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“WOW. I went to start work with my 2 screens, charger and a microphone when none of my ports worked. I was stressed and it was urgent! I went around town and ended up at this spot, super pleasantly surprised. They heard me, gave me space to speak, took my laptop and said they'd be able to work on it quickly. They kept me updated often via email and called to walk me through everything. It was just a great experience.”

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“Amazing customer service and great products. Dean was extremely helpful and kind in helping me find exactly what I needed! If you're looking to get a great deal on a refurbished computer, this is your place.”

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“Rob is the man assigned to us. We are happy. We have a different system then Listen Up installs and are moving slowly over to what Listen up uses. As things break Rob is replacing them to his system. Our home is a smart house and Rob keeps us working. i am looking forward to the total change to Listen Ups system.”

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“Love this place lots of nostalgia takes me back to my childhood plus these people are awesome if they don't have what you want they will actually help you out and point you in the right direction and that my friends Is very rare now a days ?”

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“Was greeted when I entered store.Asked for a speaker and both clerks suggested another brand they both use. Purchased 2 for $20 less than one name brand speaker.”

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“I’ve been coming in to this 7-11 for the past five years. I moved into the area and would walk to different 7-11’s and other convenience stores and THIS 7-11 is the only one I will go to. Vino, Brian and Drew all make coming in enjoyable and put the customer service of others to shame. Always clean and well stocked, don’t waste time with the other stores around”

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“I have only gone in there a couple of times and everyone is very friendly and my friends have had nothing but good experiences there especially with customer service. Liam was EXTREMELY helpful when I was building my PC and he was giving me great recommendations.”

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“WolfBox auto video camera system installed on time and without delay. My local Volvo dealer wanted more than twice the price for the installation on my 2008 Volvo C70. This is the second installation by Traffik Jazz done a few years ago. Samson was great to work with once again. Service continues to exceed expectations.”

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“A very friendly game stop. I've found the staff to be extremely helpful and ensuring you always are aware of the ongoing deals making sure you get the most value for your money. I dealt with a manager one day and she was super friendly and made the shopping experience great?”

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“I been with Cricket for years I never had any problems with them they aren't a rip off if you go Metro PCS or Boost when you know your phone Bill is due both of these companies will shut your cell phone off and Cricket has a Bridge Pay.”

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“Love this ezpawn!!! What a fantastic experience provided by Mrs T and Mrs Pricilla! I truly appreciate their compassion and expertise, they really helped me out when I needed it most.”

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“I visited this location to get help with my service and the gentleman was more than helpful. He helped me reinstate my service with a brand new phone and number. The customer service was impeccable.”

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“This kid that helped me out during visiting and buying a new phone was very super quality customer service. He got super nice personality and patience and knowledge of how working with other people. Keep it up ??”

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“Little shop with all the essentials at a good price. Great folks behind the counter, friendly and helpful.One of the best spots to grab some vaping equipment in Denver.”

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“Jason was very thorough! He got right to work and made sure to not only complete the task but went above and beyond to be sure I understood how to use the systems in my home. Jason is kind and considerate.”

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“i'm not an electrician in any way, but i had to replace 27 little fixtures in my home. i went in and met with Crist. he found the solutions for me and had exactly what i needed in stock. simple and easy and Crist was awesome to work with. A+”

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“I was very pleased with the service here. Alexis was welcoming with a great positive attitude. She and Micheal both listened to my concern and knew exactly what to do to quickly and professionally fix my issue. It was such a relief to be heard and understood after sharing my problem with my phone. I definitely recommend this place.”

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“Great service. Always helpful i came in and the manager was dealing with a vary difficult customer but she kept her composer the whole time. Even tho the karen called her "stupid" and "less inelegant" than her co worker. She was being nice despite all that. Ill definitely be back thanks to her customer service and professionalism.”

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“"Little Target" as we call it, is a great place to get in and out and on your way. There are rarely any lines and plenty of staff if needed. The selection is good, but reduced from the larger stores. Very convenient location if you live in the area.”

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“Came into this location on Monday with my mom looking to get a new phone the lady working was really helpful and helped me set up ACP for my mother she was also able to help set up the phone the way my mom wanted it. I will definitely be going back to this store when I'm ready to upgrade and do recommend others to do so as well”

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“Cool little store, had what I needed and it was on sale, that was a bonus. Great customer service even tho I was offered every single upgrade available to my membership.”

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“My home air conditioner went down. Applewood Pl, Heat, Elec. had the soonest open. They came and looked at it and said it was not the unit. They looked at my breaker panel and told me it was basically "condemned" they did turn the breaker on and the unit went on. They charged me and left. The next day it went down again. I decided to see if i could find a replacement breaker. I went to Mr. Breaker and they had the exact breaker i needed. Not only did they have it but explained exactly what i needed to do to replace it, correctly. I am a woman and they did not even hint at me that i should call a electrician. They made me feel capable. The breaker was $50. These guys need to stay in business , home depot might be cheaper, but you dont know what you are getting. If Mr. Breaker was to pay large amounts to everyone for their breakers they would not be in business .. My a/c is up and running, today! Mr. Breaker Rocks!!”

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“Yo, went to this location and homeboi named David help me out with a new line of service and reactivating my T-Mobile WiFi gateway box, after I fought with T-Mobile for the last 4 months because T-Mobile set me up on a hotspot because they don’t have wifi in the hood and took me for 600.00 dollars, I recommend stay away from T-Mobile and go to this metro and ask for David!!!!!! T-Mobile is a horrible company and I know I’ve been with theme for 10yrs, and now have Metro for T-Mobile wifi that T-Mobile can’t provide me!!!!!!!!”

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“Buying a new phone couldve never been so easy! Thanks to the help of Noelia. She was soooo polite and honest while showing me what phone to pick out, outstanding deals and staff !!”

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“Jeremy, the regional manager was such a helpful guy. He helped me with my tablets and he helped me fix my Internet box so anybody looking for you no good customer service come to MetroPCS on 4000 Colorado Blvd. OK”

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“Wow… I want to be a drone guy when I grow up. Not only was the staff friendly and smart. They gave it to u like it is and even offered a discount on older products… thanks guys for all the help…. Almost forgot not only is the staff cool ? but so are and is everyone I have not in the community….”

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“Joey saved my life helping me fix my phone after I accidentally screwed it up. Cricket should put him on tv. He is very nice in person and almost mete at the door. Promote this guy!”

3.9 Good29 Reviews

“Very friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable staff! We'll lit store. Clean. Lots of merchandise to choose from. No complaints! Only good things! As well as great staff at the in store Starbucks! Shoutout Abby, Rachel, Garrett and all the others who have helped me on a regular basis.”

3.7 Good43 Reviews

“The Young gentleman made me quite the alarm. He was very knowledgeable and hetook the time to make sure that my phones were set up correctly and that I was happy with my purchase. Excellent customer service”

3.8 Good33 Reviews

“Our experience with switching out one of our recliners with Adi was amazing! She was professional, kind, friendly and went above and beyond for us while we were in the store. Y'all should hire 10 more of her! 10/10!”

4.2 Good18 Reviews

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