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“Diego is the best representative that has ever helped me out. Not only is he very kind and patient but he is very knowledgeable and professional. Will definitely refer friends and family to come see Diego!!”

4.4Superb200 Reviews

“Fantastic experience with Sam. My wife ran over her iPhone and cracked the case. I called him first and Sam said it would take 15 min and the price was about $120 service included. He warned me the screen would be slightly different in color than the original, and offered a higher model for a higher price. It’s an older phone so I said no. I dropped off the phone and shopped for about 13 min and came back and he was already done. That was about 6 months ago and the screen is still working great. My wife did notice the slight difference in color (I couldn’t tell but I’m sure if it was my phone I would), but she has no complaints. I had a great experience and would definitely come back if I ever needed more iPhone help.”

4.9Superb69 Reviews

“Very helpful and knowledgeable! We had an issue with an online order and Long and the team were very kind to help us out. Highly recommend this shop. Buying/changing/whatever cell phones/plans/companies is like visit a car lot, mostly an unbearably frustrating and annoying process. While my mind hasn’t been changed about the company at large, Long and the team at this particular store are very helpful and i would definitely recommend going here, especially if you hate cell phone stores like i do. That’s why we tried to process our order online in the first place, but it’s always better to talk with someone and have them help you our right when you need it.”

4.4Superb109 Reviews

“I made and paid for a purchase and requested $40 cash.Between myself and the gal helping me she forgot to give me the cash back. It wasn't until the next day I remembered that I forgot my cash back.Called the store, worked with a guy named Dave in returns.Figured it out and I got my cash.Next time I'll pay more attention”

4.3Superb76 Reviews

“Recently got new service from this store .The store manager called Jaye gave me very good deal of the free phones and low cost lines . Highly recommended this location.Will do business again !Thank you very much !”

4.1Good79 Reviews

“The manager Mark and the representative Nathan went out of their way and spent a significant amount of time to ensure that I got the best device and that I got the correct discount applied to my account. They were both extremely helpful in explaining all of the features on my new tablet. They also helped me with the very cracked screen on my phone. I would most definitely go back to that store for help on getting any devices I need in the future.”

3.8Good212 Reviews

“More helpful than the store on Barranca and I didn’t even buy anything. They answered questions and looked at some of my account history and device information that I was questioning. Thanks guys! ?”

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“Update: did another transaction here, they were equally chill about it. I dunno why I expect the business to be offended that I've decided they're a safe e-commerce location, but I'm super grateful they take exactly the opposite tack.Came here because it was a safe place to complete a transaction, and both the customer and I used T-Mobile. Turned out we were very lucky we did despite a line, Raya found time to swoop in and help us solve problems at multiple stages of the phone set up process. During this time I overheard her solve an impressive number of customer's problems with humor and alacrity.”

3.8Good95 Reviews

“I loved their service. Joshua took care of me and unlocked my phone. It was frozen due to changing Sims. He was kind enough to unlock it after checking my ID and had it ready for new sim. There was no line around 7:00 p.m. on Monday evening. You might pay less for other brands but your signal will always work like what happened with me at the Anaheim Convention Center yesterday in the auto show (Oct 2023). T-Mobile phones didn't work but mine did because I have AT&T.”

5Superb11 Reviews

“Greeted immediately when entered! Very fast and helpful! Set a very comfortable environment! Very knowledgeable! Great multitasking! One of the best services I have received! Highly recommend! Thank you!”

3.7Good115 Reviews

“I visited this store 2 days ago and Hany helped me with a new ATT fibre internet account setup. Hany was extremely professional, knowledgable, and polite. He knew his stuff amazingly well and when my new address was having issues - he was able to quickly troubleshoot & resolve it. I was in & out of the store within 10 minutes. I got ATT installed today and the entire experience has been outstanding. Thank you!”

3.7Good112 Reviews

“William assisted me with preordering the latest iPhone 15 Pro Max. He gave my a comprehensive look at my plan to see if I qualified for some amazing offers. I also picked up some great accessories to go with my phone. I highly recommend William and the Woodbury location for all of your needs.”

3.6Good165 Reviews

“I am writing to express my utmost appreciation for the outstanding assistance I received from Ken during my recent visit. Ken went above and beyond to help me, demonstrating unparalleled professionalism and dedication to customer satisfaction.Ken not only understood my situation but also took proactive measures to ensure my needs were met. I am truly grateful for his patience and expertise while I patiently waited for my device to be activated. What impressed me most was Ken's ability to multitask and assist others efficiently. He not only took care of my requirements but also extended his expertise to help others, showcasing his exceptional skills and commitment to customer service.I believe Ken's exceptional service deserves special recognition. His dedication to going the extra mile for customers like me is exemplary and truly sets a high standard for customer support. I am incredibly pleased with the level of service I received, and I strongly believe that Ken deserves an award or formal recognition for his outstanding contributions.Once again, thank you to Ken for his exceptional assistance and support. I couldn't be happier with the service he provided, and I look forward to recommending your establishment to friends and family, thanks to Ken's exemplary service.PS Ken: My sister is very happy with her new iPhone, she's also happy with her phone case.”

3.5Good153 Reviews

“Yohana and Keinthia are the nicest! They're very professional and finished my business quickly even though they had other customers, the staff gdy along great and work well together unlike other T-mobiles I've been to. Two thumps up, definitely recommend ?.”

3.4Good101 Reviews

“Roy, an employee at T-Mobile, has been incredibly helpful in providing exceptional service. His extensive knowledge and expertise in the products and services offered by T-Mobile have made my experience seamless and enjoyable. Roy's willingness to listen, understand my needs, and provide tailored recommendations has been invaluable. His friendly demeanor and commitment to customer satisfaction make him a valuable asset to T-Mobile. I highly recommend Roy for anyone seeking assistance at T-Mobile, as his helpful services truly stand out.”

3.4Good101 Reviews

“Sam and team are a class act. I’ve been to the other locations in Irvine and none of them match the quality and patience of this store. The team here goes above and beyond to make sure everything is setup properly before you leave. Never have I felt rushed or my questions felt disregarded. The team here continues to be my best experience at any t-mobile location in my over 13 year tenure as a customer. I cannot emphasize enough how highly I recommend this store, they’re smart, professional, and patient with all their customers. THANK YOU SAM AND TEAM!!!”

3.4Good111 Reviews

“Great service. Extremly satisfied. He went above and beyond to help upgrade my mother's phone today. You do have to go in when it's not busy, as the owner can take a while to help each customer.”

2.9Average17 Reviews

“Amazing experience with Jason the manager. He helped us with our new iPhone and was absolutely awesome throughout the whole process. He genuinely looks out for the customers best interest and is honest. Thanks for everything Jason!”

3.2Average112 Reviews

“This location has a limited range of products, however super convenient as located in a great shopping center across from UCI and always love employees & cleanliness of Target.”

2.4Poor45 Reviews

“Great location! One of the best Target's I've had the pleasure of shopping at and here a lot. Clearly the best selection of wine and alcohol! Great CVS and best place for just about everything we need.”

2.7Average101 Reviews

“There was one woman working there and five guys. She was the only one doing anything. Ask if the men were standing around talking about sports. She was terrific though and had a great sense of humor while still being professional and courteous. She should be running the place and all of those guys should be fired.”

2.8Average156 Reviews

“Matthew was very helpful! I went to this location on Jamboree in Irvine after having a bad experience at a Fullerton location. I'll use the Irvine location going forward!”

2.8Average168 Reviews

“I just came to Apple Store in Irvine Spectrum and meet with one of the most talented and amazing experts Yuli .Really impressed with her customer service and help i got her.”

2.8Average245 Reviews

“I have been coming here for years. I work in LA and so convenient for me to stop by because it's close to freeways. The store is organize. The staff are helpful. They pretty much have what I needed. Magnolia products are one of my favorites. Parking is not a problem to me especially they added spaces for electric cars. They need to check the restroom though because some customers are not responsible.”

2.5Average95 Reviews

“Just stop by yo notify them my home internet modem is down, after getting my phone number the salesman just gave me a new replacement. No wait, easy to find parking and get the thing done in 10 minutes, absolutely s perfect TEN!”

2.5Average97 Reviews

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