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“My wife and I dropped in for a new mattress, Eric and his associate was great to work with, answered all of our questions, we never felt any pressure and made a great purchase. This is the fourth time we've used mattress firm and will plan to go back for our next need”

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“If you're looking for modern furniture without the big price tags, this is the place. The showroom was quite large and had a good variety. We were able to purchase dining room chairs, accent chairs, motorized couch, and a few planters. The sale was very generous. As for quality, so far it's been a few months and we're pretty happy. I only took a star off because the furniture is low, comparable to ikea and because often the delivery is delayed due to low inventory. But that just means they are popular.”

4.5 Superb99 Reviews

“From concept to execution, Source did an incredible job designing and furnishing our new office. Source’s project management was impeccable, ensuring a smooth process and on-time delivery. They created an amazing workspace that truly inspires our employees. We couldn’t be happier with our new office!”

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“The quality of the replicas from Eternity Modern are second to none. I would highly recommend their products to anyone in the market for mid century reproductions.”

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“Great selection, reasonable prices and lovely customer service. The Steelcase chair I bought looked almost new because of how nicely it was cleaned before being put out for sale. I was helped by Lupe who demonstrated all its features and even helped me load it into my car. It was a pleasure dealing with her. And you can take it back to them if you have any mechanical issues (not wear and tear) and they'll look into for you.”

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“A few weeks ago I moved into my new apartment in Kings Point Delray Beach which is a 55 and over community. I was searching online for furniture and I came across Jennifer Taylor home. As a side note most of the furniture places today that you go into do not give you top quality merchandise at reasonable prices. Great quality furniture is enormously expensive and for the most part out of reach of a lot of senior citizens. I have looked at many different furniture stores over the years have bought furniture from quite a few. They never reach my expectations or ever exceeded it. Jennifer Taylor home not only met my expectations but exceeded them be on my wildest dreams. The furniture is in one word GORGEOUS . The craftsmanship is amazing and attention to detail is perfect. I think what really impressed me was the fact that the furniture was affordable not overpriced at all. Customer service is a big part of dealing with furniture companies. Dealing with logistics delivery times etc can be very difficult. Being someone that is disabled and unable to run around to various stores I had to do all my purchasing online. I always had someone to talk to to answer questions and customer service. They kept in touch with me throughout the process. I bought a jack 84-in sofa, Eloise armchair and a Katherine Tufted chair. I also just received my bar stools which is being put together was an amazing price on sale. I am simply in love with my new furniture. If you are looking to buy quality furniture reasonable prices go to Jennifer Taylor home online. Highly recommended you will not be disappointed at all. I wanted to post pictures but the Yelp app is simply not allowing me to get into my Google files to post them I have no idea why.”

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“Consignment stores are the luck of the draw. Sometimes you can go there and get lucky and other times. It's not your lucky day. But overall, the quality seems to be good, what I have learned is that a majority of this furniture gift brand new are sometimes from the department stores, and also from model homes. So you can find that these items are even hardly used, just for aesthetics. I am sure some of the items you can find elsewhere for cheaper, but the prices are pretty fair. There are some items that are on consignment, but still in pretty good condition so I would think that they have a certain standard that you have to have to be able to sell your items there. Definitely eclectic and you have some modern items there as well.”

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“Thomas was very friendly and helpful in helping me to find the right mattress. He explained the make-up of the mattresses I was drawn to and got approval for an additional $300 off the mattress. I’m looking forward to my new mattress and improved sleep!”

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“GOTTA LOVE IT ! We were runnin' low on a few of our favorite things...that we can only find here. My wife and I headed over here around 2pm on Friday. The public parking lot was almost full but we found a good spot close to the store. While my wife checked out the greeting cards upfront I walked to the back of the store lookin' for the goodies. FIRST UP ! Tim Tam chocolate coated cookies....the number one selling cookie in Australia...I grabbed a pack of extra Chocolaty. Close by I nailed 2 jars of Aussie Vegemite. Moving on I picked out some Laceys chocolate coated cookies...1 x Dark Chocolate & Almond With Mandarin And Cardamom plus 1 x Dark Chocolate & Almond With Raspberry And Rhubarb ( something new ). In the meantime my wife bought a neat pop-up greeting card and a funny 2024 Cat Calendar for her cat lovin' sister, plus a pack of Darrell Lea Australian Licorice for our daughter ( memories of her visit to Australia ). THAT WAS IT ! Even though the store wasn't very busy everyone hit the checkouts at once so we waited a few minutes to pay for our selections. Fast friendly service from the female cashier !”

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“Love this mug! Made in China Winnie the Pooh with Chinese character! I thought Winnie the Pooh was banned in China! Is this why this one is in HomeGoods? Because it is illegal to sell Pooh in China??”

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“Fernando has been exceptionally helpful! He helped us find the perfect desk and bookshelf. He arranged quick shipping and followed through on the entire process. Thanks Fernando!”

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“Came here with a friend to see what unique things we can find for our homes. You will find some good deals, but you're going to have to work for it! Haha...It's kind of like finding hidden treasure! We enjoyed our time there digging through everything and we both left with a few purchases. Worth checking out if you're in the area!”

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“My coworker highly recommended Arizona for all recline custom couches and she said they had a wide selection with what I was looking for. I went in despair after going to many places, when I met Denise from Arizona leather what a difference! She was extremely helpful every step of the way! Great communication pre, during and post delivery. She even helped us in finding a different set up for our living room which really was a game changer vs the traditional set up. We purchased a 4 chair reclining sofa and reclining love seat. We have a big family ?. I cannot recommend this place enough with high quality material and service. Truly rare these days so I am thankful for my coworkers recommendation!”

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“This place is amazing. They have a huge selection of hotel quality (very sturdy) furniture, some of which is lightly used and in fantastic shape. Piled as high as the ceiling, the warehouse guys are so helpful and provide exceptional service in picking out "good" items from the stacks and packing it in vehicles. We are furnishing a small resort and found so much amazing stuff. We were limited only by space in our trailer. I love the value of shopping here, as the pricing is excellent, but the quality is outstanding. Tell Tony I said hi.”

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“Love this place! Irvine location is huge! Our favorite over Jerome’s and especially Ashley.
They are helpful and kind and it was a good experience all
Around .which delivery of 2 days if in stock with competitive prices :)”

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“I wanted to share with you about my recent experience at [Store Name] while shopping for a new mattress. It truly was one of the best places I've visited! The level of service at the store is akin to visiting your doctor - thorough and considerate.The staff encouraged me to take my time and try out different mattresses, emphasizing the importance of choosing the right one, especially as we age. As someone who values the significance of quality sleep, I can't stress enough how crucial a good mattress is.I am so impressed with Sleep Number that I wouldn't hesitate to return for another purchase in the future. I wholeheartedly recommend paying them a visit; the team there is truly exceptional.”

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“I have been a Bassett customer for over 5 years. My house looks amazing now after the remodel, all thanks to my designer, Felyce Rhodes. She was very professional and could easily answer any questions I had, on any of the Bassett product lines during my initial purchase. With over 20 years as an Interior Designer, she easily understood what I liked in furniture and introduced me to the AWESOME Bench Made product line, and the Beckham looks fantastic in my home. She is very pleasant to work with, so when Felyce transferred from the Ontario store over to the Irvine store, I followed her for all my new purchases. She is an amazing Interior Designer with great suggestions and ideas, has a amazing eye for color coordination. simply the best!”

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“HUGE STORE ! My wife and I zipped over here around 3pm on Friday to pick up some Xmas stuff. We parked in the huge multi level undercover parking lot directly across from this store. TOO EASY ! And then we walked a short distance to the main entrance. It's a completely updated store with a huge range of everything under the sun. My wife and I picked out some Xmas greeting cards, wrapping paper etc. I grabbed some personal hygiene items from the MAN ZONE. Fast friendly service at the checkout !NOTE - Of course with over 22 million views of my Yelp reviews and pics world wide in 2022 I can tell you what is great !”

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“I like the service here. For example. I'll see a piece of furniture that I like in the showroom in costa mesa ca. I will call my salesperson in the outlet and have them look for the piece if they currently have on the floor. They will quote me a price and give the condition of the piece. If they don't have it they call me if they get one in. The price can be negotiated based on the pieces condition. There are good at what they do. It helps make a personal appearance to find a associate that you can count on. It all depends on your wait time. Sometimes it takes to Months get what your in the outlet. They also will call the other stores if you want to go there instead.”

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“Hidden secret of Irvine/Tustin for your interior decor needs. Navid and Lexi were so great with communication and follow-up regarding our purchase of staging furniture for our new house. Would highly recommend them to stage your house if your house is on the market. It truly makes the difference of selling a home vs just a house with walls and basics.”

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“I like coming to this Target. Here I am able to buy a little bit of everything. Clothes, snacks, beauty products and etc. The people are helpful. I have done several pick up orders here.”

3.3 Good55 Reviews

“The service is nice and their is usually a lot of items in stock but girls or boys if your going for makeup you want to make sure you come early because they sell out on "trendy" or just viral products very fast. And the value is alright.”

3.3 Good69 Reviews

“Karim one of the staff members in the electronics department was super helpful and kind he definitely deserves a great review I really appreciate his assistance on helping me out today !”

3.2 Average44 Reviews

“Really great service they are really nice people and they sell good quality and nice offices and furniture definitely recommend buying from here if you want to add some private offices or cubicles to your buisness or if you just need office chairs”

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“Karim one of the staff members in the electronics department was super helpful and kind he definitely deserves a great review I really appreciate his assistance on helping me out today !”

2.6 Average18 Reviews

“The whole store is well organized and clean. I really enjoyed being able to quickly pick out the arts and crafts I needed for my son while on vacation here and there was plenty of crafts in stock to chose from ?”

2.8 Average29 Reviews

“This location has a limited range of products, however super convenient as located in a great shopping center across from UCI and always love employees & cleanliness of Target.”

2.2 Poor13 Reviews

“Customer Service, electronics department, and cashier all great, busy store. Tuesday night about 7:30pm. I had to return one item rebuy same item and needed help loading item in car. All 3 departments were very helpful, cashier left his register to help load item. Recommend using store any time. All 3 departments well trained and service orientated.”

2.5 Average26 Reviews

“I had a wonderful experience interacting with Brenna on their Customer Service Team. She did everything she could to work with me to find a solution to my problem.I also have to stress to everyone reading the reviews, I was patient, followed her suggestions, and took the steps she suggested to fix the problem I was experiencing. Not everything is quick fix, but the solution ended up being resolved in way that worked for both of us.I encourage anyone interacting with them to treat the members of their team with respect, and I promise you'll receive it back. I bought another office chair manufactured by them today because of the positive experience I had with their team.”

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