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“I'am just elated that I found these guys by chance I was coming from a furniture store when I saw the name TV Outlet so I stopped in to see what it was all about due to the fact I was shopping around for a 65 inch TV and I am just thrilled I love my LG TV I purchased from the guys and the service was awesome thank you guys so much for taking care of me and giving me all the information I needed about my LG I just would like to add they are kind and curious no pressure selling and they take the time to tell you all about the product anyone in the market for a TV go to TV OutLet you won't be disappointed and you can't beat the price cheaper than( wally world) LOL that's why I purchased on Site . So happy I did . Thank you'll so much.”

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“Been buying products for my company Diamondback Home Theatre & TV mounting for about 15 years and Jeff and the guys have always been great. Don’t pay for new TV’s for most situations when you can buy them here as well as receivers and other products they always warranty.”

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“My experience in the Verizon was awesome! Jorge was very knowledgeable and helpful with every aspect of my visit and he made my family and I feel like his family! I’m not going anywhere else for any of my future phone needs! Without Jorge my Disney on ice experience would’ve never happened, not all hero’s wear caps!”

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“If you need anything in the entertainment area, head to Walts TV & Appliance. RUN, don't walk, don't look elsewhere! They are simply the best! This is my second purchase with Walts, and all done through comfort of my home. This time I purchased a sound system. Matt was terrific, he walked me through options, based on my needs, and made recommendations. The customer service offered by Joe was amazing! He is personable, friendly, and super knowledgeable. The installation team, Seth and Xavier, were on time, professional, and not only installed the system; they took time to show me the ins and outs (they were super patient with me!). I couldn't be any happier. And to top it off, they are locally owned. I initially reached out 3 years ago when trying to purchase a high end TV through a big box store. I was on hold for over 30 minutes. Enough was enough, I searched online and found Walts. That was a good day! :)”

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“Shout out to Rae! I came in needing help setting up my new iPhone after receiving incorrect setup instructions. The whole T-Mobile system was down but she managed to somehow figure out a workaround and setup my phone. She was quick, kind, and compassionate. Thank you, Rae!”

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“In this post radio shack world, it is so nice to find a local small electronics supplier with such a diverse inventory of parts. Order and pickup was easy. Will certainly shop again and again!”

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“Went in with a complicated problem. Willy and Jerell stepped up when two other stores didn't want to take the time. I'm more than satisfied with the resolution. These two went above and beyond with their customer service and they definitely have a customer for life. Will drive out of my way to return to any store Willy owns. And he is teaching Jerell how to fill his shoes. SUPPORT THIS LOCAL SMALL BUSINESS!”

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“It doesn’t has many of the products I used to buy like color safe bleach. Today it’sMore than a commodity it’s necessity with COVID and other spreadable disease. Just as a starter. Gasoline start to be same price as some gas stations that don’t charge Year fee. But the people who work in there are fantastic. Friendly and very helpful. Customer service is A++ ❤️”

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“Awesome place we’ve been buying from them since they opened there warehouse. Aki has Extremely competitive pricing, great customer service huge variety of Smoke & Vape needs . Zerona smoke Shop will always Buy from you ??”

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“This place is the ONLY place I will ever take my Apple products. I’ve fixed a phone, one laptop twice, and even bought a used MacBook Pro.EVERY TIME I come in they are expedient in helping me, identifying the problem and realistic and reasonable with their pricing.Additionally they are very timely with their repairs. Always accurate too, I’ve never had to wait more than a week. Which is great as a small business owner.It’s so great having someone you can trust with repairs when it comes to apple products because it’s so easy to get ripped off. NOT this business, time and time again they prove why I come back.”

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“Jesus Was Very Amazing, Positive Attitude, And Had Great Customer Service... I Came In The Store Not Knowing What I Wanted, And With His Help I Got A Great Phone That I Like, And Walked Out Very Satisfied And Happy... Thanks Jesus”

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“Cricket@AzMillsWalking into the store Celly was very welcoming. Great, Costumer service!! You won’t get bored waiting for your phone to be ready to take home. Excellent service! Thank you Celly!”

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“It started with a phone call and I spoke to Jovanna. On the phone she was welcoming, professional and knowledgeable. When we went in person she was super of all the above attributes including kind and patient. We went to see if we can get a phone for my brother who is disabled (deaf)that was economical and no contract plan that was affordable since he is on a limited income. Ms. Jovanna helped us tremendously! She was able to use my brother’s preexisting phone and we were able to set him up right then and there with Cricket no contract economical service plan. THANK YOU MUCH JOVANNA for being exceptional at what you do!”

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“We've been with cricket and the products and service has been great. The in-store people have exceeded our expectations on several occasions. And the prices are always good!”

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“It's really good that the workers there really know how to do their job and actually can tell if it's in stock or out of stock or when will it restock.”

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“Upgraded my phone on 8/24/21. Matthew helped with that process. Friendly and helpful with questions. The young lady there is also friendly and welcomes customers when they walk away in. Went back for a case which Matthew also helped with and put the screen protector and case on for me.Went once more yesterday to have protection plan removed. Matthew help with that also. All three experiences were five star.”

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“Had a great experience with this store after I dropped and broke my previous phone. The representative, Bella, was extremely helpful and knowledgeable and walked me through the entire process. Was worried it was going to be complicated but she made it go very smoothly. Excellent customer service, would definitely recommend this store!”

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“This is my go to Target in the valley! Other than the parking lot being a bit of a pain in the butt(Gets a little hectic), being located so close to ASU campus and part of Tempe Marketplace, it's a great Target and it's located to lots of other greats stores in the plaza if you're looking for a one stop plaza. I feel they are always stocked well with great product's from food to clothing or home goods. The service is always friendly and it's been a positive experience from ringing out to returns. Compared to other Targets I feel they are better stocked across the board and they tend to have great sale/clearance offerings through out the year.”

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“Way cheaper than Fry’s/Kroger store. Employees know where things are unlike Fry’s and are friendly too. Fast check out even when swamped staples cheaper than Fry’s too”

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“I took my Mom to this Metro Store and I couldn't be more grateful for the outstanding customer service here. A special thanks to Ellie for helping my Mom. You went above and beyond, Ellie, with genuine patience and I thank you. ??”

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“I have been having severe issues with Cox giga-blast internet (specifically WiFi) in my South Chandler apartment for a long time. The tech from Western Cable came to my home, not only on time but early! When he arrived, the issue I was having was non existent (of course!!!!!!) But, he took my word for it and did the proper troubleshooting from start to finish. He also explained the infrastructure set up and made some recommendations. My internet is now working great and the best part is, Western Cable charged Cox (not me) for the service. Thank you Western Cable!!!”

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“After speaking with the owner. We determined getting a technician to our house in a timely fashion to install and coax line for our directv system. We are extremely satisfied with the installation help from Jerry! Would highly recommend using. Very reliable! Keep up the great work.”

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“I have been a CamMate owner/operator for over 20 years. I have owned the other brands but I must say, CamMate is by far a better system! Faster setup, smooth to operate and definitely less fatigue!! I absolutely recommend CamMate to anybody who is considering a purchase!!”

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“While driving, my two year old daughter announced that she needed to "go potty." As most parents with potty training toddlers know, when the tot says that they need to go potty, it means they're about one minute away from wetting their pants. The closest store in the direction that we were driving was this 7-Eleven on Mill and Baseline. I ran into the store, carrying my daughter on her hip with her stating "I need to go potty" repeatedly. There was a kind man named Noor was behind the register. Noor must have seen the desperation in my eyes because when I asked him if they had a bathroom, he pointed the way. When I was carrying her to the bathroom, I noticed Employee Only Bathroom signs. The gentleman didn't have to let my daughter use their restroom, but I'm so grateful that he did.As a "thank you," I purchased a couple of items. They had a great deal on cold-pressed juice. It's a 7-Eleven brand. The flavor on those were excellent! I strongly recommend those.”

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“I got me now lines today with cricket and I'm so happy everything went very smooth in the store, Ismarelda she is a great, and helped me in every single possible way. Thanks Ismarelda”

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“Walking inside this Target was the equivalent of Doctor Who's companions seeing the TARDIS for the very first time. I swear it's bigger on the inside. Outside, it looks like a baby Target. Inside, you have to ask yourself if you somehow misjudged the exterior. There's a Starbucks right as you enter and the dollar section to your left. The floors are clean, and there's a certain quiet atmosphere that makes you want to whisper, and it made me really listen to the Latinx Christmas Music and enjoy my aimless wandering, bopping my head more than anyone should in a store without wearing ear pods. The employees said hello as I walked inside, and the cashier was friendly. No long lines or waits. Nice selections for clothes, home, etc, but limited for grocery, especially produce. Looked pretty fresh though. I liked having a large variety of books as well as party games. It's impossible to find Doomlings expansion packs in person, so I'm glad pretty satisfied to know this store will have new expansions in the future. The parking lot is a little small, and the store is located in an old part of Tempe, but it's worth a visit.”

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