Buffalo Wild Wings Submit Plans To Bluffton Design Review Board

January 30, 2017

Buffalo Wild Wings Submit Plans To Bluffton Design Review Board

Bluffton residents may soon see a Buffalo Wild Wings.

The Beaufort County Design Review Board was presented with abstract plans to build a commercial building the chain restaurant will anchor.

The developer will be Jaz Development, LLC, with David Oliver representing the company.

The plans are to build a one-story, 8,000 square foot multi-tenant structure close to the Kitties Crossing shopping center.

The primary business in that location would be the Buffalo Wild Wings, which would occupy a little more than 5,450 square feet. It would include an outdoor sitting area for the public and the restaurant's customers.

According to the plans, there would be two attached shopping spaces - no prospective tenants have been identified.

According to the board, the company's bright yellow corporate logo would need to be muted, as bright colors are not permitted as stipulated by county regulations.

Board members also suggested more space be added to behind the building for a little extra buffering.

James Atkins, the board chair, was in dissent of the project. Atkins said there would be some success if it were built along an interior frontage road. He said he understands the site is unique being it a spider web of roads and intersections. The current buildings, he said, face in various directions.

Atkins said he'd like to have the building to have some type of connection to the retail center that's adjacent to it.

Buffalo Wild Wings, Inc., which is headquartered in Minneapolis, was founded in 1982 with the initial opening near the Ohio State University campus. It currently has over 1,180 restaurants in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Panama, and the Middle East.