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“Shout out to Ed and the team here. Saturday, it's busy, but they are communicative and professional. Had to get a new card and a non standard cash transaction. Everything dealt with quickly and out the door with no troubles.”

3.8 Good19 Reviews

“Kyle Beckhusen at Wright Associates has been a trusted advisor for several years. He saved me countless hours in financial planning, significantly grew my investment portfolio, and granted me peace of mind along the way. Whenever I have a question on investing, taxes, retirement planning or insurance, Kyle is quick to respond to my email and always has thoughtful answers. I also gain comfort in the experienced team around Kyle at Wright Associates and know they're constantly looking for ways to increase the risk-adjusted returns on my portfolio.”

5 Superb6 Reviews

“Fast and professional experience with a hospitable atmosphere. I went to this location to set up a new account with PNC, my wait time was nice & quick, the staff were also very accommodating. My bank teller was Jeffrey Rask and he assisted me with everything I needed.Thank you”

3.4 Good28 Reviews

“I go there once a week sometimes twice a week. The only thing I experience was great service. Keep up the good work I enjoy having a bank in the neighborhood. I think everyone's doing the best. They can try to be a little bit more patient with people. We just came through one of the worst pandemics in our countries history be patient. If you have someone in front of you be patient if you have to walk from a parking Space on the street a little exercise never hurt anyone of us”

4.5 Superb4 Reviews

“I just want to say thank you to Megan, the teller that helped me out today. I was having a really really, supremely stressful, bad day, and she was super sweet and helped me out. Personable, friendly, empathetic and caring. I needed someone like that today! Thanks again Megan.”

3 Average46 Reviews

“I NEVER knew you could deposit money into an ATM machine yet alone cash a check from one. Let me tell you CJ was patient and kind as he helped me. He’s also easy on the eyes . Very well dressed, dapper, and professional what an asset to the PNC brand. I was done in less than 10 minutes!”

3.2 Average19 Reviews

“came into get some cash for my car repair, ended up fixing a problem with my account and getting a new card printed. staff was super friendly, cara and min helped me as soon as i walked in. they helped me with a fraud/debit card issue and i was in/out within 15 minutes ?”

3 Average43 Reviews

“I went to the bank today with two goals, deposit some cash and get a new debit card. Jackie was super nice and happy to help me with my deposit, even though it can be done at an ATM. She then directed me to Jordan (if I remember his name correctly) to get a new debit card. Within 5 minutes of walking through the door, I had accomplished both my goals. The debit card process was surprisingly easy and I was pleased that I was able to get a card without having to wait for it to come in the mail.”

3.3 Good14 Reviews

“Efficient, although very slow tellers who did not try to move people along. Customers in front of me would not stop talking, holding up the line. So slow for noreason n”

3 Average25 Reviews

“Very polite...very service and everything I needed to know was answered..very patient as well over all great experience and will most definitely recommend..thanks...”

2.9 Average41 Reviews

“I went in because my card was about to expire and I misplaced the new one they mailed out. This location printed me out a new one in under ten minutes. Everyone was so nice and super helpful!”

3.2 Average12 Reviews

“I was there yesterday for a car loan. It was super last minute and I only had my lunch break to get it done. I worked with Rae and Rose, the manager. They were so great! I was there for only about 40 minutes and left with a check in hand for my new Jeep. They made the process so easy and fast. I would go in anytime. They are truly professional and 10/10 for customer service. They really listened to me and helped me through what could have been a very stressful time.”

3 Average20 Reviews

“The pnc customer service line and the listed services for the 225 fifth Ave branch (not this one) include 'instantly receive a lost debit card'. When I walk into the branch there are two managers just standing in the lobby staring into the distance. Another employee they identified as the intern was near asleep in one of the offices. When I ask them for the 'instant' debit card replacement they said I needed an appointment. I asked if they could do it as they were just standing there and they said no because I need an appointment. So I walked down the street to this 120 fifth Ave branch in the first avenue place building and they can't be more helpful. She was empathetic and listened. The banker at this branch today brightened my day so thanks.”

3.1 Average14 Reviews

“Just left PNC from Robinson Township. I don't remember her name (her office is second one on the left) but she was so helpful and nice. She helped me deposit a check and answered all my questions about the virtual wallet and how to use it. Two Thumbs Up ?”

2.8 Average48 Reviews

“I have received EXCELLENT customer service from Andrew Crego, the Branch Manager at the PNC Penn Ave/Strip District location. He was polite and courteous and provided effective help with two complex issues. Thank you, Andrew!”

3 Average11 Reviews

“I am a new customer and just recently joined Citizens Bank. This is my learning. 1. You can park in the garage and they will validate 2. I opened a Business and Personal Account 3. Great Service Kayla Gilroy was a tremendous help. I reach out to Citizens Bank to understand requirements for opening a business account. She informed me what I would need · Articles of Incorporation · Corporate Resolution/ Certificate of Incumbency · EIN We had a successful meeting. She linked my business accounts with my personal accounts (so I only have to log into one system). Everything went very good. Kudos to the branch and the bank.”

3.7 Good3 Reviews

“PNC is a great institution if you have delusions of grandeur. They treat me like a millionaire VIP even though I don't have much money in any of my accounts with them. Jason and Courtney are excellent reps.”

2.8 Average14 Reviews

“After struggling to find a reliable CPA for 8 years, we we decided to start working with a larger firm (Schneider Downs). Easily one of the best business decisions we've ever made. If you're not working with a team of professionals like Schneider Downs, you're leaving money on the table.”

2.7 Average7 Reviews

“I've had several issues with credit card fraud and they resolved every single one in an extremely fast fashion. Their customer service was excellent; so I'm not sure what the other reviews are about. Jason and Drew will bend over backwards to make sure you're taken care of. I'm grateful that there's a PNC this close as I can stop down during lunch and get all my matters taken care of. I've established bank accounts for my business here; I've done a home equity installment loan here. The process was straight forward and as easy as they can be (they take time).”

2.8 Average5 Reviews

“They were extremely helpful. This was my first time at this branch. And I definitely was left with a very good impression. It's always refreshing when you leave and you know that the people working actually care about what they do and they take pride in it. That really makes a business stand out.”

2.5 Average12 Reviews

“Rainell said she usually works downtown, but she's currently working up in Bloomfield. She's a dedicated, friendly banker, and incredibly trans competent. She brightened up my day and made what would usually be an exhausting hour and a half expedition into the wild world of banking not only tolerable, but wonderful. She went the extra mile in so many different aspects to open my account and get the job done well, while still being affirming and understanding. During the periods we were on hold, she was happy to explain anything I had questions about and clarify anything that may seem confusing. I have a follow up appointment next week to make sure that I'm on the right track to being more money literate and properly switching my bank account over. I definitely recommend her. :)”

2.5 Average10 Reviews

“One of the managers helped me save $25 on an account because he could (I think his name was Adam). Easy to work with and it was empty when I went (Friday at 6) so I'd recommend.”

2.4 Poor10 Reviews

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