Wawa Convenience Store On Track For 50 S. Florida Locations

January 09, 2017

Wawa Convenience Store On Track For 50 S. Florida Locations

The Wawa convenience store chain is set to make its goal - 50 stores in the Southern Florida region.

Construction has commenced on Wawa's first Broward County location along Pompano's Federal Highway and Sample Road. The company, which is based in Pennsylvania, wants to construction another store in the city.

The Development Review Committee is hearing a proposal from the owners of six empty parcels - they want the area zoned for industrial use so that a more than 6,100 square foot Wawa convenience store can be built. S&M Distribution Center owns the largest tract of land - 5.2 acres.

Wawa Public Relations Manager Lori Bruce did not confirm or deny the possibility of the company building along this area, which is within a mile of where the Racetrac store was built.

Bruce said nothing is confirmed or denied until construction has started and the necessary permits have been attained. She said the company is on the right path to building 10 new stores in the Broward and Palm Beach counties by mid-summer. She said they also plan to open new stores throughout the state at 25 per year over the next few years.

In July, during its West Palm Beach groundbreaking ceremony, Wawa CEO and President Chris Gheyens said he'd like the company to build 50 locations in the southeast Florida region within five years.

Along with the West Palm Beach and Pompano Beach locations, there are several other stores set to be built and open in 2017 - David, Fort Lauderdale, Greenacres, Lake Worth, Palm Springs, Parkland, Rivera Beach and Sunrise.

The development in South Florida comes years after the development of stores in the western and northern parts of Florida. In fact, the company celebrated its 100th Florida store in Brandon by giving free any-sized coffee away in every single store.

Wawa has been in operations since 1964 with many people frequenting them because of their custom-made sandwiches and salads, free Wi-Fi, fresh baked cookies and friendly customer service.