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“Bacon was a bit over cooked, so a lil hard. But there was plenty of it. They followed my instructions to toast the bread and mayo on both sides, it's the little things that count!”

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“My favorite deli! I work near here and have gone at least 50x. Amazing food, wonderful & warm staff. You can get a free sandwich every 10 you buy with the card they give you. Highly recommend”

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“Absolute home run of a deli. Easily ate over 100 Turkey Clubs from this place, not a single one of them a disappointment. Utz chips and a turkey club, not much better you can do than that folks.Cheers!”

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“This place is amazing. Just had the Brussels w Granny Smith apples and hot honey, and the j*** chicken tacos. Both were so good. The staff was really friendly and fast. They brought me a side of the sweet habañero sauce and j*** sauce. My recommendation is dip the Brussels in the sauce. 5 stars. Going back.”

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“The sandwiches are exceptional!! They make specialty food with the best ingredients. They have all the convienent items you may need. It's one stop shopping at this local spot.”

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“Primo makes the best sandwiches!! Best bodega coffee on the Ave as well. Super friendly people working go out of their way to make you happy. You can get anything from a grinder to a weed grinder.”

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“One of the best delis around. Have a million items to choose from on the menu, as well as a ton of goods in store. Nice spot in a pinch since the grocery stores around here close at 6PM since everyone has a child. Reasonable prices across the board. Can pick from their menu or go off the cuff and they'll make it for you.Really nice staff - great, kind, people.”

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“A reasonable independent gas station and breakfast spot in Boro Park. Used to have outdated pumps but have since upgraded themselves with newer pumps. Their gas prices are usually reasonably priced.Inside they have a sandwich station where you can buy breakfast sandwiches as well as coffee and drinks. Also, they have a nice selection of snacks and cold drinks as well. Service is fast and friendly would recommend as a quick pit stop before heading out.”

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“Love this small friendly store! They have a great selection of snacks, beer, and everyday essentials, plus a solid well-priced deli with a great bacon egg and cheese. Favorite sandwiches are the Godfather 2 and Bada Bing, and of course chopped cheese!”

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“This Deli on the corner of our AirB&B was excellent, Friendly owners Open early and great for my morning coffee while walking over there in my pyjama. Try the sandwiches!!!!!”

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“Sign-up for the rewards, especially now with the gas prices ⛽️ skyrocketing.I'm a rewards member with all gas stations but with Mobile, I just saved $2.59.#amazing #mobilerewards ??”

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“Great corner market they have a bit of everything , they are so friendly and fast they make great sandwiches any way you want them overall been coming here since I moved to the neighborhood for 3 and a half years and will continue to shop hear .”

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“The Best, Most organized, most friendly, most diverse and well stocked Dollar Tree I have EVER seen and this is from being in 3 different state. This Dollar Tree is the ShangriLa of Dollar Tree. I should keep it a secret! Some of the other Dollar trees look like the crack house in New Jack City compared to this place. I might get a tent and live in this place. If there is a zombie apocalypse this is my second choice behind Walmart and Home Depot!”

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“I wish this place didn’t call itself a supermarket because it’s not. It’s a great deli with a big self serve coffee station and large sandwich selection. Very very good! Just wanted to throw out there that it’s not a supermarket for those wondering.”

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“The customer service and professionalism here is perfect. I especially want to leave an excellent review for Heba, who always goes the extra mile especially when a medication might be on backorder or out of stock.”

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“Amazing store! Alhamdulillah for halal meats and products nearby. Very kind store owners, great service. I found all that I needed. A pleasant experience overall, thank you!”

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“I was born and raised in Columbia StreetAnd that store been there since 1970 .and when i go to visit my old neighborhood.I stop by the store to get my eggs and a cup of coffee.”

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“I can only speak on one thing here and it's the grilled cheese with ham. Nothing like a buttery, cheesy, hammy sammich to slap you where it counts after a long shift”

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“These guys care more about their customers than anyone I've ever seen. They've known people in the community for over 30 years, know everyone by name and keep a clean and tight opporation. Seriously, shop here and support the old American business model that used to be.”

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“One of my favorite deli/bodega stores in Brooklyn. They offer everything you need to be energized and nourished throughout the day. These include but are not limited to: fresh vegetables/fruits smoothies, a wide variety of candies, gums, chips, drinks, and amazing sandwiches and pastries. I'd definitely encourage anyone to go and check this place out. You will not regret it.”

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“Sandwiches are very good and HUGE (footlong) but everything is takeout. There isn't even a table or chair outside. Wise is more of a corner market than what you would think of as a grill or deli.”

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“They're open 24 hours a day. Down to Earth Energy. Definitely Community people. Especially when its 2 o'clock in the morning. Just coming home from work. Didn't eat lunch or dinner. Great Heroes.”

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“Today was my second visit to this deli, which I discovered a few weeks ago. It is wonderful. The prepared food is fresh and delicious - excellent blintzes, lula kebabs, stuffed cabbage, etc. Today I decided to try tiramisu cake and didn't have high hopes because when I've gotten baked goods at similar delis around Brooklyn they are inevitably stale and taste like the refrigerator case. But this tasted fresh and it was delicious - perfectly sweetened and light. Aside from the fresh foods, they have good prices on smoked fish, fresh pickles, and plenty of jarred foods from Eastern Europe. The people working there were very nice and helpful when I asked what things were. It's just one of those wonderful stores that makes me happy to live in Brooklyn.”

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“No issue with food, service or the people that work there. My only problem that makes me hesitant to go there is the load of drunk ppl that hang out inside and outside AM and PM. It’s a deli/restaurant meaning they have tables and chairs but the drunk bums take over the place. I don’t think they do much to keep them under control or discourage their behavior. I don’t feel comfortable going back because of this.”

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“I've been going here for 9yrs. The family owned business has a very friendly environment. They are very nice and welcoming. They know our family so well that they know us by name. They have cold to hot sandwiches. My boys love their chopped cheese alot or they get the cheeseburger deluxe, the breakfast platter is also so good to. They have a little of everything very convenient.”

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“Best fellas I’ve ever met and best bacon egg and cheese hero’s and my honey turkey on a roll was fantastic. Thanks for your kindness I’ll be back tomorrow ?”

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“Probably my favorite place in all of nyc. FANTASTIC COFFEE!!!! Incredible sandwiches and super lovely guys running the store. Don’t waste your money Lilia, get your breakfast here instead.”

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“Large, well lit, self serve station. 16-20 pumps, air, vacuum. Bolla market offers convenient grab and go opportunity. Clean inside and out, attentive, efficient staff. A pleasant stop.”

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“I need to order from here! I’m so excited because I heard it’s a black owned deli store (historic!!!).Doordash ✔️Local ✔️Are they on UberEats also?EDITGreat service and great food! We have at least 4 deli's on my block but this place is my preferred deli. :)”

4.6Superb20 Reviews

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