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“Jose was quick and very informative and patient with me. I was in and out with a new line for my son in a matter of 5-10minutes?? I hope he’s here Everytime I come in”

4.2 Good38 Reviews

“Since I move to Katy about 9 years ago I went to this store and I changed companies and I always come to this store they always help me with my problems. They always give me good deals. I use the service everywhere from texas to Iowa and Nebraska and the East Coast to the West Coast across the border in Mexico and it works perfect I recommend it !!! And I recommend this place!!!”

4.9 Superb9 Reviews

“Mario! Your customer service is impeccable.I went in the store a bit aggravated, due to phone service issues I was experiencing on a brand new phone. Mario quickly new the solution & calmed me down immediately. Turns out I'm "Old" and didn't know I had to do a system update. Mario explained the importance of updates, and ensured my phone was working properly before I left the store.Thank you Mario!”

4.5 Superb15 Reviews

“Had a great experience here yesterday: we were looking everywhere for a board game around 6:30 PM and we approached the only associate we could find, who was doing store pickups, and asked if she could help us. She went and looked for the employee for that department to help find it, and unfortunately was unable to locate the game. We picked another game and went to the front to checkout, and while checking out the same associate came running up to find us 20 minutes later because she found the game for us after looking again. And the self checkout employee was also extremely helpful and price checking an item for us and exchanging the games. Best experience at any target we have been to in a while.”

4 Good53 Reviews

“This store location and employee "Daisy" was really helpful with my phone problems and also gave me great service I would highly recommend her and the place located on hwy 90 katy tx for all my cell services and future phone ugrades!!”

4.2 Good17 Reviews

“Very good people helped me with everything I needed and they have very good prices, they fit my budget, I recommend this store, they speak Spanish too. Thanks to Riz for all your help.”

4.1 Good22 Reviews

“Christopher R was great! Patient and organized. He helped my husband and I with our new account and he deserves praise for this! Thanks so much! Great experience!! 10/10 would come back to this spot!”

4.7 Superb7 Reviews

“Celeste at the T-mobile off 20220 Katy Frwy is awesome, helpful and patient to make sure she answered all your questions to your satisfaction.She did mention other perks that most qualify for and was very knowledgeable and very courteous, sweet and professional.This is the first review I've ever given in my 60+ years. KUDOS to Celeste!!”

3.9 Good34 Reviews

“Always great experience. Professional behavior by all of the staff and they are always helpful.I was looking for specific items that I couldn't find, the person restocking the shelves took the time not just to help me find the items I am looking for but also explain the difference between the different options.”

4.1 Good11 Reviews

“The experience here today at cricket was AWESOME the guys went way beyond to make me happy with changing out phones and helping me out BIG Shout out to my new friends here at cricket”

4.1 Good10 Reviews

“Great customer service and everything well explained as an Authorized Dealer for Metro by T-Mobile. I switched from Boost and got my iPhone 11 with my Metro Bundle! Walked out of the place with all my accessories for my new phone thanks to Jesus.”

4.1 Good10 Reviews

“Syed knows what he is doing, don’t listen to these fob reviews. Customer service is phenomenal and he has everything in writing for you so there is no surprises.”

3.6 Good69 Reviews

“Excellent service!!!. Giselle went above and beyond to help us to change our line, she had the patience with my mother in law and she explained everything in a way that she was able to understand the process.Every employee that we interacted with before at this location has always been super helpful. Thanks for your excellent costumer service.”

3.7 Good7 Reviews

“Love the foods here! Grew up with 7 eleven, my mom always stopped by 7 eleven when we went to visit my cousin on the weekends and always got hot dogs, taquitos, and snapple.”

3.6 Good13 Reviews

“Tech was unable to get info transferred from old screen dead phone to new phone.Update: Didn't go back because problem lies with dead screen on old phone and idiot provider C Spire who isn't satisfied with name, last 4 social, birth date, last address for security. They I sust last I.D. has to be text to screen dead phone. Don't use C Spire!”

3.5 Good20 Reviews

“T-Mobile’s offering of free gifts to its customers is a commendable gesture in an era where consumers often feel overlooked by their service providers. These gifts, while not extravagant, represent a tangible appreciation for customers’ loyalty.”

3.5 Good35 Reviews

“Stopped in on a busy Sunday afternoon and was immediately greeted and guided in the right directions for my trade in situation. I was helped by Nusaiba located in the geek squad department! (literally the sweetest person and so knowledgeable) while I was waiting for my trade in to charge up fully I went to go browse and find my new one. Mark helped me decide which series to get that would best fit my needs; best sales pitch; no pressure and got me in and out super fast! Applauding them for their amazing customer service skills!”

3.5 Good91 Reviews

“Moe was awesome, very knowledgeable and friendly. Helped us with upgrading our phones and getting a couple issues resolved. If you want a great customer service and experience go here and talk to Moe. We went to our store at Alliana and that guy was rude and didn't want to help us at all. We almost went back home. So Alliana store lost our business. We decided to call this store and I'm glad we did. Got what we wanted in a short time and super happy. Good job Moe!!!”

3.4 Good13 Reviews

“Very good attention from all the staff, especially the attention from the manager Liliana, who provided me with solutions regarding my payments, excellent attention.”

3.4 Good18 Reviews

“I enjoy this target. I take the kids after swimming. The lines are not typically long and the staff is usually friendly (unless restocking a seasonal setup and you are in their way). With the clothes, it's typically hit or miss but the kids section and maternity section is usually stocked. They have honored really nice target rewards so that's good. Most of my experiences here have been pleasant. I will keep coming back.”

3.4 Good42 Reviews

“I was stuck in a transition from Sprint to T-Mobile with the T-Mobile buy-out. Apparently, I was also paying way too much for stuff I do not use. Andrew at this store was very patient and straight-forward with what my options were. The process was seamless and very much appreciated. Thank you, Andrew!”

3.3 Good17 Reviews

“I was there with my brother to fix his iPhone 13 and Philex the store manager helps us out with finding the store to fix the iPhone and helped us out a lot! We appreciate you Philex!”

3.3 Good25 Reviews

“Excellent costumer service. Gustavo explained me all promo. he Took good time and got all my work done. Everyone must visit them,very friendly and talktive,And you may meet Amazing Mr Shah.Mr Shah is there boss and with tons of great knowlage. plz support you local business.”

3.1 Average12 Reviews

“I'd give more stars if I could! Special shoutouts to Kobe for finding me the best phone (and I hope you find the perfect puppy) and to Anthony for his patience babysitting my phone transfer! This is why I've stuck with Verizon for so many years! Thanks so much!!”

3.1 Average12 Reviews

“I shopped here recently, and when I got home I realized I must've left my cell phone there. I immediately went back to the store and searched where I thought I could have left it but didn't find it. Then I spoke to Customer Service who helped me search. Sure enough, they helped me find my phone, which I left in the shopping cart I used. It was still in the parking lot. I give many thanks and all of the credit to Santi, the employee who helped me. He was polite, respectful and showed care and concern. He did an excellent job & I'm grateful to him!! Best customer service!”

2.9 Average7 Reviews

“Stop 2 on our adventure to find the best 7-Eleven store! My first impression of this store was, "Wow, it smells good in here!"When you walk in, you can tell this store takes pride in its cleanliness because it just smells fresh. There were a lot of food items to choose from. Tacos, chicken, taquitos, packaged food items. They had a fresh coffee bar and chairs to sit. Lastly, the thing my son was the most excited for was the slushi machine. They have the orange pokemon mystery flavor. There are two machines with 4 flavors in each. We had fun mixing ours this time!Checkout was nice. The girl who checked us out was quick. The store itself was pretty busy, but we didn't have to wait long to get our items paid for.”

3 Average13 Reviews

“This is a very nice clean store.Everybody is caring and professional and very helpful.The store has really changed since the Manager Jared rearrange the inside of the store.Now when you are eating those delicious tacos you can look out the window to see what is going on outside.Jared is such a hard worker we saw him taking a bunch of trash bags to the dumpster. He is always checking around the store to see that everything is running smoothly. Restrooms are clean. So happy Jared is keep the store above standards.”

2.9 Average15 Reviews

“I’ve used Aaron’s in Oklahoma, Louisiana and now Texas. It’s ALWAYS a pleasant experience. The manager helping me at this location was picking on me about my last name (it’s Cajun) because it’s hard to pronounce and that helped to ease my social anxiety a bit. I got a nice laptop and I’m happy with the purchase and the experience.”

2.6 Average10 Reviews