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“We drive all the way from the valley to this particular store because we have only had good experiences. Nathan, in particular, has been extremely helpful, prompt, and kind to everyone in my family that comes in.”

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“CPR was easy to work with and professional. They were able to get a new screen for my phone and install it the next day. My phone looks and operates like it is brand new. The repair took about 1.5 hours.I would definitely use CPR again.”

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“Jason was outstanding to work with upgrading our Tmobile plan. He went above and beyond and was very patient. He is also excellent in ensuring all customers that walk through the door are taken care of in a timely manner by using wait times to assist multiple people at the same time”

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“I have been a T-Mobile customer for 15 years. I have always been happy with the service, the products and everything that goes with it. Well, except for the internet. That was the worst experience of my life. Guess it was just my location? I would like to take this opportunity to leave an amazing review for Georgee at the Mission store in Spokane. I bought a new phone and changed plans on Saturday. I am very happy with the new phone, but I was misled by the salesperson on the new plan that I signed up for. I was very unhappy with the details of the new plan. They were not explained to me correctly by the salesperson. And I lost an option that I had previously had and loved. Upon going back to the store 4 days later, I was very unhappy and let it be known that I was. Georgee was the person who assisted me. Not only did she deal with my displeasure in a very professional and calming manner, she was patient, sweet, and very apologetic for my negative experience. She went above and beyond to correct the issue and to get me back onto a plan that I was happy with. As soon as I got home I told my wife what a pleasure it was to have Georgee resolve the issue for me. I hope that T-Mobile will recognize what an amazing employee and person Georgee is. In my opinion, she sets the standard of what a T-Mobile representative should be. Thank you so much Georgee. You rock!”

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“Bryan was able to diagnose and fix my phone when NO ONE else could. I really thought my phone was done and I would need to buy a new one but Bryan figured it out - quickly!! I will come back and buy my next phone from him, though he is the manager. Brilliant problem solver.”

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“Liam was amazing! Handled all my needs in a fast and friendly manner! I told him my issue, what I needed and he handled the rest. With my son’s graduation and his driving test all in one weekend it goes without saying I was a little more than stressed when my phone stoped working and needed a new one asap! Liam made the whole experience enjoyable and I felt treated Iike family Thank you so much!”

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“Used to have very friendly staff 4 years ago. edit... As of now im convinced the staff here do no good stand around and get combative with customers. How does an mdm get installed on personal devices purchased from your store? Your managers are a rude and breaking policy when asked for the supervisors information.”

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“I am a 69 yr old woman who was having trouble with my phone. Went to your wellesley store, where Grant helped me. He was patient and wonderful and fixed my phone! Give that awesome young man a raise! Thank you!”

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“I’ve used this place at least 3 times in the past 7 years. Each time is exceptional. I rely on reviews for other businesses and wanted to shout this one out, especially when I want to support local business. Gentleman is ALWAYS friendly and helpful and doesn’t overcharge like other cell repair businesses around here. He’s knowledgeable and quick and thorough. I’ve recommended him to family and friends and will continue to. Love this place!”

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“My deaf daughter needed a new phone and we chose one phone then changed our mind for a better phone half way through the the process of set-up, Damon was very patient and understanding with us. He was great! I dont think improvement is neccessary, except maybe to offer a bottle of water while waiting through the process of set-up? Even though the store had air conditioning, it was really hot outside before we arrived.”

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“Jullian and Steven and the rest of the staff were awesome. They were extremely busy, and they stayed very professional, courteous, and fun. They worked out a great deal for us, and literally kept our business with Verizon. Will definitely be going back here for anything I need.”

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“Chelsea and Seth D made my time at T-Mobil better than I could expect. My phone got stolen I need to replace it, Seth D took his time and gave me a way better option for a replacement phone than I expected to receive. ((( Oh, I'm going to miss you Samsung Note 8 ya you were old, but you held your own with the best.)) Chelsea, her pure kindness, grace, and patience made sure that everything on the new phone was completed. I was treated like my time and money meant something, and that kinda customer service is rare. Seth D thank you for your understanding and letting me take the time to figure out what I was going to purchase. Chelsea simply put, you're amazing, thank you both Massive Massive Respect!!!! If you need help and you are a T-Mobil Customer and you have been thinking about upgrading your phone or need anything go to level 1 at the North Town Mall it will be worth it. BS1”

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“I recently switched from T-Mobile to AT&T and Wanted to write a review. I called this AT&T location (Main) and William picked up and basically made me feel like this is going to be the best decision of my life. So, I went right in and let him take care of me. I Walked away, feeling like it was too good to be true. I got a great phone at a great price, with a great plan, all with knowledge, a bit of humor, and a smile. Thank you, William!”

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“Ms Willow, the in-store representative was very professional and courteous. Verizon staff should be very thankful that this individual represents their products and store.”

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“Rikki was an absolute blessing!!! She knew I needed help and even opened the store early for me! She got me set up with what I needed quickly and helped me transfer my account. Thank you so much!!!”

4.2 Good25 Reviews

“We received excellent customer service from Chris who assisted us with setting up new phones and lines of service. In addition, Chris recommended a great service plan that more accurately meets our needs. Highly recommend!”

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“Amber and the redheaded guy with the beard were fantastic. They were smart and OnPoint and knew what they were doing and helped me do a multitude of things that I needed to get done. They were both friendly and professional and Amber knew exactly how to do the job 1010 recommend had a great experience hand a couple laughs along the way. Really appreciate that level of customer service.”

4.2 Good22 Reviews

“I wanna give a shout out to Ethan he went above and beyond to help me get my Daughter’s their IPhone that they have always wanted!! Thank you for being so kind!”

4.2 Good19 Reviews

“This is the best phone store I've ever been to
His name is Colton, I Believe. Or Colson. I think it's Colton. He has been so nice to me since the day he signed me up, nice and helpful. I am pleased w my phone and the service and everything. The other lady a couple of weeks ago was very nice and helpful too.”

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“Sierra is the best and she knows what she is doing. The best customer service representative there. She needs to be a manager or more if not already. She is always kind and she makes sure she makes your time there worth it. If she can't fix it she goes out of her way to find away to make it right.Sierra you are awesome and I want to personally tell you that you make cricket an outstanding place to go to. Thank for being wonderful. Cricket hit the jackpot when they found you. I have been with cricket for a few years now and I have never given a rating. But I just want everyone to know that you rock gurl. It must be the country girl in you. Thank you for being you. Fabulous customer service. I hope your coworkers are taking tips because you are someone they can learn from.Thank you every time. Your smile shines in your eyes even with the masks. You are genuine!”

4.1 Good17 Reviews

“Hillary with the Market location is a rockstar, after a less than favorable experience at the North location she truly answered my questions and explained what was happening. Thank you Hillary”

4.1 Good15 Reviews

“I went here to get my phone bill paid.The guy up front was friendly and very patient, even though my debit card kept declining the payment multiple times.I finally went to my bank app and figured out the problem, which the payment was accepted not too long after.Thank you for helping me out.”

4.1 Good14 Reviews

“The woman that was their was amazing and taken care of three people, her worker was running late but did not let that affect what she was doing. Thanks for helping me”

4.1 Good14 Reviews

“So helpful and awesome people! Set me up with home internet new phone new waych new tablet great deal! Great service felt great when I left the store. Solid salespeople with great knowledge and a willingness to get the job done. They helped so many baby boomers who don't know how to use their phones and helped avoid at least 3 scams in the time I was there getting set up. You need phones or devices go see these folks!”

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“I went in there to transfer phone # from my old service to T-Mobile. Nick was so helpful, positive and had excellent customer service. I will definitely return to this store for all my cell phone wants & needs. More T-Mobile workers should be like Nick!!!”

4 Good31 Reviews

“Aaron has helped save a solid portion of my bill every month, twice now. Great guy and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to AT&T and FirstNet. Highly recommend him!”

3.9 Good22 Reviews

“Helpful Folks. Over the past few years we have slowly migrated from Cable products to streaming services. T Mobile gave us a great $50 a month internet offer. We have great service, pay no equipment fees and the service has been solid. No more rate increases every few months.”

3.9 Good48 Reviews

“Went in to get my screen protector replaced NICK greated me with a smile and helped me through out the whole process putting the screen protector on giving me extra tools from the kit over all amazing personality and great smile Thank you NICK for making my day”

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