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“The Dank People's are Great! Perfect customer service! I had an issue in the past and with no question they made it right!! Definitely enjoy spending my money there!!”

4.8 Superb64 Reviews

“Updated post: 5/5 stars. They seem to have gone back to thier orginal priving strategy and have brought their pricing down to some of thelowest in town again. Thank you!Original post: 1/5 stars. This used to be the some of cheapest price on fuel in the city. Literally compared to Sams Club and Costco. But recently they have raised the prices and are now easily some of the most expesnive in town. Used to stop in all the time after playing cards at Sandia casino. Now, wont be back until I see some change in those fuel prices.”

4.3 Superb35 Reviews

“Friendly family-owned business Father & sons are always a joy to see on a daily basis they are very fair and kind and a joy to have in the neighborhood I always either store smiling and laughing”

4.8 Superb15 Reviews

“My favorite place to get fueled up for my vehicles and snacks. Make sure you get the nitro card (free) and link it to your bank. Discount of .10 on every gallon, regardless of fuel, just for using the card. I've built points and paid for snacks using them with no money out of pocket. Lots of snack choices plus they usually have a small kitchen that makes pizza, burritos, hamburgers, etc.”

3.9 Good85 Reviews

“It's a bit out of the way, but it has some of the best gas prices around for Top Tier™ gas.It can be a bit busy right after work. Seems best to go just before close.”

4.1 Good38 Reviews

“I LOVE this store. They always have good prices & they have everything I need. The owner's are an awesome, honest, hard working FAMILY!! I live across town but I still come to this store every day because I want to show my support. Thank You”

4.7 Superb15 Reviews

“Great location off I-25. Prices are usually a good deal less than the gas stations around it. What I really like is i can use their app on my phone to pay for my gas and take advantage of the discount for doing so. The Phillips on Alameda does not have this service available. Fortunately, I pass Tiwa everyday.”

3.9 Good56 Reviews

“We can only judge on service at the pump. We needed to fill up our rental car before returning it, and the Phillips 66 attached to Circle K was $2.89 for regular gas on 1/2/23. The pump was fast, and it took very little time to fill the gas tank. We got a printed receipt which doesn’t always happen when you use self service. It was easy to get into and out of, and well lit.”

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“We’ve been lost many times searching for this place as my husband loves to locate this place hardly! We drove hours and stopping by places and asked people whom we passed by which we thought that they knows this area, until we locate this old historical bridge and travel center nearby that completes our day! He loves going in this kind of places because he believes that this will gone in the future…”

3.7 Good68 Reviews

“Love to save a boat load ? on my ?!The staff is always attentive. I appreciate being acknowledged when I enter a business, even more than that. I appreciate being thanked for choosing to shop with us. I get that every time I shop here!”

4.3 Superb16 Reviews

“My favorite gas station in town, prices are always comparable to competitors as well as self pump stations speed up your customer experience. Staff are knowledgeable about all tobacco, vape, CBD, and glass products they sell.”

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“I've chosen this CVS over all the other ones for multiple years both because of the pharmacists ALWAYS going the extra mile for me and my husband and because of the consistency of them doing so even though they have gone through so many pharmacists. I Don't like how the company has cut the hours of needed staff and a required pharmacist on duty down to bare bones. I don't mind that they have a lunch break now but it simply means that there aren't enough people there working and there are days when they need that staff. It's pretty predictable too. First and last days of the week. But my like for this CVS doesn't matter when it comes up against what my insurance will cover and Presbyterian Centennial is dropping all CVS pharmacies at this time.”

4.1 Good20 Reviews

“When I live across the street I used to go there almost everyday it was covenant and the owner and worker are the best folks I have ever meet they keep a clean and drama free store thank you guys for your service this is from the guy who moved to Oklahoma”

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“I gotta say that if you are in the hood and need some sort of sundry item on short notice—anything from a hoodie to a pack of smokes to fresh baklava (sometimes) to clothing, soft drinks, insense, tools, smoking accessories, etc, then this place probably has what you are looking for. They don't have gasoline anymore though.”

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“Estefan was REALLY healthful with my visit there, he was very nice too, the store was hella clean. He was able to go thru and explain different attachments for the puff co peak pro I bought! definitely recommended this smoke shop! 12 outta 10!??????”

3.9 Good23 Reviews

“The place outside always dirty parking lot and pumps.i used to work there years ago my store was always clean when I was a's a management problem they need to make sure their store always clean problem now is they think crew will do they are just pencil pushers I used to get my hands dirty as they say I would clean my own parking lot and pumps..and help employees out”

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“Manda you are the most amazing and kind person I have met recently. I thank God and circle K for having great people to serve our communities. Get the app and save even more on gas when you stop. Get fresh and hot food, and come on, have you not had the Texas pecan coffee yet? You don't know what you are missing ”

3.9 Good20 Reviews

“Love this gas station! Always has the cheapest gas around! They let you pick n choose your black n milds or wraps (white owls, Dutchies, Swisher's, backwoods etc) and bring it up to the cashier! Just all around cool gas station and cheapest gas all around! Tho sometimes the workers are stupid and rude but rarely! Sometimes you have to go back in and tell them what pump you're on because they don't pay attention at all! Other than that its a good everyday gas station!”

3.7 Good30 Reviews

“I go to this Phillips 66 quite often for gas, cups of ice ( their cups last forever), and lottery. Very friendly always and in and out in no time. And close to my house.”

4 Good14 Reviews

“So this random thing happened to me right now. I was washing my hands in the men's restroom at the Pilot on I-25 on Broadway. I reached in to my pocket to make sure I had my wallet in my pocket to make sure I didn't leave it in my truck. As I pulled my hand out, somehow my truck keys came out flying out of my pocket and landed right in the trash bin. If you're familiar with the Flying J/ Pilot restrooms, you know you can't pull out the trash cans out cause they're inside the wall and you you only have access to them through the storage area.I went and asked for assistance on retrieving my keys. A gentleman employee by the name of Victor came and helped. He tried to grab them from inside the trash bin but couldn't find them. He went through the storage area, pulled out the trash bin and sifted through the trash until he found my keys. As if he wasn't helpful enough, he offered to disinfect and clean my keys before he handed them back to me. What an amazing person for assisting in recovering my keys. Victor was friendly, kind and very polite. I thought he was just going to give me access to the trash bin and let me dig in the trash for them, but he didn't. Your kindness, Victor, was greatly appreciated. And by the way, the men's restrooms were very clean and organized. So is the rest of the store. They also have a McDonald's at this stop(bery. So come in and if you see Victor in there, say hello!”

3.5 Good34 Reviews

“The lady that works here is so kind and helpful. All the negative reviews are from rude people or the bums that hang out on the premises. It's rare to find a store that is a total positive.”

4.9 Superb5 Reviews

“Excellent management and Staffing they deserve a five-star review they help me get my $1 a gallon off the regular price by using the Chevron app and they were very pleasant helping me”

3.7 Good18 Reviews

“This is my husband and my, favorite place to get vapes and they have everything to need to smoke. Even bought some cool knifes. Great prices! Abdule is really friendly and always recomends the best vapors. He is a very cool guy! And his Dad is very nice. Happy and always smiling.!”

4.3 Superb7 Reviews

“I forgot my wallet at Circle K and went back the next day to find the store keeper had put my wallet away. I am so grateful by how honest the store was. Thank you.”

3.4 Good36 Reviews

“Best Gas Station I've been to in a long time. Cashiers are very helpful and nice walked in there in a bad mood and left feeling a lot better if only we had more kindness in the world like this.”

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“I love Dollar tree for so many things, but especially for Christmas stocking stuffers, Easter baskets etc. I get a lot of stuff for everyday use there, really super affordable.”

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“I stop by this particular Maverik quite frequently and have never had any remarkable issue. The employees have always been friendly, and I typically find what I'm looking for. The reason I give a 5/5 is because of the prepared food. Recently, I ordered beef nachos and a quesadilla, and both were unexpectedly tasty. I'll be back for sure.”

3.5 Good20 Reviews

“It's not a pretty site but they are close by and have the few things we need. Lottery, Gas. You have to be patient as they do have staffing issues. But we appreciate having this close by and many people walk to the store who live locally.”

3.9 Good9 Reviews

“Started going to this pharmacy because I was fed up with my other pharmacy and I've been so glad I did. Sidney, the pharmacist, is so helpful and always willing to answer questions. I've transferred all my prescriptions here now even though it's further from my house because I'm so pleased with the service.”

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“This is a good Circle K and it’s a little cheaper than some of the other gas stations in town. My only complaints are that they have very loud and unnecessary advertisements playing at the pumps and they have fewer fountain drink options than at the other Circle K locations, but it’s still a decent gas station and we will definitely fill up there again if we’re in the area and if the prices are still reasonable.”

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