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“This is my absolute favorite Home Goods store! I think this is the largest one I've been to as well. As the name states, they offer home decor and merchandise like cookware, accent furniture, lamps, rugs, decorative accessories, pet items and even food. Just too much to list everything they carry. I can easily spend hours looking at everything in this store as it really is like a treasure hunt. As you walk in, you notice how bright and colorful everything is. Their prices are very reasonable and they have clearance sections throughout the entire store. Because their selection changes very often, you need to grab something if you like it as it won't be there long especially if it's on clearance. I especially enjoy perusing their gourmet food aisles. You'll find many unusual and cool items as boba tea mocha, specialty noodles, and all kinds of different spices and candy. I always get my ginger chews from this store and like trying different kinds of olive oils. This is a great place to find that perfect birthday present you're looking for and dog treats and toys. It's a good thing I don't live close to this location as I'd be broke:) check it out, you're going to have so much fun!”

4.3 Superb129 Reviews

“Came here a couple weeks ago for a Christmas gift for my sister Christan was just AMAZING!!!! out of the top such a great experience! Going up the the register I can just hear the other employees giving the same energy as Christan did to us ! Will definitely be coming back ! Perfect customer service”

4.4 Superb50 Reviews

“Very large Big Lots. Has all the normal Big Lots items in well kept, very clean aisles and rows. The bathrooms are right inside the front door, to the right. Clean and easy to use. Was surprised at the size and selection compared to our local store. Glad we stopped in to do a little out of town shopping. In need of some snacks for your trip? Stop in and get your fill. Enjoy!”

4.6 Superb33 Reviews

“A truly great in-store Starbucks! Thank you, Rain, for your help and attention to my coffee needs ( see picture) ! Great personnel like Rain & Joann work here! Great coffee & food products! Check it out!”

4.1 Good117 Reviews

“I love this location TJMAXX! I actually live closer to another but this location their friendly/helpful and just a good vibe. Jewelry department is very personable and I've had some of the best conversations with them other than jewelry.Great/ample supply of items to choose from.At checkout they're friendly and conscientious! Asking how your visit/shopping experience was with them!”

4.2 Good65 Reviews

“I stopped to pick up a few items & visited their Starbucks to drink while shopping. The store was busy but they moved customers quickly through. I waited a tad because cashier was helping a lady find something in the store. Very clean & nice store!”

4 Good175 Reviews

“Wow, I would have never expected Nordstrom to compete with Old Navy in price (underwear). Because I didn’t bring enough underwear for my trip here to Phoenix from San Francisco, I went to my Hampton Hotel neighboring Old Navy to buy a pair. After going to Old Navy next door only to find sucky underwear wear that a poor “plan of attack” by the manager and employees [?saved me?] from buying, I went here willing to spend extra to correct my underpacking mistake before my drive home tomorrow. I was surprised at the competitive price for a PACKAGED 3-pack - AND IN MY SIZE! It turns out that that’s the most comfortable underwear ever. I wore 1 for my long drive home and the other 2 the following days which each had formal dressing events. My Phoenix souvenir was just great comfortable underwear that I can buy at my local Nordstrom Rack closer to home. I do say the service was better than but still somewhat status quo, thus not so memorable for an out-of-town shopping experience.”

4.1 Good63 Reviews

“You have to look around a bit but you can find some really great deals here. And you kind of need to know what the prices are for stuff you're looking for. But I've always been able to walk out with some really great deals”

4 Good106 Reviews

“I found some really cute sandals and the associates that helped me were very knowledgeable and accommodating! This store is pricey so make sure you have plenty of money or a credit card to go shop!”

4 Good90 Reviews

“Shopping at the Dress for Less and doing some service dog training while beating the heat! ? found some necessary dress ware at a great price. I come for 100% cotton clothes and usually find a few shirts with interesting prints. The pet aisle is worth a gander, I found a cute toy. ❤️?”

4.2 Good30 Reviews

“This store has an easy access right off the freeway. Plenty of shared parking and shopping in the area. The store is well organized. I don't usually find things here although a pair of work out shoes caught my eye. There was only one pair but not in my size. Not meant to be. I left empty handed.”

3.9 Good103 Reviews

“Dillard's is a great place to shop for men's clothing. They usually have some great sales, and I can find my size most of the time. I picked up a couple of items marked down 65% that I actually needed. ? I went for shirts that are slim fit but for large sizes 17 1/2 neck and 37 inch sleeves. Dillard's usually has a great selection. Oh well, not today.”

4 Good49 Reviews

“First time visiting this location. I like this store and will definitely stop by again when I'm in the area. Great selection and friendly staff. The store is clean and well lit and inviting. It's been a while since I have shopped TJ Max but after shopping at this location I have interest in shopping there more.”

4 Good35 Reviews

“Lizzie Yerman is the best! I booked an appointment with her and I couldn't have asked for a better experience! She will personally shop with you and get you absolutely fitted. I highly recommend shopping with her, you won't regret it!”

4.1 Good17 Reviews

“This location has the most pleasant employees. Very easy self checkout. There is always a helpful employee nearby. It is clean and organized We visit at least twice a week”

4.2 Good9 Reviews

“ONLY and Best place place to get hearing aids. When faced with age-related hearing loss, dealing with the market place jungle is bad enough with the advertising fraud and chicaunery of myriads of online ads promising cheap solutions that amount to nothing but confusion and elder abuse. This is a serious issue; for the rest of your life! After I got over my years of denial and tired of saying "what" to the people in my world, I tried online and a few audiology franchises, which in retrospect was a waste of time and money. So I thought I'd just see what Costco had to offer. Well, I was shocked at the competance and friendliness of the entire staff, especially Veronica, who I see most often but also Todd, Robin, Roxanne and Chad. Further, I was equally surprised at the VALUE (price, quality, no charge for adjusment visits, and warranty and loss coverage). The result has been, simply - LIFE CHANGING! Must include two additional points: 1. the most common criticism is the "wait for appointment" issue and I can only say I have never had to wait longer than a week (compare to MD visits lately) 2. I had to ask myself how Costco could be so different? Obvious answer is that the staff is saleried and not commission motivated and of course, Costco's buying power. Remember - we're talking about the quality of your life, for the rest of your life.”

5 Superb2 Reviews

“Saks Fifth Avenue is one of my favorite stores. You can always find something here. It often takes me one or two trips to find what I need, but that's what you do at "off rack" types of stores. You can find "boutique" items here, which are the real treasures. I do wish they would have better sale prices on their high-end shoes.”

3.7 Good67 Reviews

“Love, love, love Nordy's. My wallet might not be such a fan, but I am! Always find something here. I can't speak much for the parking, as I park near Dillard's and usually take a walk over, but from what I remember it's in a garage. (The one time I've tried parking in said garage, I was trying to do an online pickup order, and the garage was PACKED. Not one spot to be had to park and get my purchase. I got frustrated, gave up, and parked elsewhere and just walked to the store). Not the fault of Nordstrom's, though. Busy mall, busy store, it probably happens pretty often. Go see Stephanie or Luis in designer shoes! They'll take great care of you and you'll have some laughs along the way. Also, Natalie in designer handbags- I'm not sure if they each have separate designers they're in, or they work the whole area, but I was in YSL at the time. Soloman in the little designer sunglasses box-- across from the cafe area in the front of the store, is a hoot! You will have a blast with him! My mom always stops to visit him regardless if she's buying glasses or not. I DO COMPLETELY agree with the reviews that mention bringing the candles alll in one place. Apothke, Voluspa, Harlem Candle Co, and others are upstairs in the home-goods. Dyptique, Tom Ford, (I believe) Malin and Goetz(Sp?) , and others are downstairs off to the side of makeup/skincare. While I don't mind getting some steps in, for the sake of not assuming you're going crazy, yes. Put them together!BOPIS orders are usually pretty quick. Obviously, the earlier in the morning you place the order, the faster it's ready. And be advised you no longer pick it up near shoes-- the little area has moved up to the third floor, in back, kind of off to the side. In short, always a pleasure to be here. Never have run into someone less than stellar.”

3.6 Good66 Reviews

“Good variety of styles and items to choose from. Shopped for some clothes we were missing for a wandervan road trip. Ate at Taco Bell and Popeyes across the parking lot. Nice little shopping center.”

3.6 Good78 Reviews

“The greatest, I was treated like Family, I didn't want to leave, I actually left came back about an hour later & bought more? & Thank you Stefany, I'll be back.”

2.9 Average9 Reviews

“This Walmart was busy, but very clean and friendly. It was nice to speak to workers that were knowledgeable and enjoyed their day. I felt safe and valued which I do not feel at my normal Walmart. Thank you for making this a good experience.”

3.1 Average13 Reviews

“I'm am a lifetime customer of Macy's. Got a great deal on a beautiful leather handbag for my birthday. Sale prices were awesome. I go to this Macy's and Biltmore multiple times per year but you can also order online and I do that too. Makeup beauty section is great and my daughter and I buy some of our favorites here. Often good sales on Lancome beauty. Both men's and women's clothes and shoes are good. Great place for gift and holiday shopping. They need to repair the elevators and escalators here!!!”

3.5 Good75 Reviews

“I love this location and especially the manager , I think his name was Kione ? He was AMAZING and definitely should be recognized! He went above and beyond to make sure I was a happy returning customer , I manage the office across the street , so I'm in here constantly and now every time I go in there I look forward to his face! Thanks again! I hope this was his name! Kuddos!”

3.4 Good37 Reviews

“This is a super store with food, liquor clothes and other items. I was looking for a new small skillet for making my egg whites. I saw a few but they were large in size. I also went into the electronics area poking around with the tech stuff. This Target had so much more merchandise than the one I typically visit. I could've spent more time there but had to move on.Shared parking lot and WiFi.”

3.4 Good55 Reviews

“Outstanding customer service from an associate named Seana at this location! I had a question for her about some Christmas ornaments on display and she went out of her way twice to accommodate me so that I could get exactly what I was searching for! It actually left me feeling refreshed that people are still willing to go the extra mile nowadays and I’m so grateful for her help! Kudos to you Seana, and Happy Holidays!”

3.5 Good172 Reviews

“I recently visited Kohl's on Raintree, looking for a clothing item. Instead, I found a charming selection of household and décor items. I did not realize they had hidden treasures [household goods] in the back of the store. Towels, bedding, etc. I guess I never went that far back in the store. The store was clean and neat. The bathroom was really clean and actually smelled good; there must have been a hidden air freshener. I was there about 11 am on Tuesday, and it felt like I had the store all to myself - nice! I like shopping without the crowds. I plan on checking out Kohl's in Desert Ridge as well. Staff said they have the same set-up except that the Return Department is located in the front of the store instead of the back.”

3.5 Good191 Reviews

“This Walmart was busy, but very clean and friendly. It was nice to speak to workers that were knowledgeable and enjoyed their day. I felt safe and valued which I do not feel at my normal Walmart. Thank you for making this a good experience.”

2.7 Average25 Reviews

“This Walmart was busy, but very clean and friendly. It was nice to speak to workers that were knowledgeable and enjoyed their day. I felt safe and valued which I do not feel at my normal Walmart. Thank you for making this a good experience.”

2.4 Poor23 Reviews

“This Walmart was busy, but very clean and friendly. It was nice to speak to workers that were knowledgeable and enjoyed their day. I felt safe and valued which I do not feel at my normal Walmart. Thank you for making this a good experience.”

2.3 Poor25 Reviews

“This is for the furniture department ( mattresses). We came by to double check the kind of mattress we purchased at Superstition Mall location (awful experience). Michelle from Fashion Square Mall was extremely knowledgeable, stated the difference in firmness, number of springs and difference between all the different models. We were buying a mattress for our daughter and wanted to make sure that we were getting the correct type for her being 4 years old. Thank you so much!”

2.9 Average58 Reviews

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