Whole Foods Will Be Opening In Downtown Indianapolis Despite Project Delays

September 13, 2017

Whole Foods Will Be Opening In Downtown Indianapolis Despite Project Delays

Whole Foods is finally coming to downtown Indianapolis, with a tentative opening date for Spring 2018.

Whole Foods Market Inc., in response to a tweet, announced it was going to open in the Market Square arena. It's the first time the company has responded to expectations of it coming to an area. The building is currently under construction.

In 2015, the company announced it would become a part of a larger project, but still, no action is taking place like the 28-story tower that's suffered a series of setbacks because of construction delays.

In June, Whole Foods confirmed it would still open a downtown store. Rumors had been circulating that the company was no longer involved in the project.

Since its announcement of coming to the downtown area, the grocery scene in the area has seen some major changes. For instance, Marsh owned two downtown stores but recently filed for bankruptcy and closed the doors. The Marsh store along Michigan St. will become a Kroger; the Marsh store on New Jersey St. is now owned by Fresh Encounter Inc. but will retain the Marsh name.

Amazon recently attained Whole Foods, causing experts to speculate it could lead to even more changes in the grocery delivery market. There are several companies who deliver groceries to residents of Indianapolis: Shipt, which gets its products from Meijer and Fresh Thyme, which gets its products from Amazon Prime Now.