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“I went there yesterday and she helped me get a phone. I tried another Cricket store, but he wasn't helpful at all. I was going to go to another vendor, but I can't thank her enough for going an extra mile to get me a phone. I haven't had great service like this in a long time. I highly recommend going to this store. It will be worth your while. I just can't say enough good things about her. Thank you so much for helping me. I truly appreciated you and everything you did for me.”

4.7Superb87 Reviews

“Been a customer twice and has always had excellent service. Work gets done very quick and customer service is great! Definitely go to this place if you need a quick repair”

4.8Superb68 Reviews

“I had my Iphone 14 Plus screen replaced today. The price was competitive and repair took less than 30 minutes. I was thrilled when the Technician put a Free screen protector on for me. Great Customer Service. Thanks again for quick service.”

4.5Superb119 Reviews

“Satisfied customer here. I had an amazing experience with this company. The customer service was top-notch, and the product exceeded my expectations... Martin gave great customer service, he was very knowledgeable and accommodating. I highly recommend this store to anyone looking for quality work and excellent service. 10 out of 10.-W Lewis”

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“I went to AT&T a few days ago I was have trouble with my service on my phone.I talk to a guy by the name of Preston a respectable young dude. He was patient with me as I didn’t know too much about my phone but he gave me a new SIM card and had me turn my phone on an off and I have had any trouble since thank you Preston!”

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“This location is very helpful and gets me a great rate. I tell him what I’m looking for and my budget. He gets me that best deal for my family & I. I only want to keep going back to this place. Keep up the great work and providing excellent customer service! Thank you.”

4.3Superb88 Reviews

“Alright, I always come to this store. Because whoever hires hires people that are courteous very knowledgeable and very patient and will go over and over things with me. And it is wonderful. Please come to this store.”

4.3Superb70 Reviews

“The manager here, Everest, is very personable and easy to work with. Went in just looking for cases as i was nearby and unfortunately wasn’t very many options for my specific model, however he showed me which ones they did have and their benefits, as well as giving me his recommendations :) thank you Everest!”

4.2Good107 Reviews

“Ryan let us know about deal we weren’t taking advantage of and helped us with everything plus much more!! He definitely deserves a big raise!! I will be telling everyone about the amazing experience we had and all about who helped us!!!”

4.2Good101 Reviews

“I bought a phone from a wonderful Gentleman name James today..I just want to say how helpful and positive he made my experience. I don't know much about technology and he made it very easy to make a purchase..He made the experience memorable and made my whole day..I will continue to go to that store if I need another upgrade just because of him and I live in Santanvalley so it's big compliment..So I recommend anyone who is not tech savvy or just appreciates amazing customer service to come to this store and ask for James to help you..Thank you James for wonderful experience sending blessings your way!!”

4.3Superb65 Reviews

“Mr Will has to be one of the best salesman man etc that my friend and I have ever had the pleasure of working with when it comes to our cell phones, always helpful smiling, always taking care of his customers whichever store he is currently working at, we are customers from Apache junction and they had a little fire, but it didn't stop us from making sure he was around to upgrade our phone's,god bless you and your family Mr Will you are truly a wonderful person and we love the way you treat us!!! We'll see you soon this morning/afternoon in Scottsdale”

4.3Superb64 Reviews

“My BF brought his phone in to have the screen replaced. They were fast (same day service) and reasonably priced. These guys are really courteous. I brought my tab in to have a screen protector installed. They did it for me on the spot with a smile.”

4.5Superb34 Reviews

“Sam was wonderful! He was quick to help me with getting my phone screen fixed! I can’t recommend him enough! Definitely come here if you need your phone fixed. Honest and good man!”

4.4Superb39 Reviews

“I've been coming here for phone repair & refurbished purchases for 3 years. Darrel is a great guy. Always honest & fair pricing. It should be noted, I drive by at least 5 other repair shops to get there.”

4.3Superb49 Reviews

“Absolutely the best customer service. I have seen that some people is commenting that Jessica has a terrible attitude or assistance and that’s a completely lie She is amazing she really takes care of everything and the girls that she trained are amazing too. Would definitely recommend this store”

4.3Superb44 Reviews

“AT&T. Best cellular on the planet..Chris helped us to.day. Always the best service, when we go in that store. Greeted with a smile.always welcomes us. They work very hard to help customers..my wait time wasn't bad.either..the store was jam packed, and Chris was happy to help Fixed my situation, Gotta Love Samsung. Specially if yar a Gamer like me. Chris hooked me right up.was having an insurance issue with my cell..no worries att has the beat I insurance..haven't found a better one. My s21 gwtti g and upgrade to s22 ultra, and yes 512 gig..is more powerful than my laptop..crazzy huh.. My cell is incredibly fast. Zero wait time .in a fast paced world is what we all need. Go see Chris..or really anyone over on power AT&T. THEY WILL FIX ya right up..and give ya the very best service..lots to choose from, clean..or watch the game if it's on.while ya wait. Thank you Chris..You Rock! Jay”

4.1Good98 Reviews

“11-8-2023Today I had a first. An employee kinda snapped at me. Notice the 5 star still................Laura an employee of Cricket. I don't know her age but she's diffently someone specialGreat job on showing a stranger how a person shows great respect.Have A Smiley Day ☺️Company moto”

4.2Good48 Reviews

“Today at this metro store i was treated so professional and kind by an employee named Ali..I was having a bad day and my phone was broke and i was going to have a break down!! But Ali saved the day..He hooked me up with a fair deal on my new phone and that kept me as a happy metro customer. Thanks Ali..your great!”

4.1Good74 Reviews

“the lady on Thursday July 29th was awesome very helpful and very willing to be respectful and nice and help out. Thank you better than the d*** broad we encountered over on Greenfield and Main at that store. She claimed she'd been there 3 days she was very rude and disorganized”

4.2Good45 Reviews

“Both associates were helpful and friendly and especially Kiara was the most helpful and knowledgeable with helping me with what I needed.Best experience I've had in a phone store. Great customer service.”

4.1Good64 Reviews

“Very nice store lots of accessories and more phones then other stores I've gone to. The girl working there knew so much as was able to help me with my purchase.”

4.1Good55 Reviews

“Very informative, helpful to accommodate my needs and was happy that id took care of one more TO DO LIST ✓ OFF THE LIST....ILL BE RETURNING TO RECIEVE my cell phone discount with lifeline acp . I'd heard FEB 7TH , THIS RESOURCE WILL BE COMING TO A CLOSE FOR THE ACP PROGRAM SO ID KEPT PUTTING OFF SINCE PHONE WAS STOLE , BUT IM GOING TO GET SERVICE FOR MY SON TOO .”

4.1Good47 Reviews

“Anna is the lovely woman that took good care of my husband and I! She smiled and helped answer any and Al questions we had! Only giving 4 stars due to the AC not working well for the weather we’re having! I feel so bad for her and anyone else in there especially having to work in that heat while it’s super hot outside! Please fix AC for your employees! It’s not fair for them to wrk in that! Anna was nice enough to let me and my small daughter use her personal mini fan while we waited for her to set us up! She definitely helped a lot and it made my little girl happy that she was finally cool enough to nap! Thank you so much Anna and her coworker that helped my husband at first! You got great people working here and that’s fact!”

4.1Good39 Reviews

“Aryam was the best!! She was super polite and helpful. She answered all our questions and helped us to find the best match for what we needed in a phone. Awesome experience ?”

4.1Good35 Reviews

“The store manager was awesome I don’t remember his name though and I think the other guy helping was named Gibby and he was awesome also very great customer service”

3.9Good139 Reviews

“A store employee acknowledged me as soon as I walked in the store, they had all the items I was looking for, knew right away what I was looking for. Was able to apply the screen protector I was needing for me accurately. They were informative on all of it and gave me a discount on what I needed. Also informed me on the warranty of the items bought. I was very pleased with the service I received.”

3.9Good122 Reviews

“This is my neighborhood cricket. I'm happy they are back open at this location. I highly recommend you use this location typically you can get right in and out. Banley and Princes are very helpful and friendly. South West corner of Sossaman and Broadway.”

4.5Superb11 Reviews

“I switched my phone and tablet service to T-Mobile from V last month at the store on Apache Trail.I received the 3 Promotional rebate/pay off forms for both devices (up to $700). The Rep didn't offer to set it up and it was very difficult to set up on the mobile site. She also told me I had to wait for the final bill to come in the mail from prior carrier (V).I called V and was advised to go to the V store and they would print out my final bill which they did.I tried to use my Tablet the evening of the switch. It didn't work. I went back to that store the next day and the T mobile Rep said the new SIM card had not been installed.Instead of struggling filling out the rebate forms, I read the great reviews regarding the T mobile store on Signal Butte. I met Allen the Rep there. He completely took care of everything I needed! Filled out all my forms and explained the process fully and I was out of there in 15 minutes..He advised I skip any "Authorized" store and always go directly to a corporate store.Happy customer!”

3.9Good118 Reviews

“Let me just clarify, the reason it was not a five- star rating was due to the fact that I found this service incredibly poor. I walked in to get some customer service for my phone acting strange and shutting off on its own. First thing I saw is a young man with a beard refusing to greet me and I was forced to ask for help. He sat there and did nothing but remain on his phone. It was extremely rude. Thankfully a young lady inside of the store was there to help me, and give me some advice to fix my issue (Which thankfully worked). She was very sweet and straight to the point, and called me over to give me assistance. Very polite young lady. Unfortunately I cannot give any better of a rating with her poor mannered associates. Would come back for her help, any other way is an absolute no.”

3.9Good95 Reviews

“Very satisfied with the service. I came in with a plan in mind and the associate assisted me without trying to oversell me. He did provide all my options but ultimately made me feel comfortable with my overall decision. He did not have the color in stock so he had to order online. Not sure how commission works but if he lost a sale for not purchasing in house I couldn't tell because his tone was the same throughout the interaction. I was with my 3 year old and he assisted me in the right amount of time. I wasn't rushed or pressured. I haven't received my phone yet but based on my interaction I am confident my expectations have been met.”

3.9Good89 Reviews

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