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“I bought there my suit for my wedding, and from the first time till the end, weeks after, Jorge helped my with everything I need it. He always explain to me the different styles and how that will make look on my special day. I can just say thank you for all you did for me. I totally recommend Tuxedo Gallery for your special occasion.”

4.7 Superb53 Reviews

“Are you big. This has big clothes. These rack sizes start where most end. Not a discount store, so prices run high, with occasional sales. Could carry more Columbia brand. I find comfortable fitting work shirts that fit my tall and ample frame.”

4.7 Superb33 Reviews

“Love the smell of Boot Barn every time I walk in. I've always been welcomed in and offered any assistance when shopping which is very helpful considering I'm not too knowledgeable about boot sizes. Christina is a valuable employee, she gave me the school down on boot sizes.”

4.2 Good39 Reviews

“I want to give a big shoutout to miss Jenni !! She went above and beyond. My friend and I were struggling but she definitely saved the day!! Give this women a raise!!!”

4.3 Superb20 Reviews

“Great service!!! Copen (sorry for spelling) was awesome. He was so patient, and willing to help my son find the best fit and style of jean. He tried to make the outfit with shirts and flannels. He was very helpful with our in store order. Great experience! Thank you”

4.5 Superb9 Reviews

“(Translated by Google) I love this store especially when looking for clothes for my children(Original)Me encanta esta tienda especialmente cuando busco ropa para mis hijos”

4.1 Good20 Reviews

“A beautiful store…clean, great layout and incredible associates.Associates were helpful, friendly, politeAnd efficient. I will shop Kohl’s instead of any of the other department stores in Santa Rosa. Thank you Kohls.”

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“Recently my son had to exchange his work boots due to a flaw.**The Work World staff got right to it. It made my son's day. He wears his boots and is on his feet through out his shift. Friendly and attentive employees is a plus. Good Job!”

3.8 Good56 Reviews

“the staff here are always so nice and super happy to see you! i’ve always had an amazing and super pleasant experience at this store, and i’m here probably once a month or so. needless to say, this place is awesome.”

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“Well its. Little more modern than the old one Santa Rosa coddingtown as just about the same stuff . It's mostly catered for women since they do about 80 percent of the buying . Just saying . They do have a nice men's section with suits sportswear casual wear . Really good value good service very kept clean. Everything's pretty well tidied up . If you want to say what you do well closeouts Mark Downs . They have makeup sections for ladies and just j about everything a lady would need to get her sexy on. .”

3.7 Good48 Reviews

“I had an amazing experience at this store in the Santa Rosa ca. Location. Valera was amazing and really went out of her way to help not only take advantage of the Jean exchange but also found me a second pair of jeans so I could get the bogo deal also. Thank you Valera for all your help. ♥️”

3.7 Good29 Reviews

“The employees were very accepting of the stench that my blood bags left behind post ritual... I would recommend not bringing candles in for cult meetings as clothing is flammable and the fire alarms do in fact work. The manager kindly had a sacrificial goat on hand that had been living in the dressing room for 67 hours prior to my scheduled meeting and the black cat, Reginald, that lives in the cash register was respectful of the need for silence during our chants.”

3.6 Good16 Reviews

“They’re clothes are really cute, a bit expensive though. The customers there are rude, some glare at you for not being skinny or not being super pretty. Which is what stops me from going to Pacsun.”

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“Box Lunch is awesome, if you love anything anime, this is the place to go inside of the Santa Rosa Plaza Mall, I end up spending so much money here when I visit the mall, it's dangerous!! Just last week I purchased 2 blind boxes of toki doki's (figures from Japan) and was excited to see what I had gotten! It was fun but the figures weren't what I wanted so I gave them to a friend, you can find anything here from Pokemon stuff to stuff from Naruto, etc etc. Drop in and enjoy! It's the best store in the mall.”

3.3 Good5 Reviews

“Awesome customer service from Christina and McKayla! I had several interactions with each of them today as I shopped for T-shirts, shorts and pants while I kept misjudging what size I needed. They were very patient and friendly with me.”

3.5 Good25 Reviews

“My daughter wanted the all white air force Nike's for her 16th birthday . she's a 4th of July baby so It took her to the foot locker which was a good experience they had good music and display set up was organized and the staff was fast and friendly . made sure everyone was helped.”

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“I have gone many times to Patrick James throughout the past few years. The quality of clothes is amazing and yes, it's obviously a bit pricey but you get what you pay for. I definitely recommend”

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“Men's warehouse what memories it holds for me 5 of my 7 marriages bought suits from $125-$275 for suit wonderful place HUGE SELECTION & SIZES if you can find a suit here you don't need a suit The selection is gigantic The only problem you'll have at this store is all the different excellent looking choices you will have to choose from the help is very helpful we'll get you fitted for your wedding or special day and stay helped me pick out five suits over the years and we're always there and ready to fit wheelchair accessible parking and wheelchair accessible to store ground floor always willing to help all and go that extra mile for customers I highly recommend men's wearhouse also easily located on steel lane across from Jack in The box and next to round table Pizza easy parking easy access enjoy”

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“We just had the best experience this afternoon! The young man that was helping my husband was ON IT! He was going to and from the back, whipping out different boots that fit the description of what my husband said he was wanting/needing. AND, he was also helping another gentleman at the same time. I wish I could remember his name so that he would get his props but my memory ain't what it used to be LOL. He was wearing shorts and he had a tat on his calve. (Just incase his boss is reading this) The cashier, Justin was super sweet also.”

3.3 Good31 Reviews

“Thank you so much her costumer service to 100 % cause she was a really good listener to what ever I need it really thank you so much I felt at home with her nice treatment”

3.3 Good50 Reviews

“So, I hate to be the person that walks into a store 15 minutes before closing time and have to ask an associate for help, but that's exactly what happened. I'm in the process of moving, and last Saturday night I realized all my dress clothes had been packed away and I had nothing to wear to Church the next day. I got down to Macys 15-20ish minutes before closing and quickly scanned the mens Ralph Lauren Polo section for something that would work for me. I decided on a shirt, but they were all locked together by cable. It took a couple minutes to find an employee available, they were all preoccupied with closing procedures. Connor was leading a clothing rack through the store but happily agreed to come over and unlock the shirt for me. He realized he didn't have the correct key, so he radioed out for someone to assist who does. He received no response, so he asked me to please wait while he ran to grab the key. When we finally got the shirts unlocked, we had to go through and check the tags to find one in my size. There were many shirts to check and I wear an uncommon size(Extra-Large, Extra-Slim Fit), so I felt the need to apologize and thank him a few times, but it seemed unnecessary. Connor had a great attitude and was super helpful. Unfortunately they did not have my size in stock, but I saw some pants that would work nicely. These were also locked up but had a different lock, so Connor had to go grab another key for the pants. I apologized again, there being only 2 or 3 minutes before closing, and kind of expected him to be bent out of shape for taking him away from his closing duties. But it was actually quite the opposite, he was really friendly and had good conversation, even told me a little bit about his mother. After unlocking the pants, he walked me over to the register and rang me up. That's great customer service. I'm leaving 4 stars instead of 5 because the pants I bought, albeit very nice, had a price tag that I felt was high end for industry standards. I was also disappointed that they did not carry my size.”

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“This clothing store is awesome because not only does it carry clothes that are trendy, but it also has unique clothes. It always has a consistent style, and never seems to carry trends that are unflattering or are not appropriate for young women/ teenagers. Only store in the mall I ever get clothes at, best store for teenagers out there. The customer service is satisfactory, I have never had a bad experience with the workers here as they are very respectful and friendly.Also, points for having tons of clothes that go also get with my dress code! Came here for the first time three days ago, completely happy and satisfied with it. I’m exited to come back!”

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“Thank you so much her costumer service to 100 % cause she was a really good listener to what ever I need it really thank you so much I felt at home with her nice treatment”

2.5 Average18 Reviews