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“What I liked about this location is that they asked what I was looking for and told me where to find it and moved on. I went and found the item and was able to continue shopping without someone attached to my right leg, like at other locations. As a licensed contractor, I sometimes find it annoying when I'm trying to think and I go into other Ace locations and they won't leave you alone. Almost like that's their method of theft prevention.”

4.6 Superb115 Reviews

“Went in to cut a copy of my truck keys, and things went awesome Justin took his time to make sure I was going home with that copied key! He was so professional and courteous. I definitely recommend people to come here and get your extra set of keys done the right way! Just ask for Justin and you won’t be disappointed.”

4.5 Superb142 Reviews

“Went in needing to add on to my current system for my back yard. Gage was above and beyond helpful in setting me up with what I needed. Will definitely be going back for any additional needs.”

4.6 Superb66 Reviews

“Love the general store, it's has a great centralized location and helpful employees and staff.I love to come here when I just need some quick random stuff. They've got a crazy mix of most things you could ever need without having to head to a dedicated hardware store.It's also got the benefit of having way more stuff than just hardware supplies. I have come here for fishing supplies, quick home repairs/fixes, auto supplies, and a few pieces of clothing. They actually have a fantastic carharrt selection.”

4.6 Superb42 Reviews

“This place is fantastic! We were greeted at the door, Emmett was incredibly helpful and had a lot of information when we were looking for plumbing supplies. He invited us back in and had another idea in mind if the parts we purchased didn't work out. Almost every aisle we went down we were asked if we needed assistance. You won't find service like this at box stores and the prices are pretty comparable. I'll definitely be visiting again in the future!”

4.8 Superb25 Reviews

“These guys are awesome. Consistently have what I need and are always willing to give advice. They NEVER try and upsell you. In fact, today they gave me great advice about which auger and cleaner to buy for a toilet clog. I would have otherwise bought the wrong thing! My favorite local hardware store!”

4.6 Superb32 Reviews

“Like the old-fashioned hardware store with help full knowledgeable staff. I've been going to Peter's since the 70' with my dad. Great little hardware store.”

4.7 Superb25 Reviews

“I just had a small personal irrigation repair, and I was treated with kindness and respect. The prices were super reasonable.The guy at the desk was super friendly and helpful. He left his desk and walked with me through the store showing me what I needed. He freely offered additional information to make my job go more smoothly without any condescension when he asked questions to which I didn't know the answer.The location was easy to find. I'm way out in the West Plains area, but I will gladly be driving back up North if I ever need another sprinkler product.”

4.5 Superb30 Reviews

“I'm not a plumber. They will help you beyond any you can find else where. I now have running water thanks to these people. Huge deal for us off grid!!! Sean & Patrick are great!”

4.4 Superb37 Reviews

“I have come to love this store...a few years ago...a buddy of mine owns a few townhouse complexes locally suggested Ace 99203. I moved to the area a couple of years ago and was dreading the small store compared to the big box stores. I love it! The staff all know their stuff. They are GENUINELY Friendly. It is immediately next to a locally owned operated food store. It is within 5 blocks Bennedittos pizza and Rosauers both regionally owned and operated. The ACE hardware store has made me feel welcome since moving to this community. Peace and Best HOliday wishes.”

4.3 Superb54 Reviews

“I absolutely love the ace hardware on indian trail road. Not only because my daughter works there. But because they are all very knowledgeable in everything they sell. The whole entire staff is very friendly and it makes very enjoyable shopping experience. And you can find just about anything under the sun there”

4.6 Superb22 Reviews

“This store is absolutely awesome! Any and just about every piece of hardware imaginable. I'm so glad I found this store. Every contractor should know about this place!”

4.2 Good78 Reviews

“The gal in guest services named “mud” went above and beyond helping me return a seasonal item. She was over the top helpful even though I didn’t have a receipt. By helping to look up the ACE account #, then finding the date of service and exact total match to my credit card history of transactions - she took my unused item back for a full refund. 10/10 service”

4.2 Good50 Reviews

“They have lots of things kinda like a hardware store they have good deals on stuff alot of off brand not necessarily bad just cheaper than Lowe's or home depo”

4.1 Good57 Reviews

“Their hardware section is a godsend and the people that work there are much more friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable than any box store or even other dedicated hardware stores”

4.5 Superb13 Reviews

“October 8th 2023 just called the store to find out if they had a item in stock Larry answered the phone oh my God thank you for your kindness I've never been to the store before but I can't wait to do shopping there. Kindness matters bless you Larry”

4 Good94 Reviews

“Owner operator attention to customer needs. They carry all sorts of odd fasteners, like staples for my old Bostitch swing stapler. Highly recommend for trade people as well as home owners.”

4.3 Superb14 Reviews

“Terrific place to stop in on any home projects, be it as relatively simple as a new set of shelves, or as complicated as a new deck or house remodel, these people have you covered. This place prides itself on its customer service and small family owned charm and it excels in both of those fields. I would recommend this place to any of my friends or family, and if they can't help you they can usually point you in the direction of someone who can!”

4.5 Superb8 Reviews

“Hands-down this is a great company to work for and to buy all your needs the employees here are so people friendly and I can’t begin to say enough about them and it’s my first time dealing with them”

3.9 Good47 Reviews

“Tim saved Christmas! There were no red light bulbs to be found in town. Tim popped open this pack and spray painted the bulbs red for me. Just in time for Christmas night! This is certainly above and beyond customer service and I am grateful.”

3.9 Good36 Reviews

“I think I just experienced my best customer service I have had in 72 years on this earth. I was planning on roofing my shed 24x24, 6/12 pitch. I had a couple of roofing buddies coming the next day (Saturday) to "help" me. I have just come off of cancer drugs (Prednisone, etc.) so I wasn't allowed on ladders. I paid more to have the shingles "delivered" to the roof. Friday morning just after 7:30am The Ziggy's truck arrived . Dennis the driver ser up the conveyor belt and said I would need to get on the roof and stack the shingles. WHAT?!. I told him the I couldn't get on the roof. Dennis said he was not allowed to. At this point, I called my salesperson, Tom and explained that I couldn't even get on a ladder because of the meds. To my surprise... no, my udder shock, Tom said I will be right there. A few minutes later, Tom showed up with Scott, who I believe is a manager, both got on the very slippery roof nailed down some lubber so the shingles would stay on the roof... remember I said it was really slippery. They stacked all the material. for the roof job, came down and left. I am a guy used to giving, not getting, but that day I was a receiver and incredibly blessed. Thanks guys Joe”

3.9 Good20 Reviews

“We were looking at options for decking. We conversed with 2 different employees while there. Both were real pleasant and very helpful to us in making choices. They offered a free large bucket and said to help ourselves to the various styles and colors of decking to take home and compare with our existing house colors. It's a breath of air to be treated so courteously now days.”

3.7 Good44 Reviews

“Good company however you have to buy there product through a retailer the only one close to us is Albeni Falls Building center the worsted business I have ever purchased from”

2.7 Average7 Reviews

“I needed a dryer and I had in mind what kind of dryer I needed. Gillian, waited on me today. I definitely will be back for her excellent customer service and knowledge of the appliances. She showed me different options that fit in my budget. She made shopping for the dryer painless and seamless. Thank you!”

2.4 Poor11 Reviews

“I want to leave a 5 star review for "Ben" in the blinds department at Home Depot store #4719 Newport HWY-Spokane Wa. My husband and I walked in on a Saturday to look for blinds for our new home. Ben took the time to show us a variety to choose from. He went above and beyond helping us set up the order. When I had to return to the store to complete the order he had all our information ready! He really made a stressful time super easy. He has a calming personality! He is a great asset to your company! And we all know those are hard to find!!! If your work awards employee of the month, or maybe one of those badges they wear, please make sure he gets one!!! Thanks Ben!!”

2 Poor9 Reviews

“Came to buy several different unrelated items. They had enough staff available to answer questions and help me find what I needed. A pleasant shopping experience.”

3.2 Average78 Reviews

“Love it! It's not just for guys. Plenty of diy things for females as well as holiday decor. Great tool selection and they make shipping for your man extremely easy.”

3.3 Good211 Reviews

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