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“This was a small but well stocked grocery store. It isn't organized the same as other stores, but we still found what we were looking for. We got half and half, raspberries, water, and a couple snacks for our hotel. The price in dried pineapple is really great, and the service was friendly.”

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“They kicked my friend and I out for taking to long but he was tryna buy groceries and I was not about to spend all of my money in an expensive market. Other than the "Hold Up" the store was pretty nice. A variety selection of snacks and they take EBT”

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“First time there, Raymond from the wine section was tremendously helpful, i had a ton of stuff to bring to the car and he went out of his way to help me out. Much appreciated.”

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“i love this little spot. i ve only tried their sushi from the fresh sushi counter and the sticky rice with mango. all delicious and the staff are super friendly. its my go-to lunch spot”

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“This grocery store is a frozen wonderland, where convenience reigns and millennials stand. Bagged and ready, each meal a delight, perfect for those who don't want to cook tonight. Gen Z approves, with a nod and a smile, making dinner easy, with style and while. It's the modern way to dine and dash, with flavors that flash and prices less than cash!”

4.5 Superb57 Reviews

“I LOVE this Trader Joe's. The food is cheap, the employees are very nice and talkative, and the store is always clean. However, it is difficult to find some items in their current setup. I will ALWAYS grocery shop at this Trader Joe's!!”

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“I wanted to start off by saying Mahalo ( Thank You in Hawaiian) to the Whole Foods Market for selecting the location. I will add images later as I was in a time crunch, but the store has the new car smell, lol. This is the location of Whole Foods Market that you must experience for yourself, as I have never met a more friendly& helpful team and it truly does allow patrons to truly leisurely shop and yes socialize with other neighborhood inhabitants. Calling All chefs or Home cooks, do yourself a favor and walk into the produce department and marvel in the freshest quality, its updated frequently, and I’m confident that if you found something out of sorts it would be addressed immediately and without incident. Bright, displayed and colorful produce. Whole Foods Market Well Done”

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“I've been coming to this grocery storey store for forever on a day, and it's always been my go-to store for all of the grocery stuff that I need. I got over here late at around 2pm, and the store was bustling with customers doing their shopping. And they I saw more than a few employees working on re-stocking products. I like to come here because it's everything organic and 100% natural. I bought apples, bananas, and my favorite navel oranges. I also got a pack of all-natural chicken and ground beef, a half gallon of milk, some strawberry yogurt cereal. On my way out, I couldn't pass-up a container of prepared caeser salad chicken with salmon that I will have for dinner later. I love this place!”

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“It's still five stars here, and they also opened the nearby Sara's Market. Love them both. But now the "food desert" aspects of Georgetown have improved since my previous review. We got our Whole Foods back (although it is mechanized, so the ambience sucks), and Trader Joe's opened, as did Wegman's and Streets. So there is competition, definitely, but this little corner shop still has my heart.”

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“The customer service here rocks!! Everyone is so attentive, helpful and knowledgeable - it's like they live and breathe Mom's mission, which doesn't happen often in a grocery store chain. Their product is always stocked, and organized. I never leave without anything I needed. 5 stars for Mom's on NY Ave!”

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“Don’t sleep on this honey hole! If you’re like me, you never want to drive around hoping and wishing for the allocated bourbon unicorns! Maybe you don’t like the 2am Rush to huddle outside of a store in the freezing cold for an allocated bourbon drop. Or you dislike the horrendous VA ABC allocated text and email notifications that seem to happen in the middle of rush hour traffic ??Well if all of those fit your horrific bourbon hunt tales, Corner Market is the go to! Guys behind the counter are great to work with and often bring out the allocated stuff when you’re looking for it! Prices are fair secondary and not too over the top! I do suggest you give a follow on IG to get notice when they put the allocated stuff out for purchase! Definitely will be back!”

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“Prices are excellent and consistent which is important in today's economy. Produce is some of the best around and the staff at most locations are friendly courteous and professional and this is great and why I shop there! Blessings”

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“I'm a MD grad so definitely have been here many times. Favorite spots for food depending on your mood:Upper levelLedo's for pizza & chicken strip baskets. Kosher Korner - anything you order will be good. Catalyst Hot Dogs - fun new twists on the traditional favorite. And they have good fries!Lower levelConcession stands 3-4 behind sections 103/4 have good crab dip nachos (if you like spicy ask to add jalapenos).”

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“Everything you need. There wasn't any organic produce, but the selection is sufficient for most needs. Most common cuts of beef are available but they are very thin cuts. No grass fed options available.”

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“Friendly staff, compact but mostly well stocked store, and a saving grace for this expensive neighborhood with few other affordable grocery options. I leave Harris Teeter spending at least twice what I do at TJ’s!”

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“Havent saw ms kyra since i was a kid in elementary/middle school) used to live a round the corner from her store in that area for 5 years & she helped get me in a karate class across the street from her store, even use to let me ,my bros, and my sister go when we didnt have enough $ for our items sometimes ... good to see she didnt sell out after all these years that passed i was 8 - 13 back then and 26 now and she still standing with all of all this gentrification uptown.. those were the good days Miss her and that area.”

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“This is a lovely neighborhood cafe. I find it a great place to put down my cellphone for a while, meet with family or friends, or just do a little people-watching. I see a lot of joy here with people connecting with one another. They have great coffee and yummy food. I especially love their arrugala pizza! There is a lot of covered seating outdoors and there is also a room upstairs if you need some quiet or space for a larger gathering. Sometimes local musicians come and play. Big Bear Cafe has a great vibe!”

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“I am just reviewing the food. It was really nice. The servers don't really speak English but I was able to point and gesticulate what I thought looked nice. The shrimp in the creamy soup was delicious and so was the rice and plantains. I went back twice. It was 16.25 for a very large serve of food. I had some leftover for dinner. If you're looking for great takeout, come here.”

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“This place is amazing. Not only are the prices for specialty cheese fairly competitive but if there’s something they don’t have that you want they’ll order it for you, plus they let you try anything before you buy so there’s no buyers remorse!”

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“They have a great variety of groceries for a small city location, and I appreciate that they stock several local brands. The checkout staff is also very friendly and efficient.”

4.2 Good38 Reviews

“Not only are the fruits and groceries fairly priced but it’s honestly *one of the only places* that actually has affordable hot meals in the whole area. The Tamales are hella good ?If their landlord raises their rent and prices them out I will riot. Or at least tell all my neighbors and local orgs to support them and shame the landlord. It’s happened to too many good places recently”

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“The nicest deli and owners around! The store is always stocked with everything that I need at a reasonable price, and has great hours. In addition, I can always count on getting a warm and familiar smile from the owners! They are+ the store is truly a gem! :)”

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“Wife sent me to get a big bottle of not bottom but not too vodka and as am standing there trying to figure out what to get, nice gentleman came up and offered his advice which I took. Then the cashier was friendly and I got a have a nice day out the door. Very pleasant experience.”

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“Excellent wine selection. I like the fact that they added new wines and there beverages to their inventory. Workers are amazing and polite. Prices are not too bad either. Definitely somewhere you can go and find things that other convenience store in the neighborhood don't have. They also have more produce on hand now. Will definitely check them out more often. Hope they keep doing a good job.”

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“The staff is incredibly warm and welcoming, and the atmosphere feels like a true reflection of care and kindness. It’s clear that the team here genuinely cares about their customers. I always leave with a smile on my face and the knowledge that I’ll be coming back for more. Highly recommend”

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“This place is a great mini variety store in a food desert. Sometimes they even have fresh fruits. They have so much stuff it's amazing. Everything from food to hair products to kitchen and garden products to smoke products. You can easily buy birthday gifts here too. It's a one stop shop. And the people who work there are always so kind.”

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“I bought Korean cabbage here and ate it with kimchi. There is also 'Cheomlike' soju, which is relatively reasonably priced in the United States. I hope they sell some ‘Joseon Radish’ too. Looking at the comment left by someone else here, I see that the owner is from Korea. Next time I go, I'll have to say hello and pretend I know him. Haha.”

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“Never shopped there before, received a gift card for Lidl. I was very surprised & impressed. They had everything I was looking for & some extras. I will be shopping there in the future.”

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“The aroma of pan roasted Ethiopian coffee. Delicious Ethiopian halal food to go. The warm smile and genuine hospitality of the beautiful couple that welcomes you to DC International Market make it worth the trip.”

4.9 Superb9 Reviews

“This is by far the best place to eat in the dmv area. I have been there three times and I was never dissatisfied. The food is beyond amazing! I would highly recommend anyone who is looking for fresh food to eat. Friendly staff and great customer service. They deserve recognition!”

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