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“This store is always stocked. Alot of shoes for man. It's mostly very organized. The store has two exits with cashiers on both sides, one in the back and one in the front. Customer service is great as well.”

3.8Good156 Reviews

“I recently moved from Colorado. I have never been to a Nordstrom Rack as clean and organized as the one in Santa Rosa. This store makes for a fun shopping experience.”

3.8Good141 Reviews

“I love this Target I always have a positive experience. The store is very clean when I do driver up orders the employees are so pleasant and very friendly. I have a little Chihuahua with me most of the time sometimes she’s rambunctious and they are still so polite with her. I’ve had to go inside to return a few things here in there and the employees are still so polite. They make the return process quick and easy. I’m not familiar where things are in that store and the employees usually take me to what I’m looking for so that’s always very nice. I highly recommend this target for all your shopping needs (:”

3.7Good170 Reviews

“Nice, helpful, polite and friendly cashier. Store is clean and orderly and offers so much variety in clothes at very reasonable prices with the added bonus of a scratch-off coupon.”

3.7Good152 Reviews

“The people working at Target are the BEST. I could go to any of the three Target stores near me, but no matter where I am, I choose this store because of the excellent employees and the way they are always cheerful, helpful and knowledgeable”

3.7Good140 Reviews

“You know I used to go to JCPenney when I was like in junior high and hadn't been there in years but wow was I surprised. They had some super duper cool deals on the second floor (make sure you take a cart with you because there aren't any up there). And I'm talking deals on electronics sheet sets kitchen bathroom bedding You name it man this place has got it. I don't know what's on the third floor I really didn't even get that far but when I got back downstairs I went through the shoes which were you know marginal and the jewelry was very lovely. The one thing that I really did like though was how helpful all of the sales people were. I mean, astonishing in this day and age frankly. And the topper was the salon The ladies who were doing the hair cutting and coloring really knew their stuff. This is why I originally went into JCPenney's was to speak to a colorist and then I found a whole rack of OPI nail polishes on sale for super duper dirt cheap which probably are all gone now because I know I bought most of them anyway I give JCPenney a thumbs up I mean if you're in that area check them out Good stuff really and cheap which is what I go for when I go shopping.”

3.7Good139 Reviews

“great cookware and ladies clothes sections! also had an interesting (but very odd) selection of snacks and candies. some gluten-free and vegan options, surprisingly! very cool!”

3.7Good113 Reviews

“This place has always been great. It's an institution. Typical department store but great products and good service. Always clean and inviting, though, a bit too perfumey sometimes. You can do a lot of good Christmas shopping and back to school shopping here. It can be on the pricey side but if you shop smart there are bargains to be found. I do like their men's department and household appliance section.”

3.6Good170 Reviews

“Came into the store 20 minutes before closing I asked an associate at the register where the knee-high shorts in black size 6. She called over associate Tanya who showed me what I was looking for in my size. I was very happy to have found one so far. I asked if she would show me the clearance racks. Tanya took me right to my size. I found two more so far everything that I was looking for and wanted. Tayna is an excellent employee, thank you for hiring her and thank you Tanya for being such a great person and for giving such excellent customer service. And thank you to the associate at the registers for quickly checking me out and for their patient, as they were closed as she finished ringing me up. It is GREATLY APPRECIATED!”

3.7Good88 Reviews

“I don't usually shop at Big Lots but decided to visit. Friendly employees and the store were decently stocked. Great selection on candy, and the pricing was fair. Left with a couple of bags of candy for the commute home.”

3.6Good108 Reviews

“This is a great place for lunch on a nice day! Food is good. I had a cucumber lemon drink and it was delicious! I also had street tacos with shrimp, chicken, and carne asada. I thought they were going to be small and the tortillas were but they were really stuffed and super delicious. That truck is over where they have the alcoholic beverages. We'll try a different truck next time.”

3.4Good102 Reviews

“Online return of 3 items as incredibly simple and easy. Anthony Santos manager of the jewelry department helped with the return. Great employee as appreciate the assistance. I will continue to support this store (Not as much as my girlfriend and her clothing/shoe addiction...LOL) and employees. Thank you!”

3.3Good167 Reviews

“Well i have to say that the order online, drive to store and they load your trunk provided by target @ coddington in Santa Rosa is My new best friend. That was the smoothest process I have ever had. Talk about an awesome system! WOW! The young folks were polite and the sense of urgency that they displayed was on point! Chefs kiss! Great team work I'll be back Thank You”

3.4Good12 Reviews

“This was a pretty good size target that has groceries and everything. You can pretty much do a bunch of shopping here stuff is organized and it was the last appointment. Make sure you grab Clarence right now because it's 20% off.”

3.1Average46 Reviews

“Iam the shopping spree and my perfect stop to look into . The prices are at affordable range and very good collection of Tees, skirts, trousers, shoes, make up items. There are racks with boards marked as Under 10$ which attracts everyone.”

2.8Average24 Reviews

“I've always had great success shopping for what I need at the Coddingtown store. Staff go out of their way to assist me and they are extra courteous! I have been a Macy's customer for over 60 years and am proud to recommend them.”

2.7Average59 Reviews

“So, I hate to be the person that walks into a store 15 minutes before closing time and have to ask an associate for help, but that's exactly what happened. I'm in the process of moving, and last Saturday night I realized all my dress clothes had been packed away and I had nothing to wear to Church the next day. I got down to Macys 15-20ish minutes before closing and quickly scanned the mens Ralph Lauren Polo section for something that would work for me. I decided on a shirt, but they were all locked together by cable. It took a couple minutes to find an employee available, they were all preoccupied with closing procedures. Connor was leading a clothing rack through the store but happily agreed to come over and unlock the shirt for me. He realized he didn't have the correct key, so he radioed out for someone to assist who does. He received no response, so he asked me to please wait while he ran to grab the key. When we finally got the shirts unlocked, we had to go through and check the tags to find one in my size. There were many shirts to check and I wear an uncommon size(Extra-Large, Extra-Slim Fit), so I felt the need to apologize and thank him a few times, but it seemed unnecessary. Connor had a great attitude and was super helpful. Unfortunately they did not have my size in stock, but I saw some pants that would work nicely. These were also locked up but had a different lock, so Connor had to go grab another key for the pants. I apologized again, there being only 2 or 3 minutes before closing, and kind of expected him to be bent out of shape for taking him away from his closing duties. But it was actually quite the opposite, he was really friendly and had good conversation, even told me a little bit about his mother. After unlocking the pants, he walked me over to the register and rang me up. That's great customer service. I'm leaving 4 stars instead of 5 because the pants I bought, albeit very nice, had a price tag that I felt was high end for industry standards. I was also disappointed that they did not carry my size.”

2.4Poor40 Reviews

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