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“Robert, Angel and Rami are terrific. Sadly, my i-phone took a little water damage and Robert diagnosed, repaired and then stood behind the repair. I am a client for life!”

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“I can not thank Mr Serrano enough for taking the time to help me!The day before I was at the AT&T store in Windsor 6500 Hembree Ln, Windsor desperately looking for help. The unkind man who would not help me just kept telling me “I can sell you a phone” and when I asked to use his phone to call AT&T he said no. He also said nothing could be done to get my AT&T account back. I don’t know if he was intentionally lying or lacked the knowledge of how to do it.I had switched from AT&T to T Mobile because reception had dissipated to the point that I was not getting calls. I brought my perfectly good working cell phone over to T-Mobile because they verified it would work. It didn’t end up working. :-( This is the only phone in my home. I am currently caring for my mom on hospice and it is crucial to have a working phone. I was desperate to get the working phone.I arrived at the Stony Point AT&T retail store braced for another bad experience but I received the exact opposite. Mr Serrano said no problem I can help you. It’s called a “Win Back”. He spent the next 2 hours jumping through AT&T and T-Mobile hoops to have my old account reinstated and working. There are privately owned retail stores and there are corporate stores. Usually if you are having technical difficulties the retail stores are not knowledgeable and don’t really want to help because all they want to do is make money by selling you a phone. Mr Serrano and the Stony Point AT&T store are not like that. The next time I need a new phone I will go to them. They earned my business with their generosity, experience and knowledge.Mr Serrano is my hero. Life is so hard for me right now caring for my dying mom. Kindness goes far in keeping me going and my chin up.”

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“My iPhone X touch screen stopped working unexpectedly so I had to go into this store to either have it fixed or get an upgrade and was blown away by the incredible customer service! A man named Teddy helped me and he was so patient, knowledgeable and kind throughout the whole process. There were extra steps to take because I had to change over plans from my family account to my husband's account, and Teddy helped us navigate the entire process so seamlessly. He made the experience so easy and smooth and I couldn't be more grateful. I'd highly recommend this store and give major props to Teddy! If you need any help with your phone or service, he's the man to see!”

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“Extraordinary service doesn’t even begin to describe my experience. Orion is by far one of the friendliest, warmest, and efficient customer service associates I’ve ever met. I was in a terrible spot unable to use my phone due to a broken screen, which we all know now of days is our life, so a very delicate situation. I could tell how much Orion not only cared but genuinely wanted to help me. I thought I was being over dramatic however he did stress the importance of this item in my life. In 20 mins he repaired my screen and calmed me down. I was able to go to work knowing everything was going to be okay ?”

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“Super helpful and attentive. Sean was amazing and trying juggle multiple customers. The other employees were all super helpful and one in training did everything he could to learn everything throughout the process while trying to assist customers as best he could as well. Very professional store”

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“Thank you Yarra for the amazing customer service, and for helping me with my new phone. I deff recommend coming to this location. Super accommodating and efficient.”

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“My family and I had a very satisfactory experience with the customer service at this location. Joaquin. G, was very patient and polite in answering all my questions and helped me get a new phone in no time. The young lady who was also present on 8/31/22 (please forgive me I'm not the best at remembering names) was very kind and sweet with my daughter. If we ever need another phone we know exactly where we are going. Thanks again you two, you both deserve a raise.”

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“Fernando to the rescue! He's a real treasure to the community. Hard to find tech accessories, cords you name it, he has it. Wonderful, reasonable prices. He has helped us multiple times and done superb work. Highly recommended.”

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“Johnathan was extremely patient and helpful. He was able to problem solve and find the best solutions for me. He knew how to fix my problems and found the best phone for me. He was very knowledgeable and kind.”

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“Rebecca is amazing! Helped make our trade-in possible when it seemed impossible anywhere else! Amazing deal and fantastic service! Recommend working with this store!”

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“Both times that I went into this store recently, I received very good and very helpful service. By Jose one day; shopping for a good iPhone deal and updating my account. And another day by Ceasar, who helped with setting up my new iPhone! And the best way to care for it. Had a little fun picking out cases, etc.! Both were patient with me, nice and professional. Thanks!”

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“I always like prompt service and good answers to my questions, and I received that here. I needed a new charging kit and a new set of ear buds. They gave me the information on the various products they had available so I could make an informed selection within my target budget. So far, I am very happy with the products I purchased. Thanks!”

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“I started in MARCH to pay my niece cell. The 2 employee girls went beyond customer service. Today I came in to pay my niece cell and to ask about internet for my home. PAO SHE is a total asset to Metro and this unit. She impress me with the knowledge of Metro products. I had lost a little interest and went to t-mobile. The worse service I have had. My monthly bill was only to be 55.00 senior. But since I just moved into my home no internet using my hit shot my bill is now 265.00 how does this happen no customer service no offers no monthly. So I made the decision to pay off my balance and anything else close my account came back to Metro. Especially this unit. So I personally Thank Pao. Marie M”

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“I went to get a iPhone this morning and Erika was so wonderful and helpful there was some trouble with login and she kept me in the loop about what was going on. She showed me all the options for phone cases to me and answered all my questions. She was great! There was another lady and gentleman that were very welcoming and kind! Overall my experience there was this morning was great!!!”

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“My husband and I came to this location to purchase the new iPhone 15 since the Costco kiosk didn't have a supply of phones on hand. Let me just tell you, out of all T-Mobile locations we have gone to throughout several years, this one has the most incredible customer service by far. The three staff members working were Julio, Manny & Robert. Each individual was kind, welcoming, understanding and so so helpful. Julio was the one assisting us and he set everything up for us which was the most stress free experience. He had good spirit and was smiling and genuinely happy to be of assistance during our entire service. He even answered all of our questions with clear communication in response to which Manny also gave us great answers and feedback to as well. They presented themselves with hospitality that is hard to come by in the customer service world nowadays. They definitely need some positive recognition through the company or some type of reward to encourage them to keep up the great work. Thank you guys! This will definitely be our primary store now, it's worth the 30 minute drive.”

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“Good store, went to upgrade phone and there was a line but the wait was overall short - they seem to know what they are doing and were very helpful with my upgrade - even gave me some advice on which phone and line was best for us. I’ll keep this store in mind next time I have to upgrade or get my phone fixed.”

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“To whom it may concern: Santiago is very professional employee, I known him for three years and I believe he will go far with your company ( Cricket). He knows his technology and he is a hands on employee. I truly believe in him. Sincerely, Karren Brock”

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“Conveniently located on the corner of Kawana Springs Road and Santa Rosa Avenue in the same shopping strip as Sports Basement, Marshall's, Pet Smart and more (Trader Joes is in the same parking lot/complex). If you're looking for all of the big-box stores, they're here.I'm torn. 4 stars for a bright, clean, and well-stocked store with lots of options. 3 stars for limited check-out aisles and long lines on a busy Sunday. Assuming they were understaffed - it happens, just hope that's not the norm. They did have an employee staffing their very busy self-check line, so that was helpful.This store has a large home section of Studio McGee and Magnolia products (a more open and pleasing layout than in the Coddingtown Santa Rosa location), a grocery section, and all of the other typical sections. I shop the perimeter: home, toiletries, snacks. Found everything I needed including clothing and dish detergent, hand soap, shampoo/conditioner, toothpaste, toilet paper, Hippeas, and more. The prices are generally better than I find at my local Safeway so it's worth the visit to stock up on supplies.”

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“Manuelo was awesome. Boost is not. My phone was stolen n the thieves are using it even did a device swap. Went in there for help porting and got help b but now I was told I still didn't get the port pin smh”

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“Had a problem with releasing my iPhone from a lockAnd David Chavez was a incredible human beingGave us everything we needed to get our phone up and runningWe will recommend this store to everyone”

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“Well i have to say that the order online, drive to store and they load your trunk provided by target @ coddington in Santa Rosa is My new best friend. That was the smoothest process I have ever had. Talk about an awesome system! WOW! The young folks were polite and the sense of urgency that they displayed was on point! Chefs kiss! Great team work I'll be back Thank You”

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“I have shared my phone plan with my Dad for close to 20 years at this point. I know nothing about what you're getting with cell phone plans these days - seriously. He sends me a Venmo invoice to pay at the end of every month and it's been going like that for ages. Before that, it was checks in the mail. At any rate, they dealt with my dated questions and talked to my Dad. There were a lot of details to hash out, and we all figured it out. I traded my phone for a whopping $350 in exchange for a credit against the Samsung S23. What was I going to do - sell it on eBay with a $350 reserve price!?! Not a chance in hell anyone would buy that for TMobiles offer. Over-all I walked out there getting exactly what I needed without any fuss. Team was nice. District manager treated his employees well; he just happened to swing by with some tasty treats for the store. This is why my Dad and I have stuck with TMbile for close to 20 years.”

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“Oh yeah we got our new phones there and loved them ever since so yeah do I recommend this place oh of course ok and yeah the staff was very helpful and we left there with smiles on our face...”

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“Alex made my upgrade so much easier he was very patient with me and talked to me about all the options I had for monthly payments, transferred my other phone with new one I was very happy with the customer service. Will definitely let people know to go metro!”

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“Need a basic not crap phone or very inexpensive tablet w service? iPhones too!!! I'm signaling out this specific store for going the fill distance involving a Government discount. I've read w some competition, I'd have been talking up a wall! Metro handled this situation w kid gloves and utmost professionalism, I'd like to Compliment Jeff the Mgr and his assistant Marco , especially. My situation, took a "detective ", to resolve and saved me 300 dollars every year forward. I'm probably the longest standing Metro customer in Sonoma County having been w them 20 yrs from a small company in Florida when they were only in the South! Thanks for being loyal to your long standing customer! It's a important issue in today's business climate.”

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“I've rolled with metro for years and this last expeience was a perfect example of why ive been loyal to them. I pulled up followed the covid protocol by waiting in line and almost instantly an employee came out n said hed wait outside in order formus to come in. Once inside i was greeted by Gio, i showed gio my phone and let him know i needed another but that.i was limited in my purchases because my money was hurting. Gio treated me like wed been friends for years man. He was helpful, enjoyable to work with, and made me feel like i was valued. I walked out of there super happy and feeling like I had made a new friend. Give the dude a raiseeee Thanks big dawg!!??”

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“They got good deals and good phones and they even had a Pokémon go partnership they had limited time research for Pokémon go and they had sponsored items like the Verizon wireless backpack and the first Verizon Wireless mask and the jacket was with the Verizon Wireless logo on it”

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