearance section, but overall, a huge selection of shoes and boots to select from.”

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“Nice store but the only thing wrong is you can't purchase clothing... don't get me wrong I own a few pairs of shoes I just need shirts to wear with them..”

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“I liked the store. They were however, very short staffed. They had some great shoes but not in all the sizes, especially not size 10 which I needed. There were some shoes in the wrong boxes also. They really needed help. At one point there was one person on the floor operating the register because apparently everyone else was at lunch. Poor scheduling.”

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“Both my wife and I found the shoes we were looking for. There were only 2 employees with about 20 customers in the shop. However, both employees were very hard working and attentive. Nobody seemed to have to wait on them. Even though they were very busy, both were extremely friendly and helpful.”

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“Purchased some good quality boots from here for under $90. They have lots of options for men's size 12. The employees were friendly and the store was clean.”

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“Decent sales...certainly quality merchandise. I do appreciate that they partake of a shoe recycling ♻️ program. Have taken numerous to assist in this project. The establishment is clean and presentable and seems to do a reasonable amount of business. No complaints thus far.”

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“The MacArthur location's customer service is second to none!! Arnesha is the best!!! I drive to MacArthur for Footlocker as a first choice because their customer service keeps me coming back!!!”

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“I had to do an exchange because I accidentally bought a men's 10 instead of a women's 10. Kevin was engaged immediately and assisted me find my actual size, 8 women's. He was friendly and greeted us immediately, had amazing customer service skills. Asked the right questions and went above and beyond. Hopefully his District Manager and Store Manager recognizes him for his enthusiasm and passion for helping his customers. Thank you Kevin!”

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