Dollar General Wants To Build Store Across From School

January 12, 2017

Dollar General Wants To Build Store Across From School

If approval is given, a Dollar General could be built across the street from the Colton-Pierrepont Central School. However, lighting, landscaping, signage and pedestrian access are all issues the store must deal with before any construction can start.

Based on information from the St. Lawrence County Planning Board, the store will be 9,300 square feet and located along State Highway 56.

A significant number of its customers are going to be pedestrians that walk from the downtown area and the school. A sidewalk was built along the western side of SH 56. While there is a sidewalk on the highway's eastern side, it ends nearly 365 feet from where the building will be located.

County planners came up with two options to deal with the pedestrian traffic:

Have a painted crosswalk on SH 56 where the sidewalk ends at the school. This would need approval from the DOT.

Extend the sidewalk 365 feet on the highway's eastern side.

SLC planners have suggested a separate sidewalk access point, ensuring pedestrians don't have to use the vehicle entrance to visit the store.

There has been no landscaping proposal just yet. Planners have recommended the town get a landscaping plan.

Dollar General has also not turned in an in-depth light proposal. SLC planners endorse a lighting plan be turned in that will show the location of every light and specifies that they be dark sky and downcast compliant.

The planners also want a signage plan that shows the exterior signage and that they are compatible with the residential and school land.

There will be 29 parking spaces - two of them being ADA accessible.

Bohler Engineering of Albany will be in charge of the construction.