Costco Adds Even More Benefits To Its Membership

September 28, 2018

Costco Adds Even More Benefits To Its Membership

Most people recognize the benefits of having a Costco membership, which offers perks that go beyond the store itself such as insurance policy discounts, vacation deals, cheap gas, etc. Now, Costco customers can take advantage of an inexpensive gym membership.

Costco is offering members the option to purchase a two-year 24-Hour Fitness membership package for less than $400. If a person were to buy the same membership right from the chain, it would cost them $800. The membership includes access to everything in the gym.

24-Hour Fitness has over 400 locations in 13 states.

The gym membership is similar to other Costco-related memberships. Members purchase in-bulk to attain savings, and paying in full for two years means a 50 percent savings.

Costcos membership perks, as well as inexpensive gas and great travel discounts, are one of the ways the chain can attain and keep members.

Costco provides two kinds of gas that any member or Costco gift card holder can use - standard gas or premium, top-tier gas. Some locations even have Diesel for customers to use. According to an Oil Price Information Service survey, Costco beats other gas chains like BJs and Sams Club. With gas being a frequent purchase, the company sees it as a way to bring in foot traffic to the stores.

Costcos travel service is a huge asset to the company. CFO Richard Galanti said, in the March quarterly earnings call, that the companys travel business was growing significantly due to the few administrative costs tied to it.

It may not a great way for someone to set a trip up, Costco members love it.