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“Talk about a well run shop. These folks are on top of the game. My other car was broken down, and I would need to tow. Even after getting my car around noon, Sheffon was able to have my car up and running all in one day. Without robbing the bank and quality work built in. Clay's Automotive had repaired another car of mine that was rear-ended and badly damaged. They worked directly with my insurance agent, and within a week, this car was restored to show room quality that you would need to look hard to find even a smallest dent. No, nothing! Just show room work.Thank you Bryan,Diane, Sheffon Leon, and gang.If my review was helpfully, please like it. God bless your day.”

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“Very professional, knowledgeable and informative. Replaced the thermostat. Answered my questions on other issues I have been dealing with my car, for the past three months.”

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“Found them on Google after I got into a hit and run and they were also only 5 minutes away from my house. Took about a week to get my car fixed and looks brand new! They’re very nice and it was easy to work with my insurance as well. Highly recommend and would go here again in the future if ever needed!”

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“I think the reviews speak for themselves but I want to add what a lifesaver Roland and his team were for us. We hit road debrie on the highway at 5am it was 2 batteries that exploded acid all over the bottom of the car and ripped up the shroud. We weren't sure what to do towing was going to be $750 and we wouldn't be able to attend the important funeral we were headed to. We called around when the shops opened and everyone was busy. Roland's team was also very busy but they made time to check things out.They made some on the spot repairs that would allow us to safely complete our trip and make it to the funeral. They Kind hearted good people”

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“I’ve been going to Affordable Mufflers & Brakes for more than ten years. A couple things you should know if you’re a first-time client: the work is honest and fair, and it’s first-come, first-served, so try to arrive before 7:30 am. I was first in line today and out the door with new brake pads in under 45 minutes.”

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“I've been going to Newbridge for tires for more than 20 years. It's the only place I trust completely. I say this as a single woman who has on a few occasions been given the runaround elsewhere .Newbridge is a family business and they are dedicated to honesty and integrity and affordability and they are quick. They are always busy but somehow manage to get me in in a timely fashion. They watch out for me and explain things to me which is a rare treat as a woman. I ask questions .I want to know. I want to understand. I want an explanation. Newbridge conducts business from that inclusive and respectful position. I'm always afraid they'll retire and then what am I going to do?”

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“These guys do great work, offer very fair pricing on tires, and are comfortable working on EVs and take the appropriate precautions. Highly recommended. They even went the extra mile to source the specific EV tire I wanted (new to the market / hard to find).”

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“Chris is thorough and fair, both of which are hard to come by these days. I have two older bmws and have been to see him several times to address a multitude of issues. I will not go anywhere else again.”

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“Best place to go for a tire patch. I made an appointment for 8a, and got patched and went home again in less than an hour. Same guys working the counter, always professional and prompt. 25 bucks!”

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“I went in for a routine car inspection and gentleman that helped me must of been owner was very nice and knowledgeable I learned so much about the collectibles and history behind amsoil such a cool experience I will be returning”

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“Terrific experience and very fair pricing. I didn’t feel swindled or given any different treatment being a woman. The guys at the shop were knowledgeable polite. I highly recommend.”

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“Johnson Auto Recycling has always helped me find the parts I am looking for. Options are offered and when I agree to an option, they always complete their part of the agreement.”

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“Great service and great communication! I came to Get Lifted to diagnose my current issues with my 2018 Jeep Wrangler. Cindy and her staff were amazing to work with. They were always available to speak with whenever I had questions and worked great around my busy schedule as well. Very reasonably priced and I look forward to working with them in the future for any Jeep needs! Thank you all again!”

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“These guys are actually really good. I took my wife's car in for an inspection and they passed it. Didn't try to upsale me. I think they are family owned. Seemed like the Dad ran the place and the kids did most of the work. I love supporting local businesses. Highly recommended!”

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“I was recommended this place by some of my friends living in Asheville. I am from out of town and was very stressed about some sounds my car was making. Even though they were busy, they checked it real quick, filled some power steering fluid and sent me on my way. Being away from home and having car trouble is very stressful and I couldn’t have been sent to a better auto shop. Thank you so much for taking care of this out of towner.”

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“I scheduled an oil change and tire rotation here based on the good Google reviews. I had to wait about two weeks for a drop off appointment. All communication was professional and though they tried to sell me a few additional parts and services, they were not pushy (I declined to buy them). However, I asked for a technician to show me what they were suggesting to replace, and he gladly did so. Very much appreciated!”

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“I have spent the last four months looking for a car. After accessing the market, dedicating time to visit dozens of dealerships within 200 mile radius and constantly searching the car app’s I found Mike’s listing. When I called he was very forthcoming about the information of the car I inquired about. He was willing to work with my schedule and was not pushy on sales with me. He is very fair and honest, in which I value in a sale, especially for such important purchase. The car is in impeccable shape, and so clean. You can tell Mike takes so much pride in his business, and wants to make sure people are safe on the road by providing thoroughly inspected vehicles. It is so refreshing to see a dealership and shop truly care about making a fair and honest sale.You won’t regret buying a car from him. Thank you for making my first “official” car I have bought off a lot a enjoyable and non pressuring experience. I recommend anyone looking to buy a car, to give Mike a call. Thank you so much Green Valley Auto Sales!”

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“I highly recommend Sweeten Creek Automotive. The mechanics are honest and they stand behind their work. I'm so glad I gave this repair shop a chance. Now I take all three vehicles to them.”

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“Wow, brought my car in with an electrical problem that nobody else could figure out. He had my car back in a day and only charged me 80 bucks. I had to ask if i heard him right. . . Great mechanic. Extremely fair and like others have said, the most honest person you'll meet.”

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“Jack Smith's Transmission & Auto Repair in Asheville NC was extremely helpful with a quick response when I damaged the underbody cover on my car, while on a trip there. They repaired it in half an hour with a reasonable price. I wish his company was in the town where I live. If you need repairs, this is the place for quick work and honest labor.”

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“They got me in next day and were very friendly but their labor rate/time seemed high - I paid $185 for diagnostic and labor for spark plug & wire, and air filter swap out. So, $360 with parts for a tune up.”

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“For 20 years, throughout all my residence moves within Buncombe county, my loyalty to Jimmy's never wavers. I know there will be professional, experienced, kind community oriented people making sure I am safe on the roads.”

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“Courtney and the fellas are always so nice! I have no complaints over either of their locations. Work is always completed as timely as it can be. When there is a delay, it is waiting on parts. I have never taken a vehicle back, their work is always top notch.I really appreciate them and am grateful that they are our mechanic!Thanks Curtis High Tech for keeping me and my family safe!!”

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“Ray was kind, honest, and helpful when I brought him my Subaru with a dead engine. Even though I chose not to go through with the repair, Ray allowed me to store the car on his lot until I could get it towed back to the dealer where I purchased the car originally. Thank you, Ray and Cox, you’ve earned a new customer!”

4.8 Superb33 Reviews

“My car was taken care of in such a professional manner. Service was fantastic. They completed the work ahead of schedule and delivered the car back to my house the very same day!Very grateful!”

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“Ricky and the team are knowledgeable and dedicated! They go the extra mile for their customers and even work on infinities which a not of places don't. Thank you, truly Ricky!!-Lida”

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“Both I and a friend have used this shop for years when we don't have time to fix ourselves. Fair pricing (car repair isn't cheap), never had a problem with repair. Never had them try to make absurd claims about the problem, as is sadly common in auto repair. Friendly/helpful staff. They do a lot of different repairs, not just brakes and exhaust...put a rear axle in my car, shipped to them by a seller. Because they are good, they are usually very busy...check in advance.Take the 1-star reviewer with a grain of salt: having a brother and father who were career mechanics, and having done my own brakes for decades, I have never in my life heard of a wheel bearing being broken by a brake job, and can't imagine how that could happen, as the wheel bearing is inside the axle and has nothing to do with the brakes (they are sealed and away from brakes). MOST likely, this guy had huge brake noises from not replacing his brakes for too long, and so didn't hear the bearing going bad (make a racket...loud roaring noise when really bad). It is clear from his review in total that he knows nothing about cars, and is blaming a shop for something they clearly did not break. Yes, depending on the car, how many miles you drive a year and how you drive (most of you, like maniacs), you may need to have the rotors turned every year. I have had 3 of the same make/model car in my life, and the rotors warped every year until i replaced the rotors with "severe duty", 4 years, no need to turn them. Also, a tip: when getting a car repaired, get an estimate, then tell them to call you if it will be more. Never used a shop who didn't honor this agreement.”

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“I am a mechanic so when I blew a seal in my truck's rear end while on vacation, I was not happy. Thankfully, Bruce got me right in, and was definitely the right guy for the job. I appreciated his professionalism and courtesy helping me out while I was on the road. Bruce, if you ever find yourself needing help in Williamston, NC, it will be my pleasure to return the favor.”

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“Soooooo happy with the work that Silver's did on my 2023 Hyundai Tucson after a parking lot hit and run left it looking worse for wear! Dylan was helpful through every step of the process from getting the estimate to working with my insurance. My car looks brand new again. Thanks so much!Services: Painting”

4.9 Superb21 Reviews

“Highly recommend . Told me my car wiuld look like new when the work was done and was as promised.Also the work was finished on time.Services: Auto body & trim repair”

4.8 Superb26 Reviews

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