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“I have used Four Star for many, many years. They have always provided me with good service and advice on my auto repair issues. They are reasonably priced and most of all they are fair and honest. They have never tried to upsell me on additional or more expensive services. I can highly recommend the company.Service: General repairs & maintenance”

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“Very knowledgeable, experienced and trustworthy mechanics. Wouldn’t trust any other shop with my vehicle. You leave feeling relieved and extremely confident in your repairs!”

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“The team here has been extremely helpful. I purchased a used car with what I thought was a simple problem but it turned out to be a much bigger deal than expected. Mike and his team worked diligently to get the problem fixed and even made sure that the cost wasn’t too much for me to be able to handle. These guys are great and I would reconsider them for any repairs or maintenance to anyone.”

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“I don't know much about all the things my truck would need but Rebecca explained everything in depth and easy for me to understand. I will always bring my vehicles here, for life.”

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“Stewart's gives great serv8ce at a fair price. They always call if they find something that needs work, for your approval, and they tell you what it will cost. We've been using Stewart's for 20 years, on many cars and vans.”

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“Absolutely best shop I have ever used in my 67 years of life! Especially for a woman, you will feel comfortable & not afraid to embarass yourself with questions. Professional service & reasonable prices.Service: General repairs & maintenance”

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“For 25+ years I have used Encinas Automotive for various auto repairs and for routinely changing the oil in our cars. Mike, the owner, is an honest and forthright man. Mike and his mechanics do not perform bogus repairs, nor do they try to sell you something your car doesn't need. Almost all of Mike's mechanics have been with him for years.Whether you are male or female, young or old, if you do not know automotive terminology, you can trust Mike Encinas and his mechanics to repair only what needs to be fixed on your car. They will explain what needs to be repaired and why. And Mike is always upfront about what a repair will cost. If a repair is beyond the capabilities of Mike's shop, he will tell you that, too.I'm posting this review because my friend's 20-year-old naive son got ripped off recently at a Tulsa gas station garage. The young man left the car for a routine oil change. When he returned to pick up the car, he was charged $1,750 for an unneeded valve job. The young man had approved the "repair" over the phone believing the cost was $17.50, not $1,750.00. Suffice it to say, I gave my friend the last Encinas Automotive business card I had and encouraged him and his son to use Encinas Automotive in the future.”

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“Had work done twice so far and they have been great both times. They sought to save me money where they could, service was quick, and they communicated throughout. Appreciate them very much.Services: Steering & suspension replacement”

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“My son’s car broke down on the highway. It was a miracle to get it off the highway and even close to this garage. I ended up having to put it in neutral and push it into their parking lot. I left it there around 10:30 pm. I was SO glad to see a key drop off with an envelope and pen to fill out all my information. it was easy and put me at ease in a bad situation. The next morning I called. They were already working on my car like I wrote on the envelope.I received a full diagnosis report not too much later that morning with recommendations that were very easy to understand. I was able to make my decisions of what I prioritized to have done right away and what I would have to get done later. What was important for now and what could wait a little bit longer still.Chris was amazing to work with and was really informative and positive the whole time. These guys put zero pressure on me when making my choices and even after they were made. They were so willing to help me in my situation and made me feel like I was at the right place.I was taken care of so well and felt confident I was making good decisions. I would recommend this garage to anyone and everyone that needs repairs. If you ever get in a bad situation like me you can be assured that they will take care of you and your car.Thanks RC Auto Specialists for being there for me and my family!Services: Transmission”

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“Google Searched and Read the reviews for best Tulsa Alignment Shop. I decided on Sam's Alignment & Brake.Dropped my Truck off at around 9AM.I was greeted by a guy named Jim.He told me that I need to drop my truck off and that it may take awhile to get the Alignment done. He showed me the many work orders forms of the many people that's ahead of me.I've asked can he give me a time estimate of when it will be done... Jim stated that by 5PM.I've called around 3PM to check upon my truck. Jim told me that he's about to work on my truck next and I can be on my way to pick it up before the shop closed.The Alignment costs me 60.00 out the door. I drove the Truck home and it was driving smooth. No complaints but just compliments. I highly recommend ?.Service: Wheel alignment”

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“They repaired my wastegate valve on my BMW X3 along with several other related issues. They worked with/for us on the extended warranty to get 3/4 of everything covered. We are grateful for their efforts, workmanship, communication, time frame, skill and diligence. We will be referring anyone needing a mechanic to Briarwood. My husband's co-workers have used them and have had a great experience as well. Friendly knowledgeable staff can't be beat! Johnny & Rebecca Simmermacher”

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“Incredible service! I called and immediately went in. I had a flat tire and one that was losing air. He replaced the tire, patched the other and I was in and out in 20 minutes. Also very affordable and reasonable prices. Would recommend! Right outside downtown - easy to get to”

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“Have been going to these guys for years. Always do a great job. Fair & honest. They do not try and do services that are not needed, but certainly do not cut corners”

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“Fixed my oil leak within a couple hours!!! Usually with this type of job you don’t get the car back for multiple days or weeks if you take it to a dealership. Highly recommended!Service: General repairs & maintenance”

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“The owner and the worker were very kind to me, they went above and beyond to fix a small but major problem (my car hood). He gave me a really good quote. The employees and owner not only do a good job, but really care about the people. Which, I am sure motivates their good work. Highly recommend.”

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“The people at Tate Boys always offer competitive prices, and complete the service work on my vehicles on time. They always do an excellent job of communicating as well.”

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“I took my van this morning due to low tire light and no success with another business.I was greeted warmly as soon as I came in. They immediately took my van back to the service area and repaired the tire quickly and NO CHARGE! I'll be back and highly recommend!”

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“Christian Brothers went above and beyond to service my vehicle. I experienced back to back issues with my vehicle and Christian Brothers took care of all of them. I highly recommend this business to anyone needing car maintenance or repairs as they will exceed your expectations in their efforts to provide the best service possible.”

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“These guys are sooo great. I can’t recommend them enough. A big store told me it would be $630 to replace a wheel stud because they’d also need to take a barring out and it would be damaged so I would need to buy a new one. S&S did it for $40! Didn’t have to take the barring out. They were so kind and helpful. I’m going back next week for new breaks.”

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“Great service and great people! Their new hire Pierce is amazing ? definitely recommend this Midas if you’re needing any work done on your car or an honest opinion”

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“Quick professional service at a decent price. Thought my 2010 Grand Caravan with 246,000?miles might need an Engine rebuild. They got it going like brand new with a basic Tune up!”

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“Had troubles with my 2011 dodge ram with not wanting to start. Several people told me could be this,could be that. Hamilton works on all our company vehicles. So I'm familiar with them. Take my truck there, they found out what the issue was. They were able to fix and had my vehicle back in a timely manner. Definitely 5 stars. Thanks again.”

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“I'm definitely going back there if I ever have another problem or think that I have another problem with my exhaust again. He was really great, he finished what he was doing and took a look at my Traverse, he looked it over, even though he had a couple of jobs to do ahead of me and he told me that there was no problem that he could see other than a very tiny little pin hole that wouldn't have made any kind of difference at all but he went ahead and fixed the little pin hole real quick and then dropped it down off the lift and gave me the keys and said that I didn't owe him anything when I asked him. I really appreciate service like that. He took the time to look at my car when he was clearly backed up with cars to take care of and then treated me real nice like he did. Wish I could give him 6 ⭐ stars!! Like I said, if I ever have any problems or think I do again, there is where I will go.”

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“Had a very pleasant visit for a pre-purchase inspection. Everything from the check in to my wait was nice and I was given a thorough walk through on the results of the inspection and the free coffee was a nice perk. Would definitely recommend.”

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“Always respectful. Enjoyed seeing a female mechanic on the team this time too.I heard another women in the waiting area comment that she always felt comfortable at this location. I agree Great service, friendly staff, reliable work.”

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“My car is 10 years old and has a manual transmission. I love my Subaru.I clutch went out and I had my car towed to them, I got a recommendation to use them (because Subaru dealership has ruined my car in the past). This shop did a full detailed diagnostic, not just my main problem.I ended up getting a few things fixed, and they had my car back to me in less than 2 weeks -which the Subaru dealership wasn't even able to look at my car for 2 weeks; this saved me a lot of time and money taking my car here to EDs.I am blown away by the amazing work they did, my car drives better now than it did when I first got it! And I kid you not, I was smiling from ear to ear on my drive home.They treated me so well, they even stayed open later so I could get my car after I got off work.I am more than happy and will be coming back here!”

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“Had to go in a get new sensors installed. I spoke with Shane mostly but all the guys where super friendly. They are a little on the pricy end but overall great experience with them. Super quick and explained everything to me.”

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“I needed to have my Volvo serviced after driving from Wisconsin. My experience with Svenkskraft was top notch from the start to finish! Very friendly staff! I recommend wholeheartedly!Service: General repairs & maintenance”

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“I recommend Randy's to anyone looking for a great auto repair shop.My normal mechanic moved out of state so I was looking for someone to fix my power steering leak on my high pressure line in my car. I went to a shop first. I already knew the issue but I needed to know if the shop was honest. The mechanic there tried to tell me that I needed a new rack and pinion, a power steering pump and high pressure line. I said "ok, I'll be back.I went to Randy's without telling them what I needed. They fixed exactly what the problem was, my high pressure line.Thanks Randy's for your honesty. You just added a loyal customer. You're now my mechanic.Service: Steering & suspension repair”

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“By far the best shop I’ve been to in Tulsa. I was off the road less than a week and they got my car all fixed up running better than it has in years. Here’s a before and after shot of under my hood. We will be back when we have car needs.”

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