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“We had gone for some clothes for kids and we did manage to get some for boys and girls which we liked and were in our price range after discounts. I did manage to get some shorts in my size too. Over the years I have discovered that Gap makes good shorts both in terms of colours and durability.”

4.5 Superb41 Reviews

“It's 8:30p 12.5.23 at the two employees working provided the kindest customer service I've ever received. literally wanted me to tear up from how nice they were - and this hour? Wow. The female employee also helped me on the phone before I drove over and she was so upbeat, welcoming, kind and informative. What a gem. Thank you, I will be back”

4.3 Superb48 Reviews

“Great place to find UA branded jackets, shoes, tops, shorts, and pants for people of all sizes. It was pretty busy the day we went, so the place needed some tidying up. But, overall, it was a good experience. Prices are still a bit high, but they had some good sale prices on some stuff.”

4.3 Superb33 Reviews

“The new self check out makes your shopping experience much better. The customer service is phenomenal. The associate who helped me did it with pleasure as well as when it came to paying for my stuff.”

3.7 Good123 Reviews

“I definitely was fascinated with their Women's Sports Wear! First time shopping at DKNY and the employees were really nice and friendly. "Fatima" which was one of the girls that was helping me, she had the time to help me choose the right size and even saved a fitting room for when I was ready to try them on. I always feel welcomed when the employees have the time to help customers in any questions.”

4.3 Superb15 Reviews

“My wife purchased a hoodie as a birthday present for me. Not only is the material of the hoodie extremely comfortable, the print is above average in comparison to any customization shop we’ve visited before. I’ve spent more money on buying a single Nike hoodie (that doesn’t allow me to differentiate myself from the crowd) from other stores located in the mall. To be able to have something that was truly my own at a reasonable price provided quite the memorable experience. Ahmad’s customer-eccentric service made a lasting impression on my wife & inspired me to take a trip to see what else was available in their inventory. I apologize if I misspelled your name.If you’re looking to add something special to your wardrobe or you’re in the market to purchase a gift for a loved one, you can’t go wrong with Yalla Shirt.”

4.5 Superb11 Reviews

“I went in just to look around and see what was available Kevin was really helpful, welcoming, respectful and had a great attitude, he made some great suggestions on some items based on what i was already wearing, definitely will come back due to his service!”

3.8 Good39 Reviews

“Cute clothes at a steal price! They are surprisingly good quality, no one would know you got it for less than $9, since everything is less than $9 at the store. The only downside is no dressing rooms but you can try it over your clothes, though it would be way easier if I could try on. No returns but you can exchange within 15 days for another item.”

4.5 Superb10 Reviews

“Nice and very helpful staffs. Good place for your skate board, parts and accessories purchase. You can pick and choose the skate board components to customize the skate board as per your preference, and they will assemble it for you. Probably they could add more designs for grip stickers. They assembled the whole skate board in front of me.”

3.7 Good45 Reviews

“I needed some slacks for my new job. Came into Calvin Klein and joakim assisted me through my purchase. Fantastic customer service. Very personable. If I had a Calvin Klein store I would hire him immediately. Awesome!”

3.7 Good39 Reviews

“One of my favorite stores; the shipment arrived as I was coming inside! I found some adorable things to launch me into spring and summer, and they were already 40 percent off. I like what they offer in the Khaki attire here because it's feminine, and I like that. One more thing, the clothes are unique, more tapered and chic. This Banana Republic is spacious. You have the men's section on one side and the women's on the other. The sale section here is unbeatable.”

3.7 Good32 Reviews

“I have to say this was the best experience I had today at the mall, I didn't catch the employees name but she was super friendly and helpful and the store had a note that they were temporary short hours due to short staff. I came in 10 mins before she had to close and she was nothing but nice and helpful! Associate 901362 thank you so much for your help and awesome customer service, that's hard to find now! Other stores had terrible customer service if any at all”

4.1 Good11 Reviews

“Great quality khakis. I bought a couple of sweaters that ended up pilling which is disappointing considering the price regardless that it's the factory store. Staff were friendly and knowledgeable about difference in regular and petite sizes.”

3.7 Good23 Reviews

“Since I have been US this has been like the supermarket of clothing store to shop, clothing is very resonable in price and quality. They always have some kind of sale going on and you will definitely find something you like there. The only concern is sometime ppl just toss all the clothes around in the store and gets really messy.”

3.6 Good30 Reviews

“Good place for winter outfits. Standard stuff is definitely not on the cheaper side but is affordable and worth the price. We were shopping for flannel shirts and we found a good collection which we shared online with the person we were buying for and got his input too.”

3.6 Good25 Reviews

“I really love this location JOSH is Super Awesome and Rebecca too . Both Manager helped beyond expectation and apologized for a register error and had to Re-ring 1200 dollars worth of merchandise and gave me $20.00 worth of store coupons for my time and inconvenience. Both are very knowledgeable about the Barclays Old Navy Credit card. I also wanted to send a special shout out to Lead Employee Marissa who I was so impressed with and showed me the Best ever customer service experience EVER and the other Sales Associate Maria who helped ring me up. I came in a day earlier to use my coupons and was advised that I couldn't use it until the next day. Marissa pre rung about 6 bags to ensure each one amounted to 75 in order to use the coupons. She was patient (as I went back and fourth for items) knowledgeable in math ( when it came to totaling and deducting sale price items). I love her she is why I am writing this review and to Josh and Rebecca for my previous experience and for JOSH offering to assist me the next day to use my coupons. I will be going there this morning can't wait!!!”

3.8 Good12 Reviews

“The staff was really friendly and kind when I asked if asked a item from online was in stock at the mall. Sadly, it was not in stock but the girl who helped (Mira if you're seeing this, thank you :D) was very helpful and suggested some items that was similar to the one I was looking at online.”

3.5 Good20 Reviews

“I really really love their T-shirts. They are long, and fluffy. I find them in all colours. I bought several of them. I often have isdues with my skin, since its quite sensitive. Since I wear these T-shirts, irritations are pretty much gone. Worked for me...”

3.4 Good32 Reviews

“Went on a weekday, so the store was clean and racks weren't destroyed. Not a ton of staff. So if you have a question, you'll probably have to go to the checkout area. If you're old enough to check a Google review, you're old enough to figure out most clothing store questions all by yourself.If you're looking for clothes you can wear a season and toss it afterwards, this is a good option.”

3.3 Good83 Reviews

“Prices are very reasonable. Staff are very helpful. It was about closing time, and the lady at the fitting room who had just locked all rooms, let me try one at last minute as well.”

3.5 Good8 Reviews

“This boutique has the cutest clothing and accessories. I love their collection of spring and summer dresses; they are so colorful. It's what the salesperson said, we can all pretend we are on the beach on some tropical island, and I so agree. I got carried away today and purchase 6 dresses but they were all on sale today so that made up it for it.”

3.4 Good5 Reviews

“Our goto location for HoCo dresses! Lots of colors and styles to choose from, helpful sales people and easy dressing room access! Other cute clothes as well but definitely a destination store for HoCo dresses!”

3.2 Average57 Reviews

“Very nice area!! We ate at Dave's Hot Chicken!! The customer service was amazing!! The entire staff was very gracious & honored all of my parties needs!! Robin & Nikki as well as the kitchen & front staff we're amazing!!”

3.1 Average36 Reviews

“It's probably the best store in the Great Mall outlet in terms of service, variety, and worthy discounts. It's a must stop by store, exceeded expectations .. highly recommended”

3.1 Average79 Reviews

“Salemans knew what size I was without me even uttering a word. I had to get the pant length tailored and was done in under 10 minutes. Fast and great quality service”

2.8 Average12 Reviews

“My family and I are big H&M fans and this place is no exception. Every time I am in the great mall this place is a must stop as with the Santana Row location. There is less people here which makes the location good. Not cramped like other locations. Like every other H&M the prices are very affordable and this is a place for everyone to get some nice clothes here. I am super shocked they have clothes and even shoes in my size. Who knew. Every other location is just too bland but this one does the trick. Drawback: I could appreciate it if the employees are not so absent minded and actually act professional. Some of them are not very considerate of customers who are opting to try on clothes. Excuse me but those clothes are not yours, you don't own them just yet.”

2.9 Average26 Reviews

“Reasonably sized store with a good range of men's, women's and children's clothing and accessories. This includes some bags, underwear, perfume, belts, ties and socks. We were here mid November and they had 40% off storewide. I had also shopped at Van Huesen just before and on that receipt was an additional 10% off at Tommy (so we received 50% in total with the discount voucher). Not many staff in store to ask for help, but service was pretty efficient at the checkout.”

2.7 Average54 Reviews

“One of my parol lights is not working so after a year of purchase, I went back to ask to replace the bulb and they gladly accepted because it's under warranty and I have the receipt and the lady there was really kind and told me she's gonna give me a call back When it's done.”

1.8 Poor16 Reviews

“The people that work there are very friendly and there cloths are amazing quality and very cute. I bought some shirts there two years ago and I still wear them. They aren’t too expensive either.”

1.8 Poor16 Reviews

“Rebecca was especially helpful. It's so nice to interact with such a pleasant, well trained and resourceful representative. I would definitely shop there again.”

2.5 Average64 Reviews

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