New Dollar General Opening Up In Glendale In Spring 2018

September 29, 2017

New Dollar General Opening Up In Glendale In Spring 2018

Glendale residents will soon get a Dollar General.

According to Dawn Russ, the city's Recorder, Dollar General Developer Cross Development of Texas has begun laying the concrete for the building, which is set to begin sometime within the next week.

Dollar General Spokeswoman Laura Somerville said the store is set to open in early spring 2018.

According to the plans, the store occupies three parcels of land or 0.81 acres. It will be 7,500 square feet and have 30 parking spots. The company bought the land for $222,000. Russ said the entire project would cost $3 million (land purchase, building construction and getting the store open).

Dollar General will hire between six and 10 employees.

Glendale residents can use the Glenway Superstore for their grocery needs. The store carries meat, produce and other food. No comment from the owner about the Dollar General and how it'll affect the business.

Russ, however, feels DG will complement Glenway Superstore because both companies don't always offer the same products. Dollar General sells various items such as home cleaning supplies, health and beauty products, clothing, batteries, frozen foods and packaged foods.

Somerville said she's excited to bring Glendale residents another suitable shopping choice.

Dollar General has established a foundation, the Dollar General Literacy Foundation, to support literacy programs by giving grants to schools, libraries and nonprofit organizations within 20 miles of a distribution center or store.

Since its implementation in 1993, the foundation has awarded over $135 million in grants. All stores have a brochure complete with postage-paid reply cards customers can use to mail in referrals for the free literary services.