WinCo To Open Grocery Store In Keizer This Year

January 04, 2017

WinCo To Open Grocery Store In Keizer This Year

Keizer will soon see a new grocery store in a location where a number of shops have moved in and out over the last few years.

According to WinCo Foods LLC, a smaller format store is set to open in the Willamette Valley area, in an effort to expand its reach. The location is at 5450 River Rd. N - a familiar location for many people.

First, Haggen opened a store there in 2015. They purchased a lot of properties from Keizer to Bend and were forced to sell after a merger between Safeway and Albertsons was approved. The Haggen location closed after a few months.

WinCo believes the area will see 70 new jobs with its Waremart by WinCo (small store). The name goes back to the original title of Winco, which was founded in Boise, Idaho in the mid-to-late 1960s.

Waremart is going to sell food by the bulk - pasta, cereals and others - and have a produce and meat department. It will carry both organic and gluten-free products as well.

According to Keizer Mayor Cathy Clark, WinCo had worked hard to keep the city's location under wraps until the company was ready to make the announcement. The town's elected officials were not involved in the process. She said if something didn't pan out, things would not go well.

Everything is official. Clark said she welcomes the store into the area.

According to Rep. Bill Post, people have asked him when the area would attain a new grocery store. A town hall was even held earlier in the year about it. He said in a town of 40,000 people, there should have been another grocery store a long time ago. Post said, growing up in Keizer, the town had five even though the town didn't have as many people.

Post said the news has lit Facebook on fire. He said there's a lot of excitement about the new store.

As for when Post knew about WinCo coming to Keizer, he said he knew back in fall but promised not to say a word.