PetSmart Expands Its Reach In North America With New Store Openings

January 05, 2017

PetSmart Expands Its Reach In North America With New Store Openings

PetSmart is growing the store portfolio by adding new concepts. The company opened 20 new stores throughout the U.S. and Canada in the quarter that ended Oct. 31, 2016. In the first and second quarters of 2016, the company opened 23 stores - a total of 43 new stores in North America.

PetSmart, which is a specialty pet store, opened a PetSmart in Toronto and PetSmart Pet Spa in Oceanside N.Y.

The company is has begun using its new concept stores in a test of various initiatives that look to improve its pet services and combine it with the better pet lifestyle in the small footprint.

Real Estate, Strategy and Initiatives Vice President Brian Amkraut said he was excited about the expansion and growth in many important North American markets. He said the new stores enable the company to expand on the "premiumization" trend happening within the pet industry. Amkraut said the company is looking to reach pet parents in the latest markets and offer convenient options and location for them.

The PetSmart Pet Spa first opened in August, with its services primarily servicing the "pet parents" while their pets are being groomed. This includes a coffee bar/lounge area where they can receive a free drink.

The spa locations are quite a bit smaller than the usual PetSmart retail locations and provide an array of services from certified, academy trained stylists.

PetSmart Chief Customer Experience Officer Eran Cohen said new ideas need to be tried in order for retail to be innovative. She said the PetSmart Pet Spa in New York is a new idea. She said the goal of the PetSmart is to offer the comfort that improves a person's lifestyle but with pets now.

PetSmart hit a milestone in November - the opening of its 1,500th store in the North American region. The store, which was opened in Sheridan, Colo., is approximately 18,000 square feet and was a part of the company's 90-store U.S./Puerto Rico, Canada expansion effort for 2016.